After Hours: Untouchables

BY : Resting-Madness
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Disclaimer: I makes no money from this, I don't own the characters or the Death Note universe.

Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note or the characters. I do however own any extra characters in this story but who really cares about that.

Warnings: Blood, violence, language, gore, disturbing scenes, sex, nudity, slash and distrurbing behavior.

A.N: This is my first Death Note, so your opinions are very appreciated thank you. I will do more and believe me they will be more slash than this one, but for now I'm just doing a story so I hope you enjoy it. I don't know when the next update will be it took a while to type this out because I'm on the internet two hours a day then no more but this is written out so no worries. Hope you enjoy it. Fantasy of Linkin Fantasy.


Poles, bar tops, seats, laps, the floors; the dark room has women just about end to end, wall to wall, space for space 'working' is what the businessmen call it. These young, supple, women putting on display for them things that were meant to be hidden from man, but within these closed doors and solid walls of cover in the dark room anything goes.

Cheers go up around the stage as a leggy, color clearly a dye job, blonde tips herself upside down on a pole, long legs parting in a straddle she slides down the pole letting her stems linger once her back reached the floor and with them she rubs the pole as though it were a man's thigh and her hands explore her body with gracious strokes to her genital and breast. Head tipped back she moans to the men she can see. "Oh yeah."

Lecherous, hungry grins spread across the faces of the men as images run through their minds. Bulges harden and clothes are a little damp while they attempt to keep the woman tattooed in their minds for later on. What they would give to be the dancers hands, touching and caressing her.

Cheap beer is walked around the room on trays by a woman barely clothed, but she's moving about as though she has on a track suit; too used to the stares, leers, and ass pinches as if it were everyday life whether in these closed walls or out on the city streets. No real faces can be seen honestly through the blur of sensual and hormonally charged room of people; voices are heard but whether or not the words are picked up and understood is any ones guess. But, even with all the sex and liquor in the room there are other rooms in the building for men who prefer a more quiet and personal level of enjoyment that can't be accomplished with 60 to 70 some odd other leering, jovial men around.

"Oh!" A woman can be heard from beyond the room if you're at least 5 or so feet from it. "Yeah! Mm! More!!" Her moans pick up, growing louder and more frantic until-... "Aaaah!!" Back languidly arched the woman then stands, fully clothed in a rather skimpy white bra with sheer nipple places, low-rise white leather pants covered with red chaps from the start to the finish. She smiles at the man seated in a small chair before her, its friendly and sweet. "Was it good?" She asks, no sexuality in her tone at all. His session is over that's it for him.

"It was amazing!" The man declared standing up his hands itching to get at her or his hard-on which coincidently, she could very easily help relieve him of that problem.

The customer can feel another erection coming, though, he had gotten off quite easily from the lap dance he still wanted so much more but sadly his funds are tapped for the night and he has to move on as a place like this becomes very unfriendly to people without money, especially if you want a lap dance.

"Good!" Says the dancer. "I had fun too, although, I'm sure you know you're not supposed to touch the dancers but... I'll let it slide since your a first timer."

Nodding, the man bows in apology. "I'm sorry, really. Its just a little tough keeping my hands to myself when, well, you know."

Snickering the woman looks down at her attire. "I know."

A large, bulky man steps out of the shadows; beady eyes glaring at the customer. "Times up." He says to the male then looks at the dancer he guards to say. "You've got another customer, Ami."

"Busy night." Ami says touching the mans arm. "You'd better go before Fei Lang throws you out." She says meaning the body guard.

"Right, right. Thank you again," He leaves the room bumping into the next male on his way in. "I'm sorry, very sorry." He mutters before the door is slammed in his face. Standing there, he listens to the music start up on the other side of the door, something pulsating and rich; the man had to swallow his saliva when Aim began to moan. About to touch the door he withdraws his hand backing away when he noticed shifty looks coming his way from other men waiting for dances and guards standing at the exit of the hall. "Sorry, sorry." The man apologizes as he walks away. Maybe next week he can afford to come back.

Around 3 o'clock its closing time. A young woman says good night to a few other girls who are on their way home as well. Hands in her pockets the dark haired, round faced girl walks home; street light after street light leading her way, illuminating her before she's covered by darkness having left the lights safety. Her home isn't very far from the club actually, but she plans to meet up with two other friends to walk the streets; its her first time and she's very nervous. The club provides for you like the streets don't. In there you have the safety of the body guards being just a glance of fear away, but out here on the streets anything can happen to you. Her friends tell her she can make quite a bit of money and her goal is to get as much as she can so she can leave the city and move to the country side with her boyfriend. Maybe start a family together. That made her smile. A family. But first she has to save up. Oh sure, he boyfriend has a job but the money doesn't come in well enough to buy a home or an apartment out there, its fine for here but the country is an expensive place and you must be ready.

Speaking of ready. She reaches into her clutch to double check that she brought her can of mase. The plastic is cool against her burning fingers, rolling over as she turns it. 'Ha, I should be more cool about this.' She instructs herself.

An old gray car with a patch of rust on the hood slows to a stop beside her; the pretty street walker hesitates a moment but eventually finds herself walking back a few steps to meet with the driver. Leaning over into the window of the drivers side she asks. "Can I help you?"

The driver looks her over; his breathing becomes thick and heavy as he looks over her large breast giving a very good cleavage display to him, her kissable lips parted just right so he can see her teeth. His own lips begin to tremble and his hands shake as he opens the door on the passenger side of the car.

"Yes, climb in." He says in a voice more controlled than his body would let on.

'Must be his first time doing this sort of thing, too. He seems so nervous.' That eased her worries a bit; walking around to the other side of the car she climbs in closing the door. "We can learn the ropes with each other." She assures him the best way she knows how while buckling herself in. "Umm, I should tell you that my asking price is two hundred and depending on what else we do, the fee goes up another fifteen bucks."

"That's fine." He steers the car from the curb driving it up the street.

The woman watches the city going by through the front window, all the lights shining in a blurry strip of color, the people all minding their own business, going about the early morning routines they have. Taking notice, the street walker ponders about the man. He must not have much money because his car is a complete junker, which means they probably won't be going to any nice, 5 stars hotels for this. She just hopes the bed is soft and maybe that the client will put on a little music to set the mood- call it a side effect from working at a strip club as a lap dancer. One of her girlfriends told her once that a man gave her a diamond watch for giving him a night to ruin his marriage. She wondered if anyone would give her anything- maybe not this man, whom she almost feels like buying things for, but someone with a lot more money in his pocket. Maybe a business man looking for a quick fix between hours.

Wetting her lips she looks at the driver then back out the window. "My name is Starlight by the way- I don't think we're supposed to give out our real names."

"Starlight? That's pretty." Says the driver, who's been silent the entire trip.

You would think that he'd want to talk or turn on some music so the trip to wherever isn't so dreary. What a strange man. Thinking that Starlight just noticed that the man has been casting glances at her clutch purse. Picking it up she holds it on her lap. "Lubricant, a condom- well, a row of condoms and chocolate lip gloss. Its a new flavor- eh, do you like chocolate?" She was glad for conversation the silence was beginning to get eerie.

"Not alone like with a candy bar, but I've always loved cakes and cookies."

"Me too! But I don't eat them anymore because, you know, no one wants a fat stripper."

"You're a stripper?" The man sounds a bit shocked.

"Mhm. I'm new at this... its my first time which makes you my first customer. Will you rate my performance?"

"Okay." He says in a flat tone then asks. "You're sure you're a stripper?"

"Mhm." She nods. "Why is.. is that a problem? I don't have anything- I never sleep with the clients."

"No! No, its fine."

Deciding to change subjects she asks. "Is this your first time? You seem nervous."

"I'm just afraid that you won't want to do it with me because I can't afford a nice hotel or someplace." He glances at her. "I only have enough for you."

"Hey that's all right. Any place is fine with me, so long as you promise to drop me off where you picked me up so I can meet with my friend- if she hasn't gone yet." She added.

"Okay...." His large nervous eyes widen and he looks at the girl hard. "Even if its my house?"

"O-..kay." Starlight sounds unsure but the man doesn't seem threatening in the least, poor and down on his luck but not dangerous. 'Maybe I could give him a freebee.' She thinks from the goodness in her heart.

Another ten minutes of driving and they're out of the main part of the city; the bright lights are gone revealing stars glowing brightly in the sky blocked out when they pass under street lights shining their orange glow in her eyes. The old gray car stops outside of a run down flat. The windows have cracked but not broken through glass, the door looks like its been kicked a good many time by a wrecking ball, and the roof could use a lifetimes worth of repairs. She hoped that she could keep her voice down, if she can even get excited in a place like that.

Turning to her the driver smiles then says. "We're here."

~ @ ~

"Yeah! Oh! Oh fuck!! Ah, ah, ah!!!" The man moans while woman's head bobs up and down over his dick or maybe he's thrusting into her mouth and she isn't moving her head at all. Its hard to say because of how wildly the man is moving as he writhes and arches.

His hand scrunches the hair on the back of her head between his fingers as he arches from another wave of pleasure. His free hand wanders up his thigh caressing it before it cruises over his left nipple. The sweat is sticking to his thin hairs but he turns his head slightly to wipe it off on the pillow behind him. He thought he would spill for sure when Starlight's fingers lay beneath his butt but the man held on wanting this to last a little- maybe alot, longer.

"Mmm hmmhmm." He giggles. "Stop it, stop it! Its too good, its too wrong!" He howls with his head thrown back as he ejeculates into her welcoming mouth. Collapsing onto the bed as though he had been sitting or up or magically floating he pants heavily trying to calm himself down. "Shit!" He cries out gripping the sheet over the spring-hole covered matress as another wave semen shot out of him. Licking his sticky, dry lips, he brushes a hand over his sweaty chest tweaking his own nipple playfully. Turning his head he sees the lucious body of Starlight seated beside him, her breaths calm and still. "Mm." He hums.

Rolling over onto her, his hand grips her upperarm. Kisses are laid out over her collarbone then down along her breasts, the customers teeth bite down on her nipple rather hard; the woman does not cry out, mouth wide he sucks in as much of her plump round boob as his mouth can hold, suckling like there's no tomorrow, his tongue stabs playfully at her nipples. His hands get busy findling her, one hand gripping her buttocks while his other hand is up in her crotch, index and middle finger pumping in and out of her dry pussy. His moans cry out of his mouth as he watches his fingers get the woman off. It wasn't until she climaxed that he stopped his thrusts and pulls his fingers out.

Sniffing the blood on his fingers he sucks it off wiping the rest onto the sheet. "Let's get you cleaned up."

Around 5:40 a.m. and employee at a local eatery brings out a full bag of burnable garbage placing it into the bin outside of the restaurant; he's just about to close it when something oddly colored against the black of the bags catches his eye.

"What the-..?" Shoving the lid hard, so the top stays open, the man reaches in and gives the weird thing a squeeze.

Its finny because it kind of feels like, well, skin. Looking around he grabs an empty crate that once carried a shipment of canned goods for the restaurant he places it outside of the bin to stand on. With a better view he scans the thing closely without touching it. It was a long and tanned but pale, as though it were a fake tan and it was beginning to fade and needs a touch up. But it isn't... it can't be....

"Aaaa! Aaaa!" He staggers from the crate landing hard on the concrete ground, hard enough to scrape his palm which he didn't feel too numbed by what he's seen.

There, in the trash bin, is the body of a headless woman.


Policemen swarm the crime scene likes ants on a dead bug but in this case the 'bug' is the body of a woman. Two men are looking around the area for specific areas for clues as to how this crime might have happened, another few cops are taking pictures, three men are questioning the people who work at the restaurant and surrounding area writing down anything they may have seen or heard, one man in particular has been searching as hard as he can through the rubbage in the bin; his dark brown hair disheveled about his head due to sweat from the steady activity of searching the bags for the head.

Chief Yagami shakes his hands free of the mushy banana he had pressed his hand into, but nothing's come up and they've been out here for hours. Its time to wrap this up.

At the police station six male officers and one female plus the chief sit in the confrence room to go over the evidence they've collected. Each officer has a photo of the victim on the table before them, the information gathered personally is tacked to the cock board.

Lieutenant Sho Gozoburo stands in the center of the room beside a white marker board, a blue marker in hand. "Until foresics lab gets done with the autopsy report we have little to go on for now. But this is what's obtained so far," Uncapping the marker he writes down the most important information from their combined reports as he speaks. "One thing we know for sure is that the victim is female and roughly around nineteen to twenty four years old."

"That's so young!" Exclaims officer Valentine thinking about her own children.

A quick nod to agree, the lieutenant goes on. "We know the head of the victim is missing which means it could still be out there or with the person or persons that murdered her. There are men on the field combing the surrounding area in search of it." He says to the chief.

Chief Yagami clenches and unclenches his jaw.

"Regardless finding the body there wasn't much blood on the crime scene."

Aizawa perks up hearing that. "Which means the victim wasn't killed there."

"Or the perp' does on hell of a spit and polish with blood on concrete." Fukita comments.

"Mm. Then there's the plastic brace cuffing the womans wrist together behind her back, its been removed and has gone to the lab for prints. We also have an idea that the woman was murdered sometime this morning between the hours of midnight to five o'clock when the restaurant closes and opens- at least for the employees that lock up and open the place. The night shift workers are going to be brought in for questioning." Finishing his the last senstence he's writing out, Sho caps the marker than says. "That's all so far."

"Chief, your thoughts?" Asks a starting rookie officer named Matsuda.

The chief is quiet a moment, face unreadable then he says. "Until autopsy comes back and we get the results from questioning we're at a stand still so its hard to form an opinion, right now. Continue with cases you have pending, for now, we'll meet back here tomorrow with the rest of the reports." Standing from his chair Chief Yagami exits the room with questions churning in his mind.

People turn up dead just about everday but most of those are more or less accidents, car crashes, house fires, accidentle poisoning then there's the death by murder... deliberate deaths. Still its hard to say anything without the autopsy report. Going to his office he takes a seat at his desk, pulling out a drawer he removes a file to a case he's been working on since last week involving a break in that ended badly for a ten year old that was left home alone while the parents were out until late, the neighbors were asked to pop in on the boy from time to time during his three hours without them but when the neighbors husband entered the home the fourth time he was horrified to find that the house had been turned upside down and the young boy he was asked to watch had his throat slit. Terrible.

Soichiro couldn't imagine how devestated he'd be if something were to happen to his daughter or his son Light. And at the age of ten to boot! His son has always been good at taking care of hisself, even at a young age. Light is someone that can truly make you proud, the kind of son that fathers would pay billions for and to think of him being gone is too much. Not that he loves his 13 year old daughter, Sayu, any less but to a man a son is living on. Poor Shaoran family, they'll never get to see their son shine at what he can do, or be whom he would turn out to be. Saddened the man closes the file; he's never liked cases involving children of any age, being killed.

"Uh Chief?" Matsuda pokes his head into the room.

"Yes, what is it Matsuda?" The man stands crossing the room for a cup f coffee, silently offering a cup to the youngest member of the department but he is declined.

"Well, its about the case. I was hoping maybe to do something more then sit in at the confrences, maybe like some field work?"

Blinking the man smiles. "I like your enthusiasm Matsuda, but field work can get a little gruesome at times- tedious even, you're up for that sort of thing? You might be better suited for questioning witness' if you're up for it."

"O- oh yes! Thank you, sir! You won't be disappointed- I promise." Bowing his head he leaves the room.

Chuckling, the Chief sits on the edge of his desk, coffee mug still held by the handle. He can't help but feel like a father to the eager officer if only because of Light. Once out of school his son is coming straight into police training as he plans to join the force. Following in his oldman's foot steps, the day Light told the family of his intentions Soichiro could swear he was going to have a heart attack from being overjoyed.

'Yes, I think I'll call it a day; bring a few files home with me to look over, see if I can find something new. Aitopsy usually takes a few days so the break will be nice.' Grabbing his coat from the hanger he leaves the office then the building to head for home.

~ @ ~

"Come with us to the movies, Light." Says a young dark haired girl. "There's a really spooky one playing, it has to do with ghost in this family's mirror." She latches onto his arm, head cocking to rest on his shoulder. "Please?"

A slight laugh leaves said male's mouth, before he detaches the girl from his arm. "I can't, Yumi, besides, it kind of sounds like you're descretely asking me out on a date. I don't know how many times I can repeat myself to say I'm not dating until the end of the placement exams."

Blushing, Yumi giggles. "Looks like you found me out, Light. I'll see you Monday then, bye."

"Bye Light." Says Outsuka who was with them in the book store.

"Later." For a moment Light watches Yumi and the other male's departure from the direction they're going; she still plans on going to the movie, he doesn't know why she doesn't just ask Outsuka . He's a nice guy, so-so student, sociable- like she is. If Light had to pick out a problem with the male it would be his hesitance to go for what he wants, Outsuka has no drive, aside from that there's nothing wrong with him.

Light waits out the flashing lights at the train crossing then paces across the tracks keeping straight down the sidewalk. The 16 year old side steps passed a group of older teens waiting for the bus. Light's not big on public transportation, choosing to walk just about everywhere. Something about being closed in with all those people around just rubs him the wrong way so walking is a joy and oddly relaxing especially after a school day. Sticking the key into door knob lock, Light opens the front door then walks inside the house.

"Mom, I'm home." He announces.

"Hi Light!" Calls his sister from somewhere in the home. "Look who's home early."

Entering the living room Light is surprised to see his father seated in the armchair and rather dressed down which meant he's staying for the night.

"Dad, what are you doing home so early? You've been staying late at work for weeks until now, have you gotten anywhere with your cases." The studious teen takes a seat on the couch beside his sister.

"Nothing new with any of the cases, I'm afraid, but there's a new file open now." He trails off.

Interested, though, in no way wishes to pry Light leaves the matter alone.

"How was school?" His father asks. "Sayu told me she's going to some sleep over Wednesday night during break."

"Hn. Sayu should worry more about studying and less about socializing."

"Yeah, yeah. Those who aren't gifted geneouses need these little things to get them through the sadness of a bad mark."

Smirking her brother teases. "Because opening a book makes no sense."

"Daad, Light's picking on me!"

Soichiro chuckles. Sibling bickering is always something to see because being an only child the man had no one to fight with, the first time the two kids bickered- as rare as it is, the man thought they hated each other but his wife said its natural as she has a brother and a sister. Luckily the teasing never last long and they return to loving each other more than anything. Plus Light always makes time for Sayu, always and that's the thing that makes Soichiro smile before he lays down to sleep.

"Dinner is ready." Calls Sachiko from the kitchen.

Soichiro can feel his stomach pushing him along; its been a while since he's eaten his wife's cooking and eating quick bites here and there when at the station just doesn't cut it, so its time to open a notch in his belt because tonight he's going to fill up.


"Nnnoooo!" A woman begs, her voice sounds as if she wasted any ounce of strength she had left just to get out the final plea.

Her tears and drool soak the pillow her face has been pressed into; she was on her way home from work at the strip club when she was grabbed from behind then all this happened. A man bound her arms behind her back after stripping her of her clothing, he then tossed her on the bed, face down, before proceeding to wedge his way inside of her without lubricant. At least he's wearing a condom- she thinks. For the past hour she's been listening to the faceless man grunt and groan from over her. It has to be over eventually, then she can go home and find a new job. Hopefully she can forget all about this horrible incident.

"Ow!!" She screams when her shoulder blade pops out from the socket do to his pulling on it.

"I love you."

She hears him whisper before he licks her neck, taking a deep whiff of her perfume before he finally climaxed. She thought it was over.... but she didn't know how true the statement was about to become......

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