Reviews for The New Year

BY : Mina L

  • From Lady Saya on March 17, 2008

    Love the story! Raito getting L drunk was great! Hey can you bring in L's kids Near, Matt, and Mello? I wanna see how they'd take it with L finally finding someone. They'd definitely be jealous of Raito. Maybe you can do a lemon with L not being drunk? Wouldn't it be funny if the team saw them together making out, especially Raito's father.

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  • From Amo-Chan on November 02, 2007

    This is totally cute. I love all the comedic moments. Even though Death Note is such a serious story, it's nice to find fanfics with a bit of funny thrown in.

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  • From KrystalChronicals on May 18, 2007

    hehe great story

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on May 07, 2007

    hahahah glad you continued this! I actually liked it ^_^

    I guess matsu can get misamisa now huh? *snickers*

    still I wonder if those two will shack up again or be hounded by the police; including yagami-san? Oi...hope you use more uses of the handcuffs next time too!

    still keep up the good work

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on April 28, 2007

    this is deep; seeing Ryuuzaki drunk like that was amusing but the smex was really...interesting and power tripping; so like raito!

    Still great but I really want MORE! >< arg...leaves an interesting aftertaste like after you ate a whole candy bar...

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  • From kuroi_tenshi_neo on April 28, 2007

    O_O then what happened~?!

    me thinking of m-preg.

    LOLZ those things make me laugh anytime~! ^^U

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  • From kit on April 26, 2007

    lol even though he's throwing up all he still thinks about is work

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  • From D.M.Alexandra on April 26, 2007

    lol, i love the 3rd chapter, i almost fell off my chair.

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  • From Nine Lives on March 24, 2007

    That second part was hot! even hotter that the first one.
    I like how Raito was so evil even when he wasn't Kira but at the end he told L he was in love.
    BTW, Misa's face next morning had to be priceless *LOL*

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  • From Aquarius Dragon on March 24, 2007

    Yup L is a uke alright. Loved all of it except one thing why did Raito had to surge his stuff in L's mouth. Gross.

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  • From Sairin on March 18, 2007

    this was great and well written :D
    hmm i guess it's ok as it is being suggestive and all..but somewhat of an incomplete feeling maybe since most lemony stuff goes all the way or have both partners satisfied =P

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  • From Nine Lives on March 17, 2007

    OK. I enjoyed this.
    There's a few mistakes and/or typos, bur dear god! uke!L is so hot who cares about typos?
    Raitos was a bit OOC in my opinion (i hardly can think of him all that drink!!party!!whoaa! XD) but Matsuda was so cute!! *hugs Matsu*
    I say go for a second round!! XD please??

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  • From Drear on March 17, 2007

    Aah please continue this! It was great! I enjoy seeing uke!L very much. :]]

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  • From Danielle Anderson on March 17, 2007

    More please :). It was believable for Raito to drug L like that.

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