Reviews for Goodnight Moon

BY : Duomi

  • From ANON - Shelby on August 22, 2011

    I loved it! This has got to be one of my favourite Death Note fanfictions I have ever read.

    You did well in making it seem both in-character and realistic, even the ending seemed plausible (if a little depressing).

    Thanks for writing/posting this story for our enjoyment.

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  • From ANON - Anon on January 10, 2010

    this was awesome ^^ I so adore that Raito didn't just accept L's love but made him fight for it :D

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  • From ANON - Thoru on April 23, 2008

    Great story. I really liked the way you portrayed L and Light. Even though I am not much into sexually dominating L to be honest.
    Anyways you asked an interesting question. And while I guess I am late in answering it I would still try. Being a "pro-Kira" according to your classification (because I am not righteous enough to presume that I would not use a "death note" if I happened to get my hands on it) I guess I could care less who was it that had Kira powers as long as they were not used for personal gain. I would not consider Kira a God or worship him certainly, but I would not be against his actions. Cause with law systems as they are now criminals go free far too often and are not punished for thier crimes enough. In the eyes of a grieving family of a murder victim imprisonment of a murderer is not enough punishment. I am not even talking about rapists. So to find out that a person who have finally dealt some justice to those who deserved it is a college student would not particularly alarm me. I don't believe in a perfect world. No Kira can achieve it. But an improved world? I am all for it! Go, college students!

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  • From Yami Bakura on April 22, 2008

    Chapter 10

    Ooooooh. I'm a huge Kira supporter. If there were a real Kira, I'd totally act as a non-stupid Misa to him. Indeed, if it became possible for me to become Kira myself, I'd jump at the chance. I'm going to stalk you over to your other fanfics now, just as a warning.

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  • From Yami Bakura on April 22, 2008

    Chapter 9

    You read my fic, too. ♥ ♥ I'm glad you finished this (you did, didn't you?) I fell out of Death note for a while, and just came back to it the other day and have been reading wildly. I was like, "I've already read this one, but I'll reread it cause it was good," then I realized that at some point during my away-from-DN-ness, you'd finished it, and was like, "SQUEE!" So, Ryuuzaki writing his own name in the death note and negating a note-death was a shocking twist, and one that made me giggle at the same time. I have to say that my favourite line was, "I'll give you three days head start on Near and Mello.." cause I love those two (three with Matt) and was excited to see them mentioned.

    I have to go finish reading now, cause I have to know what happens next. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my reviews!! It means a lot to me to see my name in the fic. ♥

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  • From Kiyoshi on April 08, 2008

    Dear Duomi-san,

    I am at utmost shock that I have yet to have reviewed this excellent story! I've been reading Goodnight Moon for a while, and then I got my internet connection cut off. When I finally had the ability to get on aff, the story was finished, and I had not reviewed it yet TT.TT goes!

    Right, so this is probabley the best story that I have ever read...and I mean EVER. I was so addicted to it, that I got depressed at the loss of my precious internet connection for I could no longer read it, lol. You have Light/Kira and L's personalities just right, and every plot twist was perfect. I was constintly wondering what would happen next, which is rare, because I happen to have quite the intuition when it comes to guessing the whole plot of a story before I've finished the second chapter. This was different, though. Pleasantly so, in fact.

    Opened endings are, indeed, evil and entertaining all at once, by the way. So now, I'm going to go ahead and get on to reading the sequel, becuase I'm excited to see how you'll petray Near and Mello.

    Going world wide would be exciting, wouldn't it? So good luck f you're willing!

    Plenty of support from this end,
    Kiyoshi Tamakashi (AKA:Kiyo-chan)

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  • From ANON - Viridian Kat on April 08, 2008

    I'm... an emotion-based person. Meaning, I have a tendency to base decisions and choices more on emotions then on fact or rational thought. Still, I would never support Kira, because no matter how you dice it, killing is wrong; unforgivable. I could forgive other things; but not that. But yet... I also believe that everyone deserves happiness, even if that might be with someone who could be completely wrong or corrupt, so... really I can't condemn L's actions; nor can I agree with Kira's choice. Most people regard me as being very empathetic and can identify with people's emotions and feelings; and to a degree, their thoughts. What Kira wants is an unattainable ideal. He's the most dangerous type of idealist out there; as my Social teacher put it he's "an idealist without a yardstick"; the yardstick is for measuring between the ideal and the reality. Kira is, in a way like Stalin and Hitler; people he probably regards as criminals.

    I'll stop my rant now. Anyways, I was just wondering, will Light make his appearance again? I have this theory about him having a form of multiple-personality disorder. There being one called 'Kira' and one called 'Light', I'd find watching them fight for control in the end entertaining.

    Liked the story.


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  • From Sabaku_lotus on March 29, 2008

    haven't read this story in ages!

    I love how you portray L in this; the beginnings of the manga anaylist is something I haven't I need to read the manga again!

    I love the tension and I am trying to read this stuff before work and all

    keep up the good work! I want to read the sequel too

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  • From ANON - oztan on March 27, 2008

    I just read the whole thing. I loved it. Now I'm going to read the second part of this story.

    More L/Light fictions.

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  • From ANON - WM on March 24, 2008

    Oh yes, I forgot, regarding your question, I must say my judgement may be clouded by the fact that I am indeed an adamant Kira supporter.
    I don't even know, ever since I've laid my eyes on this manga, I've known that despite all of Kira's failings, I would agree with what he is trying to achieve in theory.
    It's very much like communism actually. There are so many brilliant ideas that I agree with whole-heartedly in theory because they are indeed trying to better the world. It's just, humans are flawed and idealistic motions cannot be achieved so simplistically.
    I think if we put ourselves into the context of the story, a true Kira supporter wouldn't be phased by the fact that Kira is only a college student with "above human" powers. *gestures*
    What am I trying to say? I'm saying that what these people uphold should be the notion of what Kira is trying to achieve, not the actual person himself. I don't even know anymore. Humans are such disgusting creatures when you think about it. I think that if the real Kira along with L did go into hiding and this was announced to the whole world, people may use this as an excuse to take power into their own hands or something.

    It's so hard to separate the ideal from the notions of holding power.

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  • From ANON - WM on March 24, 2008

    'ello girl,

    I'm really very much in love with your story.
    I think you've managed to capture the essence of the characters extremely well and that makes your story much more satisfying to read.
    I would leave a comment for every chapter of your story (but I'm lazy) LOOL. Please forgive me. XD

    But goodness, I must say, I can't wait to read more of this alternate ending that you've come up with. I'm very very impressed by the amount of effort that's gone into this fic. :3

    Well, I'll see you over at your new fic! XD

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  • From shadowform on March 23, 2008

    Wow, I haven't had time to come back and read in so long, and it looks like I last stopped by just before things got interesting. I love how this story turned out! Absolutely amazing. This really does lead to a very interesting situation, with L having run off with Kira to save him just because he likes him, while not really agreeing to his ideals, with Kira still just wanting to become God and continue cleaning up the world, and Watari siding with Near and Mello against L and Kira. I really can't believe this initially began as a one-shot; it feels far too well planned out. I'm very excited about the sequel and shall start it right away!

    Let's see, to answer the question you posed, I am a fan of Kira, but the distinction is that I'm a fan of the character, including Light, as he is overall. In real life, I'm not sure I could blindly support a mass-murderer without having any idea of his real identity, solely on the basis that he is killing criminals. I would probably feel a bit resentful that some stranger is unilaterally taking on the position as judge, jury, and executioner. However, at the same time I would probably also follow all of the news reports and such because life really is terribly tedious and, as long as it doesn't personally affect me, that sort of thing would be an interesting change. If it came out that he were just a college student, it wouldn't change anything; I might be more impressed that he's managed so much with so little, and would probably be even more interested. I'd wonder what sort of person he is.

    Essentially, I would feel that it would give "Kira" a face, and actually knowing who someone like that is would make me signifiantly more inclined to outright support him, particularly if it's an intelligent, straight-laced student like Light who can clearly express his rationale and isn't exclusively in it for the power trip. It's the answer to the question of sanity.

    On to the sequel!

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  • From ANON - Lila on March 18, 2008

    OMG!!! Your story is amazing and and...Just wow..I just read it all in one sitting of course half the day has gone by...Anyway the way you've portrayed them is so in character it's scary and good...This was like a book i couldn't put down...Anyway i was sad that there was no definite ending then i read the note afterward and was very relieved to hear there would be a sequel to this story :) As for the anti-kira what not i actually like Raito without the memories better and prefer endings where L gets him back without the memories of being Kira...But i could warm up to the idea of Kira with L if he warmed up to L or i really do like the Raito in your story and was very sad to see him go...i would really like him to appear in the sequel (crosses fingers)...Anyway as for the reaction to finding out that kira ran away with one of the detecives on the case...hmm While i don't like that Kira gives no trials as there are innocent people who are wrongly accused finding out he was a college student would make me want the law to go easier on him...So yeah awesome work with this story and can't wait for the Sequel XD.

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  • From KiraDouji on March 17, 2008

    I was rather relieved to find that such an excellently written and well thought out manga such as Death Note was capable of drawing such capable authors as yourself to the fanfiction community. When I first stumbled upon this fic, I wasn't even really looking for Death Note fiction, but was rather scanning the AFF sections for something to read before going to bed :P I should've known better than to click on this section; what was once a 'sweet dreams fic' swiftly turned into a six hour marathon of exquisite complexity. Let's just say it's a good thing I didn't have class today, because your story is more than capable of drawing one in. (And not letting go).

    I suppose it's only natural that such in character portrayals would hold the same affect on me as the original manga, but, of course, I didn't know that going in. I was looking for smut and you gave me intricasey (with a side order of smut) and it speaks volumes of your capability as a writer to have that turn around occur. Of course, it helps that you write between the lines of the series (for the most part) and keep notes on it too. I'm such a sucker for details and you provided them en masse (even when you messed up and went back to fix it; I've had to do the same in my own stories and I find that it's actually unusual for fanfic authors to do this, so you have my appreciation for that).

    The fact that you can apply your obvious command of the English language such that the scope and pattern of the wording reflects each character, the scene, plot and theme of the story all at once has placed you squarely among my favorite authors. I don't think I can fully express how well you wrote this fiction, so just suffice it to say that I can only really compare it with the manga rather than with other attempts to similar.

    With that in mind, I have to say that I'm actually glad you finally deviated from the manga plot. Aside from the fact that none of us wanted L to die (although it was necessary to the story) and any Kira supporters didn't much like crazy!Kira at the end (although I felt that was really how the manga had to end), the way you took it where you did was just phenominal. As always, it's in the character development. Using notKira!Light to achieve this morph of the plot was an excellent decision and I really like how you fleshed out L's character! We really don't get to see much of what he personally thinks, but rather his thoughts on the case, or Kira specifically, and the fact that you managed to sneak the rest of him in there somewhere really facinated me when I reading.

    Combining those two perspectives into the eventual sex scene was also extremely well done. As was the sex scene, actually. (I got my smut! XP) Although I think I liked the interaction between them at that moment more than the actual sex, if that makes any sex. Like, you didn't forget their characters even the tiniest bit during that whole scene. You didn't try to make it perfect (because it certainly wouldn't be) and it felt like you just let the characters sort of 'go' in your mind and just watched how it would logically play out. Which, while good in every genre, is especially nice in this one. Each detail and gripe and argument was perfectly executed.... and I'm running out of examples to put in so just insert a glow somewhere around here.


    I don't know if you're still taking answers on the Kira question, but I'll throw in my opinion anyway.

    I'd be terrified if anything like Kira happened in real life. It's bad enough looking at all the religions in the world with their different morals and standards according to deities that supposedly have a greater understanding of things than we do; the thought of those same notions stemming from a human with similar capabilities to a vengeful god is just plain scary. It's kind of funny for me to say that, though, because the entire manga I was on the edge of my seat trying to find (and even hoping Light would find) a way out. It's hard to explain. There's just something about Light that makes you (or at least made me) want him to win. At the same time, though, that's a lot of personality and charisma that comes from interacting with him or seeing him interact with him; if looked at from a distance and through the lens of 'that man killing everyone with his mind' I would personally equate him to Hitler. (And saying that I note here that the parallel is more than simply 'the most terrifying man I can think of' it would be more along the lines of 'the road to Hell is paved with good intentions).

    So I guess I'd be one of the wishy washy people on the subject. I don't think I would've ever believe the great "Kira" was a god, so it wouldn't surprize me to see him as an actual person on TV. And I think even fanatical followers would at worse think of him as a prophet or oracle, etc... if not some sort of ascended being. I think the biggest problem I'd have with the whole situation is being able to look at it from both sides. My personal beliefs are along the lines of "live and let die" or that people should just leave each other the hell alone if you don't like or approve of them and that would leave you with a better society. On the other hand, I sometimes agree with certain people being killed for their actions. So I think that if I actually had to deal with all this I'd take a practical/Buddhist approach along the lines of "Hold Nothing". And with that in mind I think I'd actually respect Kira and at the same time completely disagree with him. I wonder how many other conflicted people there would be and how'd they'd react to Kira's manipulations. L seems to have similar feelings, in that regard.

    But then again, that's part of what the story of Death Note is all about, ne?

    At any rate, I can't wait to see where you take this!

    - Kira Douji

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  • From Gloria B on March 16, 2008

    Grrrr. Okay, I can't really complain, because I'm very mean about writing cliffhangers myself...but still, that's cruel. lol.

    I read this badboy over two days and was actually shocked when it shifted from being completely canon-plausible to *gasp* L doesn't die and what is more, he saves Light!

    And, by the way, I personally loved the lemon. In fact, I was getting irritable when people kept calling my cell and distracting me away from it.

    Okay, so your question about would I support Kira or hate him?

    Well...I've always kinda hated him. Ever since he killed Misora I've despised him. I can deal with idealistic sociopath, but murdering innocent people was hypocritical and seriously shut me off from him. It was only until I realized that the English dub voice actor for Light is the same as the actor who did Quatre Winner's voice in GW did I soften towards him again.

    In fact, whenever I read or watch Innocent!Light, I roll my eyes. A part of me likes to believe that the Death Note warps a person and their morals and all that jazz, however the evidence against that is overwhelming when taking into consideration all the other kiras who have come into contact with and used the Death Note.

    I can, however, believe that Memory-Less!Light is worth protecting. He's still a brat, but I have less of an urge to drag him kicking and screaming to the electric chair when he's just the good ol' normal college student genius. In fact, I actually teared up when Kira was talking to himself in the mirror and Light said "Don't do it." I have a natural urge to want to see the best in people and when Light was struggling to let his voice be heard over Kira's in his mind, I felt hope flare in my chest. However, I'm left wondering if L forces Light, or manipulates, to giving up his memories of the Death note a second time, how would L explain why they were in hiding? How could he possibly convince Light of the nessecity to stay hidden and work together to keep a low profile for a lifetime? Would L have Kira record himself explaing the situation and the confession so Light could review it later?

    All that being said, it still doesn't answer your question.

    I think that I would neither worship light nor wish him to be caught and put to death. If the greatest three detectives the world knows to date feels moved to save Kira, then I think I would possibly support that. It definitely would not be an instantaneous thing. I would simmer and rage about it for a while, but after a year or three of no killings, I would come to accept the fact that the imminent danger of Kira taking over the world through mass-murder is over. I may still be nervous, but I wouldn't be as compelled to track him down. then again, sometimes I equate Kira to Hitler. Their ideals have many parallels and how they went about it through death mirrors much of the same. So, really, its hard for me to honestly say. I have the exposure of the inside story: that there is a semi-good person inside of the evil Kira and that the most brilliant mind in the world cares for that person inside Kira enough to put himself on the most wanted list and turn his back on everything he's stood for in the past to save him. So, really, that's a difficult question to answer.

    I definitely look forward to the sequel and cannot wait to see what you do with this story!


    P.S. I'm excited that you're going to play more with Near and Mello in the sequel. I friggin' adore Mello and his craziness and bad hair and chocolate addiction. I LOVED his narration in the Los Angeles B.B. Murder Cases! Kind of reminds me of Domino and what she says at the end of the movie. "If you want to know what it was all can fuck off because its none of your goddamn business." That's totally my experience of Mello.

    And I am superbly happy that you gave Aizawa some decent credit. I fell in love with his character at the end of the Yotsuba Arch and for the duration of the third arch of the anime. I really, really dig characters with that much depth, especially when they're side characters.

    That being said, I would like to request that you play with Matt as well. I have a special fondness for his character and was crestfallen that he died so quickly in the anime before we even really got to know him. If you could give him a role to play I would love you forever and ever....and maybe even have some artwork created to show my sincerety.

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