Reviews for Blossoming White

BY : ChanceXIII

  • From chelzi on September 02, 2008

    this story is amazing. my sister sent me to it, and i'm so glad she did. i've not read many (any) raitoxnear fics before, and this was an excellent one to start me into this couple. your style is so beautiful, and near's emotions were so /real/. thank you for writing and posting this wonderful story. i was so enthralled and excited by it. mello and matt were so mean! well, it was probably mostly mello. all those horrible things that were said to him... L and b wouldn't have been the ones to say them, and most likely matt wouldn't either. maybe if mello started it matt would join in, but he wouldn't just start on his own. anyway, this was incredible, and i'm going to look at your other works now, because you are such a fantastic writer!!~

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  • From ANON - Luzy on July 17, 2008

    It's kind of funny that everytime I hit the 'review' button in any site, my mind just goes blank for a few minutes, since I feel like I have SO many things to say yet I can't find the right way to put them together. It could be because even when I find a story good, I only review those that, to put it bluntly, awe me. This is the reason why I'm writing this. In all honesty, this pairing is so difficult to adore because there's nearly no fiction, and little art that'd let anyone's mind wonder or even consider it. I find it amazing, with a great potential and I also love it just because it's not what anyone would expect. It's always L/Light, or Matt/Mello, and since we've seen how those character's interaction works in both the Manga and the Anime, you could say it seems easier, almost what you're expected to write and it's mostly avoided. So anyhow, I'm pretty much rambling right now, but what I really wanted to say is thank you. A big, bolded, THANK YOU. I enjoyed this greatly and it just shows how little justice this pairing gets, when it's so damn good. Most people who even try a shot at it fail completely or are anywhere near to nailing it. But you most ceirtanly did, you hit it right where you should have, fucking touched the stars and came back. Yes. It is that good. I mean, fuck, normally I would think it'd be crazy to even try to shove all the Whammy kids in one family and have them interact constantly with eachother cannonly because authors never really consider the little yet not obvious things, like Near admitting to himself he just wasn't as good as the rest of them, yet you've succeeded to merge all of it together so it WORKS and created such a beautiful piece in just a one-shot. So for this, and for making me sit still ignoring everything else for the almost 40 minutes it took me to read it just because I wanted to absorb that much detail and pay that much attention, thank you. It drew me to it like little other fics have. Again, thank you.

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