Reviews for Bells

BY : Nine Lives

  • From Speedofsound on May 08, 2008

    this story is based on my favorite scene in the whole DN series, so how could i not love it??? :D

    it's all too sad though, poor L... D:

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  • From KrystalChronicals on May 23, 2007

    good story!

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  • From Crimson2006 on April 22, 2007

    OMG, this was beautifully written and yet so sad.
    I just got through watching ep.25 and reading this made me want to start crying all over again.
    Wonderful job on the emotions, I hope to read more of your work soon.

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  • From Just Akiko on April 12, 2007

    This was a beautiful, beautiful sitation and you handled the characters wonderfully.

    I'd just agree that speech mostly needs "_" marks and thoughts something else, otherwise it can be kind of confusing. These little things usually get picked up by beta readers, so maybe hook up with one or more of them.

    Doing that would make this story even better, but it still stand great on it's own! If only that's how it had happened on the roof... :o( *sob*

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • From Alvinna on April 10, 2007

    Verry beutiful and verry sad :'(. Love the way you redid episode 25 ;)

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  • From Danielle Anderson on April 09, 2007

    Very angsty. Though it's better to italicize thoughts and put dialog between quotation marks.

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