Reviews for Conversations

BY : cienne

  • From MibuWolf on November 14, 2007

    Ha ha! I ABSOLUTELY loved it! Will ya write more like this? It was so good~ Wait, you must have meant that you aren't into the Saitoh/Sano pairing anymore. Ah, too bad. You're a good author for this pairing.

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  • From Naria Lacour de Fanel on October 07, 2007

    That was freakishly cute in a way only Saitoh and Sano can be! I love the creative flow! You can feel Saitoh's sadness, even though there was no narration on your part! GREAT use of dialogue! I give you glomps and cookies!! YAY! I really like this fic! In fact, I'm going to print it up and put it in my holy binder of good yaoi fics! I hope to see more from you!

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