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Reviews for The Explosion Hero's Otherworld Harem

By : EmperorOfFallen2000
  • From ThePairingGuy on September 09, 2023

    Pretty impressive for a debut fic.  It shows real effort with the actual story, which I think is important for a smut fic; smut is more enticing when it feels like part of a drama than when it's transparent that the author is just throwing characters into bed together.  We get to see the characters meet and develop chemistry, and there's hints of a future for them as the chapter ends.  In fact, I think it would be better to continue developing Bakugo's place in the Konosuba world and his relationship with Megumin than your proposed plan of a different franchise in each chapter.

    "All characters depicted in this series are of consenting age.  Also I'm not too indepth of a Konosuba fan, so I apologize if I get anything wrong."  Hmm, is this a joke?  I would assume so, since it doesn't seem possible that someone could not realize Megumin is a minor (she looks 10 years old, though officially she's 13, which is still well below the age of consent in almost every country) and you have the fic tagged with "Minor2", but if so it's a rather odd sense of humor, and one which could confuse or even anger readers.  Incidentally, you should have the tag "Minor1"; "Minor2" only covers characters who are 14 or older.

    Magical aphrodisiacs are a lazy and very overused - though arguably necessary - contrivance for getting characters who would never in their right minds have sex with each other to do so, so I question why you use them in a story where the sexual partners were hot for each other even before they took the aprodisiacs, as the product's label explicitly states.  The "copulate potion"'s only effect is to increase sexual endurance, as with real life aphrodisiacs, and that effect is wasted because you end the scene when they've barely even started round two.  I have no desire to see another fic with ad nauseum aphrodisiac-fueled sex ("Anna had her fifth orgasm that night, and shortly after Doug had his sixth orgasm"), but why use aphrodisiacs if they're not going to have any impact on the story?

    Magical contraceptives are another lazy and overused contrivance, and one which is never necessary, since even unprotected sex between healthy, fertile adults does not result in pregnancy most of the time, and even if it did, there's no need for the story to continue to the point where the couple need to prepare for parenthood.  Indeed, even smut fics which use contraceptives typically end as soon as the sexual encounter is over.  For that matter, why not have the characters become parents?  It's a vastly underexplored territory for fanfic.  In the case of this particular fic, the contraceptive is extra unnecessary, since Megumin hasn't gone through puberty yet.

    The actual lemon is pretty good.  Like most M/F lemons, it is noticeably focused on the pleasuring of the male while the female gets enjoyment only incidentally, but it makes sense that Bakugo would be a selfish lover.  There's plenty of detail without an excess of it, and you do very nicely with building anticipation for the moment of penetration.  Perhaps most importantly, the scene works with the characters.  They're passionate without being lovey dovey, and lustful without being inconsiderate of each other.

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