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BY : Quill

  • From Mitsuhon on April 23, 2012

    Hi! First, thank you for taking time to share your work with readers. It's very discouraging to not get any feedback on a fic you have put your time and work on. (I didn't review earlier because you have to be logged in and I never remember my account. I spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to log in, so that may explain my reluctance to review).

    I guess you really like the world of Ai no Kusabi? The milieu and society of Acceria really resemble the one in AnK. And I mean it in a good way. It's nice to see how the characters of Gravitation fit into AnK-themed world. Shuichi's looks do make him quite a cute pet, but his nature's just unstoppable. I admit I wasn't that interested in this story at start, but I'm interested where you plan to take this fic. In my dreams, I see Pet Shuichi and Master Eiri and all the lovely, wicked, sizzling and tearing feelings and reactions they would have to go through in their relationship. But of course I have no idea whether you plan to take the fic in that direction. Hiro's and Shuichi's relationship is very sweet, but it lacks that all-consuming spark and passion the AnK background almost promises to deliver.

    Also, thank you for the music list in chapter... 2? 3? (Sorry, bad memory...) It's always interesting to know if the story has a soundtrack, because it tells so much about the athmosphere.

    Huh, sorry about all the ramblings. I hope you get reviews and opinions on this fic and want to take it forward.

    - Mitsuhon

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