Reviews for More than Words

BY : Vandalizer86

  • From DemonLadySesshomaru on August 01, 2008

    I really like the story and the way it is progressing.. I just hope that whatever Hisoka did will bring him closer to Tszuki.. They make a cute pair! Good writing!

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  • From sasukichan on July 31, 2008

    cool story! i just got obsessed with this fandom lately and so far, hisoka's definately my favourite character! i've only read the manga and watched a bit of the anime (and in my oh so humble opinion, the manga is soooo much better) though...

    anyways, as for the seal, did hisoka hate his abilities so much that he had them sealed? but that's such a waste! or maybe there's more to it than that... *shrug* i guess i'll just have to wait for the next chapter!

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