Reviews for Predictable

BY : Steph Ow.

  • From ANON - oztan on April 27, 2008

    Oh please update this is really good.

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  • From ANON - bluebird161221 on February 14, 2008

    Won't lie, I usually don't go for smut Death Note pieces, just because of how terribly out of character every seems to get once sex is thrown in-
    But holy fucking christ on a cracker, that was heartbreaking, manipulative, and wonderfully breath taking. Everyone was so in character and I can't begin to describe how well you just started off my day.
    I'm off to see if you have anymore fics out there- if not...write more. Now.

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  • From rubyred on February 07, 2008

    *bows down to the queen of nosebleeds*
    your wording and flow is so good and it's so kinky and hot!

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  • From IceAngel on February 06, 2008

    Wow the ending had me all like- woah. Cool story love the pairing too! ^_^

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