Reviews for Can't Tell

BY : chelzi

  • From ANON - Marry on October 06, 2008

    Okay, so I read the summary and I was like, "That's kind of retarded." No offense or anything I just didn't understand what it was that you were doing. So I clicked on it because I look at every Death Note story because I might actually miss a really good one if I don't and surprise, surprise I stumble across this little beauty. It was really easy to grasp this style of writing becuse it reminded me of what my friend always tried (and hardly ever succeeded at) doing. So I liked it, loved it actually, and I'm really surprised you did it all in one sitting but if it hadn't been done in one sitting it probably wouldn't have turned out quite as good as it had. And I think you already know all of this... But to put it simply, good job. -thumbs up- And I really hope to see more of this kind of writing from you even if it isn't Death Note. I'll still read it. Happy writings!

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