Reviews for Zero Percent

BY : Renai_Unmei

  • From Dotti55 on May 26, 2008

    This is the first L/Light story I've ever read, the idea usually doesn't do anything for me thinking it was totally unbelievable. You just made it believable and incredibly hot. I actually wish the story really ended this way!! Great job!!

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  • From Rinseternalsoul on January 04, 2008

    This was an awesome one shot. I was amazed at how well you have written the characters. I could actually hear their voices talking as I read. I also enjoyed the way you brought them together in a masculine, violent way. Besides, I loved the movie - Fight Club. Brad Pitt was so damned sexy. Anyway, you have done wonders with the Death Note drama and managed to create a hot lemon in the process...all in one chapter! Great job! Thanks for the read.


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  • From ANON - K on December 06, 2007

    I liked it so much! One of the best oneshots I have ever read. I olso liked the writing style, I don't know if this is how the book "Fight Club" was written or if you thought of it yourself but it turned out very cool

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  • From ReidMorgan on December 06, 2007

    FABULOUS & HOT!!!! Fight Club is one of my favorite movies, Death Note is my fave anime and it was pure genius to mix the two. I do hope to see other work from your because your L voice is simply to die for.

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  • From ANON - Serendipity on December 06, 2007

    X3 I LOVED this! I haven't watched Fight Club before (Though I KNOW I am going to now. >.>) But I have had someone spoil a lot about it before I read this, so no worried. -.-; Anywho, I really liked how this was in first person; especially, for some odd reason, how Raito's words weren't in between "s. Something about that made it more.. I dunno, first person-ish? XD I hope I can find/ see more stuff from you; you are indeed a grand writer~ X3 Thanks for the one-shot!

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