Reviews for The Piano Trilogy

BY : Nakkinomiko

  • From Rodisquall on January 07, 2013

    Nice and WAFFY... just how I like my endings!

    One pair gets a wedding (although they ALL should get weddings!), Ran got drunk (aww, no drunk!sex for Ran/Crawford?), and everyone lived (insert cliched phrase) "happily ever after". And am I mistaken or did Omi and Nagi hook up? When did that happen?! Cute!

    I'd love to read any of your other Weiss fics, but I gotta give fair warning: since I'm such a Yohji whore, I tend to gravitate towards the pairings where he's featured. BUT I occasionally read other pairings too, so if it's ready to be posted, I'll be happy to read it, since I really enjoy your writing style. (As long as it's not Ran/Omi. No offense to Ran/Omi lovers, but I can't stand that pairing. Omi/Ken, Omi/Nagi, yes but... *shudders* Gives me the willies. No offense, again, but not my cup of tea.)

    Til next time!

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  • From Rodisquall on January 06, 2013

    Mmmm... I love the smell of all that sap. Oooh, and it's nice and warm, too!
    That's ok about the lack of more Schu/Yohji smut - I still got WAFF for 'em! And hey, it's still close enough that this could be considered a late Christmas entry. Now, if it'd been posted in, like, August, then that'd be one thing. *I* wouldn't complain! I like new fic any time of the year! I'm not picky. *huge grin and NUDGE* LOL

    Now... *rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation* How's big brother Ran gonna handle his little Aya-chan dating Farfie? Dating ANYONE? Can't WAIT to find out!

    P.S. I ADORED the innuendo between Ran and Crawford; and teaming up to tickle torture Yohji?? Hehehe... Yotan better be more careful in the future!

    Til next time!

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  • From Rodisquall on January 04, 2013

    Oh yum... one of my favorite pairings with my favorite classical piece. But... Christmas is over! *g*
    I'd love to see the other two parts; I'm curious to see what's gonna happen next. Not just with Schu and Yohji, but I'm REALLY wondering how Farf and Aya-chan get together. I've only seen that pairing in a couple other fics - oh, and Ran and Crawford are gonna hook up too? Sweet! :-D

    Oh, but yeah, I'd love to see more Schu/Yohji smut. If the muses cooperate, of course.

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