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BY : InferiorWoman

  • From MickGesitt on June 09, 2020

    I feel like I've seen something with a similar premise on here before. But upon digging through the Fairy Tail archive I was unable to find it. I'm pretty sure it was abandoned anyway.

    Stories where the author retells an entire series are a HUGE undertaking. So I just want you to be aware of what you're getting into and would suggest skipping/summarizing scenes that are more or less the same as in canon. Rewriting everything unncessiarily is a great way to burn yourself out. I should know, I've seen and done it before.

    You invoked the name of a legend like Avatrek in your description so that already sets an incredibly high standard for this story before it even begins. So there's another challenge ahead of you.

    All that ominous, semi-negative criticism being said - I'd like to wish you the best of luck as you begin this massive new project. I will be checking in frequently to see how the story progresses. You haven't done anything on the site yet and while some might see that as a bad thing for me it means that your potential is currently limitless. There's no telling what you're capable of until you actually start writing the story. For all I know it could wind up being better than Avatrek's.

    May your muse remain faithful,

    Mick Gesitt of the Mountain

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