Reviews for One Soul

BY : Kati-kun

  • From ANON - Miko Vampire on April 27, 2010

    PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE GOING TO CONTINUE THIS WONDERFUL STORY, YOU STOPEDRIGHT WHEN THE REALLY GOOD ACTION WAS GONNA HAPPEN. COME ON I WANT HOT TWIN SEX NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • From sheetamoon on October 11, 2008

    awww thats cute made me all warm and fuzzy ^.^

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  • From ShadowSlayer on July 29, 2008

    this is an awsome story. Very well done and nice idea. Please please please continue. =^-^=

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  • From ANON - on July 18, 2008

    hi. i've followed your story since you posted the very first chapter, and this is the only time i've actually gotten to review it. i love how the story is and everything, however, i di wish that you would update it... i know, not having a lot of reviews may bum one down --trust me, i would know-- but that doesn't mean you should stop writing.... especially when it comes to this particular story. i believe that you should keep writing even though you might not get many reviews. think of it as such, at least you got some.

    love, .

    p.s: update soon!!!

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  • From ANON - kissu panku on February 09, 2008

    please! OMG! you must absolutely possitively gotta haveta update! i mean, wow... i love this story since u posted chap 1 and now it's all getting good, please, update!

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  • From ANON - MeilinII on January 28, 2008

    email me when you update, this is great!

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  • From ANON - Sukhi on January 27, 2008

    I liked this :)
    I liked this alot :)

    Yoh and Zeke is *drool*

    Well DOne :)

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  • From spoon on November 19, 2007

    Awesome story. The next chapter sound like it's going to be hot, hot ,hot. lol.

    Please e-mail me when the new chapter is posted.

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  • From laica-27 on November 08, 2007

    good chapter i have been follwing it for some time now and are loking forward to the next chapter

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  • From laica-27 on October 10, 2007

    great story update soon

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  • From ANON - Heather-chan on October 02, 2007

    WOW! Iíve got to admit, you really went in deep with the story as of late. Hopefully Yoh wonít go through any terrible ordeals while with Zeke, but then again, I have no complaint on a little Yoh-angst

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  • From ANON - Rilafbrk on September 08, 2007

    I like it. Please continue. Sorry this is short but I can't think of anything else to put.^^

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  • From ANON - lovelessalexi on September 08, 2007

    wow, you're surely a hao/yoh fan too, though i'm not really familiar with the name Zeki, is that really the name of Hao in English? Anyway, good plot, i hope you will finish it. It's really a bummer for a writer not to finish stories. I like the flow of your story. So TC! Hao and Yoh forever!

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  • From ANON - Moonliel on August 25, 2007

    I dont know when you finished writing the second chapter, but if you ever get around to typing up a third one i would really appreciate it. I had just found out about Hao and Yoh being brothers, so I was so glad that there were no real spoilers in your chapters for me. Its an interesting plot and one i would like to see continued. Good job.

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  • From Deaths_mistress on August 24, 2007

    I like it! It is a little short, but it is going somewhere good I think! Update again soon!

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