A Dance with the Devil

BY : Violent Rose
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A Dance with the Devil

Chapter 6: Morning Coffee with a Side of Breakfast

Care for seconds?


The morning sun cascades through the drapes of the window illuminating the white sheets on the bed. A slight gust of wind blows against the silk swaying the fabric into a shimmering dance. Tsuzuki moves to his side taking in the morning breeze as he stretches, readying himself for the upcoming day. He opens his eyes and comes to realize that he was not in his own bed as he had thought just a moment ago and was completely naked as a matter of fact.

Startled, he views his surroundings quickly becoming aware of where he was. He distinctly remembers last night all to clearly in his mind. The memory caused a slight shiver to run up his spine and an aching pain on his lower back side as he remembered every detail of how Muraki had taken him and him enjoying every moment of it. There was no doubt that the sex was incredible but it was still Muraki and he couldnít fathom why he would have giving himself so easily over to the doctor.

Before he could register any excuses to explain for his erratic behavior, Tsuzuki smells a deliciously tempting aroma somewhat like French toast and coffee. Grabbing a yutaka he throws it on and heads for wherever the aroma was coming from. Finding the room which was to no surprise a very large spacious kitchen, he spots Muraki. The angelic man no doubt looked amazingly striking in just some black slacks and a white shirt unbuttoned. Showing off that perfectly toned chest that Tsuzuki remembered to vividly on touching numerous times last night. He also noticed Muraki hovering about in the cupboards and from the looks of it his hair seemed to be wet, he must have taken a shower. The guardian couldnít help but stare as that familiar shiver creaked up his body again for the second time at looking at such perfection.

The man was truly beautiful.

A soft but deep voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Good morning. I trust you slept well. I would have woken you earlier but you just looked so adorable I just couldnít so I decided to make some breakfast instead."

Shaking his own lustful thoughts and the smell of delectable food from his mind Tsuzuki eyed the man evilly.

"You do realize I won, Muraki."

"I am fully aware of that arrangement among other things," he smiled at the now blushing Shinigami.

Muraki handed the guardian a plate

"And I am a man of my word. I just thought a little breakfast would do us some good after such a long night and since it is going to be my last breakfast what better person to have it with."

Tsuzuki couldnít disagree with the doctor on that note, he was pretty hungry and the food did smell delicious .There was no harm in having a little breakfast before they went. The Shinigami sits himself up on the counter devouring the food. He laughs at the mere fact of the doctor just coming along to Meifu with him.

"You know, itís kind of hard to believe that you would just go willingly with me to Meifu."

"And why is it so difficult to believe?" he questions Tsuzuki, amused. The guardian just looked at him dumbfounded.

"You're kidding, right? Muraki, you of all people are not one to give up so easily."

The pale man pursed his lips as he responded.

"That is true. I must confess though..."

He walked toward Tsuzuki and purposely in between the Shinigamiís kicking legs as he opens a cabinet door. The sheer closeness of the doctor causes Tsuzuki to suddenly stop all movement from his body as he was completely startled at the closeness of the other man. Then he hears in a whispered voice so soft and sensual it melted his nerves like butter.

"Look at what my determination has given to me."

Muraki pulled out a cup smiling at the guardian seeing the deep red planted on Tsuzuki cheeks.

"Even embarrassed you are simply beautiful."

Muraki backed away only to be pulled back by Tsuzuki grabbing his shirt. There was a long pause as they both looked into each others eyes, searching one another out. Tsuzuki made no attempt to move or let go of the other manís shirt. He didnít even know why he just reacted the way he did but at that moment he wanted nothing more then to have that man next to him. Wanting only that closeness that they had shared only hours ago and with those few seconds of silence Tsuzuki allows Muraki to advance forward placing both hands on his burning cheeks and lips gently touching .

The kiss was soft yet inviting and as it progressed it became more deeper and demanding almost to a feverish pitch. Tsuzuki pulled away to catch his breath. This was so wrong in so many ways and he knew it. He couldnít let what happened last night with this man happen again, could he?

"What happened last night was a mistake.." he decided to say breathless."I was drunk."

"Really? And what would you call this then?í Muraki continued kissing his lover as he planted little kisses all over Tsuzukiís face trying to persuade him with the encouraging pecks.


Tsuzuki simply says allowing Muraki to continue his assault on him but Muraki stopped at that word and looked into his guardianís eyes that deep penetrating hunger back. There were no words to be said for what was to happen next as Muraki slams his mouth against Tsuzuki anxiously deepening the kiss and bringing out that wild passion.


Qas the only word Tsuzuki could say back as his lips were assaulted. Their movements were frenzied and less controlled with each other then they were last night. Wanting nothing but to feel that moment again, Muraki yanked at the straps of his loverís yutaka as Tsuzuki worked the buttons open from the pale manís pants. Muraki detached his lips from Tsuzuki and begins laying kisses along his neck and jawline forcefully pulling the guardian's hips to the edge of the counter.

Muraki goes back and kisses Tsuzuki deep and hard again as the guardian could only cup the other face to keep from being slammed too hard against the cupboard as Muraki pushes him back lifting the guardian's legs slightly up. The next thing Tsuzuki hears is the distant sound of a zipper opening. He was not completely healed from last night and he knew that this was going to hurt no doubt, but it didnít matter he wanted this he needed it and every inch of his body was calling for it.

There was the excitement of that rigid cock against his aching pucker and then came the insurmountable pain that lead to him pulling his lips away from Murakiís and no doubt slamming his head hard against the cupboard anyway. He screamed out as that enormous cock filled him pushing forcefully against the walls of his inner cavern. Fucking him raw and bloody. But that was the beauty about it, fucking with pure raw primal passion. Being pushed to ones limit and to be fuck so violently.

Muraki was not at all gentle in his lovemaking this time as he slammed his body hard and relentless into his lover's body and Tsuzuki relished in it grabbing anything to hold himself at bay as to not fall off the counter in their animalistic fucking. This kind of sex was completely different then what he experienced last night, the gentler more sedate. It seemed like more of a need more then a want, it was carnal. Murakihad great stamina and knew every spot and area on this man that even if there was immense pain there was also an undeniable fire that took flame to every nerve in the guardian's body and Tsuzuki soon came to realize that Muraki not only quenched his human side but also that dark demonic demon he kept hidden as well. Tsuzuki had yearned for someone to meet that expectation in him. He would have never guessed it could have been this sadistic murdering bastard fucking him senseless right now that would have achieved it.

Tsuzuki had no shame in it either as he grabbed for Murakiís hair and yanked him onto his lips forcefully. He talked between gasps and panting mouth.

"HarderÖÖ.fuckÖfuck me harderÖ"

And Muraki did slamming harder into his guardian. Both working up a sweat as they neared climax. Muraki pumped Tsuzuki in time with his thrusts and Tsuzuki in turn refused to let go of kissing Muraki he wanted it all every sensation even the sweet taste of his lover's mouth he wasnít going to be denied that and to make sure he gripped tight to the pale man's hair as he continued the kiss and devoured those lips.

As the orgasm hit though it was hard to keep from just staying on the manís lips and instead he just gripped as tight as he could to the other manís body and bellowed out in complete ecstasy. It did not take long for Muraki to reach his and he bit into Tsuzuki shoulder muffling a moan as his fluids filled his Shinigami. Tsuzuki in turn faintly moaned as tremors rode his body throughout Muraki's climax even though he was sore that hot feeling indside him felt so good .

Tsuzuki's head rested on Murakiís shoulder trying to calm his breathing they both had stayed holding onto each other trying to catch their breath and relaxed their spent bodies. It was like a triumphant completion of ownership. Now that you have giving me all of you and have taken my essence in return you are truly mine, I lay claim to all that you are. That is what Tsuzuki could hear Muraki telling him without saying a word. Tsuzuki had thought about this notion it was not only that Muraki had laid claim on him but he had as well they were an equal, perfectly fit for each other even though their views on things were entirely different.

Tsuzuki winced as Muraki pulled out of him. There bodies sticky with sweat, blood and semen.

Muraki pulled his lover to look him in his eyes that beautiful glare once again staring back at him.

"Only you could even make me fall so hopelessly in love with you and impulsively foolish as it may be, to your every being entirely."

Tsuzuki said nothing. He couldnít find words to say to that kind of deep confession. He had known Muraki to confess his love last night but it was meant more in the way he said it now looking in those melting silver eyes without a hint of false judgment in them.

Muraki broke the uncomfortable silence.

"Why not let us have one more drink before we go, my love."

Muraki grabbed for Tsuzukiís glass gulping the sweet liquid into his mouth then abruptly pulls Tsuzuki into a hot kiss exchanging the liquid within each other's mouth. It was a good taste a mix between alcohol and a very creamy coffee. Something different then his normal morning breakfast drink. This had a very strong kick to it that burned his throat as it went down but was so warm and smooth he hardly noticed that burning sensation as a bother..

Muraki let go too soon for the guardian's liking and whispers in his lover's ear.

"To your victory, my love."

Tsuzuki gathers himself up pulling the sash of the yutaka closed and gets off the counter.

"Muraki IĎm going to go take a shower before.."

Tsuzuki suddenly feels lightheaded and instantly grabs a hold of the pale man's shoulder. It was an instantaneous feeling that he couldnít even register before falling to the ground and blacking out.


Tsuzukiwakes up, startled noticing himself yet again on that large expensive bed alone. He was not so stupid to play the fool as to whose bed it was this time.


He observed the room around him just to lay eyes on a note perched on the night stand. Tsuzuki picked it up reading its contents.

My beloved,

I know that I said I would go willingly if you won and by all means you did, but after having finally taken you into my grasp and ravishing you...

Let me just say that last night and this morning you reached beyond my dreams. You were absolutely phenomenal. That beautiful face of yours is all I ever want to see in the end when I finally walk that line to death and believe me that time will come for me soon, but for now I still have something that needs to be done before that is to happen.


P.S. The money is for you Asato . No strings attached.

"So, you fucking bastard you poisoned me. That burning sensation from the drink must have been a form of poison Muraki induced the drink with. He knew it wouldnít kill me, only knock me out!"

"But how did he manage to? I mean, he drank some as well".

For years now, Iíve been drinking nonlethal doses of various poisons in order to build up a tolerance. Iím resistant to a great many toxins.

"Shit" he smiled grimly.

"All right, Muraki. Iíll let you have your way, perhaps I am truly the one that is not ready for you to go just yet, besides I want you just a little longer for myself. But when we are finally done playing this game.. you will be judged. That I promise ."

Tsuzuki got up from the bed and walked to a mirror examining his condition. Other then a slight headache and a hint of fatigue he look rather well. Though he did notice a faint pink mark on his neck and shoulder. A burning sensation along with a slight shiver ran up his body at the memories of when he got those two marks.

I love you, Asato.

The Shinigami smirks rubbing his fingers across the sensitive areas. A mark of ownership in a simple word of mine., but just as Muraki had laid claim to him, Tsuzuki has also done onto the pale doctor as well. The many lacerations that glorified that smooth white skin like snow covered in trails of blood. Those scars would not heal as fast as his would and Tsuzuki enjoyed that simple fact.

Let everyone know that tries to take what is mine and see my work, my bleeding angel.

Muraki will be back. It would be stupid for him not to. Tsuzuki already guessed that the pale doctor had more then just lust for him and he could play the manís emotions to his advantage.

"We can play this little game of yours if you like, but I guarantee you will loseÖ.love."

The dangerous type are always the ones that have your heart


Chapter 7: Changes The differences between good and evil.

Like a rose: (earth)

So gentle and soft, beautiful to the eyes.

Though would prick you with its thorns and poison you with its beauty.

Like the fires of a volcano: (fire)

To break free form the hidden shell that everyone knew to be solid and pure.

Though inside is the malting river of fire readying to melt anything within its path.

Like the sea: (water)

Serene cascades of crystal, refreshing and so calm.

Though filled with so many mysteries and dangers beyond the human eyes.

Like air (air)

Life and oxygen

Though always an obsessed need for survival because surely without it you would die.

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