Reviews for Haunting Weather

BY : Akaitsuru

  • From ANON - tsumiamethyst on October 20, 2016

    I read this for the first time a long time ago, and today I came back to re-read it.

    You've captured something so nice about this pairing - on the one hand, Amidamaru's age and wisdom accumulated from not only having lived a difficult life, but also having 600 years to reflect and grow from those experiences - and on the other, Yoh's innocence that is slowly being encroached by the difficult times which lay ahead (and Amidamaru's cock, but, you know).

    The extra details you put into this - about the clove oil and such - really helped to make it so much more believable. I agree with you that the clash in acceptance of homosexuality would be challenging for Amidamaru, and I think that this part of the fic was handled exceptionally well. I really enjoyed how sweet and romantic it all was, despite Amidamaru's obvious and outright lust for the boy. Your description of their emotions manifesting in the dream world, too, was a really nice touch.

    I don't really have anything negative to say about this fic, other than I'd love to see you complete this series. I myself am a frustrated Amidoh writer and find myself coming across my own fics from years past whenever I find myself craving some good ol' Yoh/Amidamaru slash. This however, is probably the best fic of this pairing I have ever found, and I will likely come back to it time and time again as the cravings return.

    Good luck with your writing - if you still do so - and I hope to read more Amidoh from you someday.

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