Reviews for The Omega Omnisphere's Mightiest Pokemon Master

BY : Omniarch-1024

  • From Dimension_Distorter on May 17, 2016

    Man...what to say? Well above all else I know I wasn't disappointed by any means. Sure was a long chapter to read for sure...but it was pretty worthwhile. Got to really see the way Ash and heck, even Serena are tackling their own personal problems. Weather they be at personal, on the road or the coming future.

    I was really feeling for Serena and her mom about the intense grudge Serena had and Grace's mistake about not doing what she could to mend their bond. An incredibly different take...but Serena IS madly in love with Ash in this story, while in Canon it's just a crush. But because of her feelings, even for Kanto and their promise, I can see why she was upset. Probably even justified. Her reactions to what Arceus had explained to her and why he and other deity's did what they did was believable. Who would ACTUALLY expect to hear something along the lines of "You're a God and yet your future was set in stone to save the Omniverse. Oh, and if you say no then we all die. My bad." one could take that very well.

    I don't think I have anything else to say for Ash 1M though. I already established he was done much better than before and I understand the trust issues about disclosing his true capabilities.

    If deep thinking and monologuing are what people go through when they're a godlike, omnipotent beings though, than I'm sure as hell glad I'm not one. All of that knowledge of everything, and feeling all the power and life forces everywhere and the like is too much for me. Throw in the fact that Ash brought up a good statement that I totally agree with. Him being omnipotent means he has a the variety of every ability and power. But because of that there can be times he may not know what would be most effective at the appropriate time to do something. No wonder omnipotent beings live forever. They need all that time to perfect their powers! Plus...immortality is an application to being godlike too.

    Brock might more than likely change his tude about women and I'm thankful for that as well.

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  • From Dimension_Distorter on May 17, 2016

    First...I just wish to say that I've always been opposed to instant OP's in stories. Reasons why is that all people who ever created one, a few, and the like in their own stories just don't UNDERSTAND how boring, ridiculous, one-sided, (un)knowingly snotty, and Mary-Sue-ish they make their characters OR story. No matter if it's a main character or an OC. Especially since those people don't grasp the concepts of what it TRULY takes to being or even BECOMING OP.

    But do everything RIGHT in my definition of what it takes to have an OP character. Both Ash and his Pokemon actually WORKED for all the power they possess, they are most certainly NOT unbeatable and are capable of loosing fights, learned to be humble and faced humility, and there are no kinds of douchebags among any of them just based from the fact that they have near-absolute or complete absolute power.

    Now if THESE reasoning's are in place I don't mind OP characters. It shows they're not perfect and still have a long way to go before being at their TRUE best! No one would want to see God-Ash or the like to curb-stomp everyone all the time. That's just going to give the person who wrote the story hate from others. You are probably my only favorite OP writer in regards to anything. You KNOW the mechanics. I nearly felt the tears of happiness when I read them in the prologue. I'm so GLAD that Ash had been and WILL BE truly challenged.

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