Reviews for Dangerous Territory

BY : Rhov

  • From CrumbsOfaStar on December 04, 2021

    Hi! I just wanted to say, I absolutely adore your story! I mean I think I quite literally fell in love with it! No really! I've never been so interested in the World Wars historical period but the way that you use it and the point of views.. We never actually got to learn about the Germans (from a French POV you see) and the only Jew material we would get would be poems after the war about survival so to actually read about (even fictional) interaction between a German and a Jew is really enlightning! 

    Oh and the way you used the ereri ship is sooo clever! I mean I saw some fanarts where Levi's nose was a bit accentuated and it made me think of the possibility (plus Eren's name Jaeger) but to actually read such a long fic in this context is soooo cool! 

    Fanfic wise I have to say you must have written one of the best slow burn I have ever read! I mean sure they do have some spicy moments this long in the story (brilliant by the way!) but I really loved the way you brought it up, how it's taboo in the military and Levi's questioning but also acceptance of Eren, the conundrum with Levi's past experience with his wife and the dark ones of rape but still his slow acceptance of his love for Eren and the promise of a future together made me melt so much !! 

    I also really enjoyed to learn so much about Judaism, thank you so much for writing the Hebrew citations too! The way you just brought it up that makes it so realistic made me appreciate it all the more! I don't want to come accross as a naive person by just saying you made me love a religion, cause that's just a stupid thing to say i think, what i mean is without the everyday stereotypes and with how you show it I was able to learn so much about a religion, a culture, a big family in a whole new light than just victims of a war that love money.

    Anyway, this fanfic turns out to be in my top three best ereri fanfic and most certainly will turn out to be the best I've ever read because I love those realistic AU and even more in a known historical period and the cherry on top is that this turns out to be better than any of my history textbooks I've ever got to study. Your story is an encyclopedia regarding German and French Jewish and American soldiers POVs, it has so much knowledge about Judaism and WWII and I love it!

    I hope you continue this work of art, and I pray that one day I'll get to read a chapter about a German man roaming the streets of New York looking for a small dark haired man.

    With all my love xoxo

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  • From YukiTiger on March 27, 2020

    I’ve never been that fond of history, I admit, but reading this story and the little bits of information at the end of each chapter was very eye opening for me. Of course I love nearly anything that involves Ereri/Riren, but you found an amazing way to include actual history into it and I think that’s so amazing. I love this story so much already. Keep up the great work!

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