Reviews for Evangelion, The Futanari Generations

BY : Wendell Urth

  • From SomeGuyMonkey on August 29, 2020

    I posted this review on HF, since there are no reviews here I may as well copy and paste it here too.

    I tend to like the long detailed sex scenes. I'm not sure of what the feel of the story you're going for, I'm assuming that it was a muscle-futa on male kink thing, with focus on the sex scenes and where the universe is pretty much an excuse do the kink.  But  you appear to be doing something else rather then mindless sex, which is all good. I must admit though it is strange to read about Rei taking a substance that doesn't increase her sex drive on this site, in some strange funny way my mind did compare it to her taking steroids to compete in the olympics.

    I like that you have given them different personalities, I was worried that everyone was going to simply be all rapey and shit. I also liked how you had Ritsuko trying to get Shinji into staying at her place too.

    I would like to see longer chapters if possible, more detail is something I think this fic could have.

    I hope you do have more Rei scenes. I do think you could do a lot more with Rei and there is a lot that could potentially be done with her. Since Shinji is so weak, frail, helpless and frightened, maybe her getting even more buff by taking roids, competing in the olympics and stuff was her way of showing/proving to Shinji that she is strong and powerful, that he doesn't have to be frightened, showing him that she can and will protect him.

    I liked the part where thick Rei kind of flexes and rips out her clothes. Perhaps  you can do a scene something like that where she walks into Shinji's room, dressed in a plug suit , or some tight clothes, with the intent of showing Shinji her new strength/power to him. Rei closes the door and get his attention by "Don't be afraid, I'll be protecting you" or something. Then Rei begins tensing and flexing her muscles in front of Shinji, showing them off to him like she is a bodybuilder in a competition. Shinji is frozen in awe at the sight of her flexing, just the sheer power of her muscles bulging in his room. Rei opens her legs and tenses her thighs,  Shinji expression is drawn to her crotch, her huge balls and her huge cock, which is slowly stiffening with every tense of her muscles. Rei moans in pleasure as flexes her muscles in front of Shinji, his awed expression of her power and how is gaze looks at her cock, it all fills Rei with joy.

    Shinji falls to his knees as Rei's muscles finally rip out of her clothes leaving her naked, with her hard cock pointing at him. Rei opens her thighs wide, she stares down at Shinji with warm and happy expression as he slowly moves his face closer to her cock and takes it in his mouth. Rei moans fill the apartment, she moves her thighs and legs on either side of Shinji while blows her. She bends over him, Rei's huge muscles acting like a protective warm barrier or shelter from the world for Shinji, while he suckles on her cock and fondles her balls, eager to take in her nourishing milk. 

    Maybe Misato or Asuka could hear the moans and go to see what going on, but a glare from the hulking Rei silencing any thought of interfering with her and Shinji, unless they're willing to be smooshed, like an angel facing a berserk Evangelion.

    That is just a rough scene idea that came from the top of head. You could do stuff with Misato too, maybe if Shinji is away misato is extra frustrated and she ends up flirting with and seducing Kensuke, maybe wearing her trademark cutoffs, who comes over to see him and she ends up luring him into her room.

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