Reviews for Consecration/Desecration

BY : JustAkiko

  • From HotnSpicyfox on December 06, 2007

    A thousand kudos for such a unique idea--you flawlessly captured the passion and tension between L and Light, the tragedy of their notaloveneverlove story, and Light's descent into madness. I'd like to think that somewhere out beyond the Shinigami realm, wherever the souls of the dead go, L is still secure in the knowledge that he won...and maybe missing Light right back.

    Your story is a reminder of why Death Note is so amazing.

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  • From Enslavement Thesis on November 13, 2007

    It was very well written.
    I applaud you on a unique idea, that I am yet to see from anybody else.

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  • From Rox3l on August 24, 2007

    WOW! I can honestly say that I have never even had the thought for a fic like that. How in the hell did that come out of a conversation? ^^ Anyways, great fic, I truly enjoyed it.

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  • From Mangamazoku on August 23, 2007

    Pretty damn good, I must say. I like how Light is still in character. It's very hot and emotional despite the desecration of the grave...though I don't know if L would have seen it as such by the end there. ^_~ I hope to see more fics!

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  • From Keokun on August 23, 2007

    There are a lot of ideas here on AFF that can be as disturbing or "alternative" as this. The difference being that most of them are written with the competency of a drunken monkey.

    This fic however was written well with characterisation that made me see the situation (that I would usually have dismissed out of hand) as an actual possibility.

    I can't say that I "enjoyed it" more because that would be SUCH a wrong word to use but it was a great fic none the less.

    More fic that's AFF worthy please!

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