Reviews for Intoxication

BY : Fuwa Fuwa Jirai

  • From satomika on September 09, 2014


    I like the last part~^^!


    I hope there's more~! :D

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  • From Thrawn on November 21, 2010

    Just found these stories you guys have written, and I'm really glad. This category doesn't get nearly enough love, so thank you for writing and posting. I'm looking forward to whatever you post next.

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  • From Coffee Gyrl on June 08, 2010

    Very Nice! I like that you keep the enviorment real and grounded in the story like mentioning the parking brake and her hands below the windshield wipers. The mix of internal thought with physical action is great and I like how he secretly likes her wacking him upside the head:P The sweet couple part at the end was a nice finish.

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