Downfall and Recovery

BY : Eliscious
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Dragon prints: 1994
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L was trying to decide whether or not he would be eternally damned if he laughed at Light-kun’s current predicament.

‘Laughing at a person with a disability. Damnation. Laughing at a person with a disability who has an itch they can’t scratch. Eternal Damnation. Laughing at a person who is possibly the most arrogant creature on earth and refuses help in any situation, who has an itch they can’t scratch…’

L decided a small smirk was appropriate.

Since Light’s skills of observation hadn’t lessened any he caught the smirk, which made his complete frustration boil over. Plus his nose itched damnit!

“What is so damned funny?!” Light’s voice erupted.

“The fact that Light-kun’s nose itches, yet he refuses to let his discomfort show or have me help to alleviate said itch.” L said after deciding to be truthful.

“Well maybe I like having my nose itch. Ever think of that genius?” Light’s brain was currently wondering why being around L made him act approximately five-years-old.

“Really now? I never thought you to be a masochist. In fact sadist is what usually came to mind. I shall now have to change my entire view of Light-kun.” L really did enjoy pressing Light’s buttons far too much. He was just so much fun to wind up.

“If I could move my arms I would seriously consider strangling you right now. Since I can’t I’ll just imagine it as vividly as possible.” With that Light closed his eyes. L just kept peering at him curiously, letting the threat go unchallenged.

Light was on his fourth day of complete stasis. Both surgeries had gone remarkably well, but nothing could change the fact that Light’s lower back had been pulped. It was going to take a miracle for Light to regain the ability to walk.

L shook himself mentally to get rid of those negative thoughts, but then he took in Light-kun’s rather sad appearance. The younger genius was in a full body cast to prevent any movement. So all that was visible was Light’s feet, hands and head. His hair was starting to grow back in the swaths that the surgeons had removed, but it was still just stubble lined with ragged rows of stitches. In other words, he looked pretty pathetic. At the same time his pretense was as arrogant as ever. Course now that affectation was becoming more and more of an act. How long would it take for it to crack or even break?

Light’s nose was twitching slightly at the suppressed effort to make the itch go away. Grinning impishly L reached over and scratched the offending appendage. Light’s eyes shot open and he glared at L, but didn’t tell him to stop. After a short while L sat back with what looked like a blank expression, but Light just knew that L was smiling triumphantly in his head.

Since he hadn’t reached his quota of immaturity for the day Light stuck out his tongue at the irritating detective, just making his non-existent smile larger. Light closed his eyes in a huff. He really wasn’t normally this childish, but with the end of the Kira case (damn L) there really was no reason for him to continue to pretend to be the upbeat perfect Light anymore. Plus it was very enjoyable to just vent on L. Everyone else would be hurt by his gruff manner, but the detective just took it in stride and often answered with witty repartee. Light’s thoughts came to a close. That’s when he noticed that silence filled the room. It was tense, but along the lines of the hush before the punch line of a joke is delivered. Finally Light decided to break the quiet.

“Hey Ryuuzaki, why did you decide to become a detective?” Light was genuinely curious and figured that L would tell him since it was doubtful that Light could figure out L’s identity from a motive.



“42. Since that is the answer to ‘Life, the Universe, and Everything’ I figured it to be an appropriate response.” Once again L had that expression that outwardly appeared serious, but inwardly he was laughing, or as Light liked to think, taunting.

“Have I mentioned lately that I think you are completely insane?”

“Not today, but thank you for the sentiment.” The invisible smirk broadened again.

Light decided he didn’t want to egg L on, so he dropped the subject, though he did find it interesting that L had read Douglas Adams well enough to quote him. Course Light remembered everything he ever read so it figured that L could do the same. The detective had the unnerving habit of unearthing obscure talents or connections whenever he felt like it. Probably for his next trick L would saw Light in half. Putting him back together though…

With that rather morbid thought Light slipped back into sleep.


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