Reviews for Sorry (Revised&Edited)

BY : chochowilliams

  • From rivergenesis on October 07, 2008

    I spent the first 10 chaps hating Ryu more and more for every paragraph, that stuck-up bastard! Although I felt vaguely sorry for Tatsuha, 'cause I've had a friend in that situation and I saw how much *he* was hurting over it, that is being head-over-heels for a taken man, so i felt vaguely sorry for him, and in-between that wanting to throttle him for being an insensitive little slut.

    the end of chap. 13 i was squealing loud enough for my dad to ask me wtf I was doing... :D I LOVED THAT CHAPTER!

    end of chapter 14: *squeals* "It WAS SHUICHI! IT WAS SHUICHI! I LOVE THIS FIC!!" *lol*

    there was even MORE squealing at the end of the final chapter, right before the epilogue. :D Happy me that I didn't discover this story until it was finished, so I didn't have to wait!

    *finishes story and hurls herself at the author* I'm gonna smooch you! I LOVE THIS STORY I LOVE THIS STORY I LOVE THIS STORY!!!

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