Reviews for "Donor"

BY : TheDemon

  • From SchiffThomas on April 05, 2008

    omg please continue.... this would be awsome if she got pregnant or something.... xD

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  • From Moony on March 20, 2008

    Woah. When I saw the summary, I just HAD to read this, and now I'm ridiculously glad I did. That was VERY well-written, not to mention intriguing and damned funny at times. I loved how in-character everyone was, especially L. Good show!

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  • From ReidMorgan on January 10, 2008

    ohmygosh that was fantastic. You made me feel terribly for Misa and even though Rem accomplished so much which is amazing I still feel terribly for her. I think you've captured her situation wonderfully and I want more so please tell me there will be more.

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