After Hours: Untouchables

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6 days later. The department is buzzing with activity and chatter as another two bodies have turned up; one woman around the same age as the first girl but the other a bit older more of a 'been around' kind of woman. At times it seems as though someone dies every other day but in situations like this where the victims tend to match each other the N.P.A know that they have a seriel killer on the loose and one with particular taste in women; this is considered 'type' obession and luckily makes the suspect a lot easier to track rather than a person just killing for the sake of killing.

The same officers and the Chief are situated in the confrence room; the autopsy reports have come in and the field and interview teams have their reports to go over as well. Sho is at te marker board again only this time the team has a much thicker folder to pass around.

"Reports have come back and this is the information on C9812." Uncapping the marker he writes on the board. "Her name was Takata Hana, age 23. The forensics team says that she may have died around 4:16 a.m." Nodding to the folder on the table he goes on. "The report shows a definite tear in her rectom- which is where the blood samples cam from."

"So then she was raped?" Asks Matsuda receiving looks that just about spelled out 'duh'.

"Were there any sperm samples mixed with the blood?" Officer Valentine asks.

"Not a drop." He shakes his head. "From what I guess the rapist wore a condom."

"Hn." Sounds Chief Yagami. "A killer considered about protection." After looking over the new photos taken of the body, he slides the folder over to Mogi, a brawny man with a buzz cut and built like a bear. "This at least proves he's not so much of a psychopath; he knew the body would be found and wanted nothing to be traced back to himself."

Mogi passes the folder on. "What about the victims parents and friends have they been questioned?"

Matsuda perked up realizing his chance was now to put his foot in the investigating door. "Two days after Miss Takata was found her mother came in to file the report that her daughter was missing. Mrs. Takata said that her daughter was supposed to call before coming over to have dinner with her and her husband but she didn't show up." The other officers look on telling Matsuda to continue. "After Hana's body was identified I informed her what had happened and she was in absolute tears, I spoke to her husband Takata Kobe then, he wasn't any better off hearing the news."

"What would you say his state was?" Chief Yagami asks. In some cases its an inside job and the killer is actually hired to kill the victim, but it only ever really comes into play during kidnapping cases but for a case like this it has to be a wonder.

"He hated that his daughter danced at night spots, he never wanted to her to get mixed up in something like that but she said it made a lot of money and she wanted to move to the countryside with her boyfriend."

"What's his name?" Asks one of the interrogation officers.

"Mikarashi Sanosuke, he works at a sneaker department store in the third ward. I have the address." He fishes in his pocket for it sliding to across the table to the man.

Chief Yagami turns over another set of paper in the folder. "Does he know about the murder?"

"I don't know, the parents might have told him if their daughter was really all that invested in moving away with the man."

Giving the interrogation officers a look he lets them know to look into that.

"Back to the father, though, if you're asking me if he hired the man to scare his daughter then I don't think so." Matsuda shrugs. "He was angry but he was also in tears."

Detective Aizawa put in his two cents to say. "He could be genuinely upset because he didn't know how far the man would take the scare, so even though he may have hired the man there's a chance he didn't realize he was getting involved with a bonafied killer."

Blinking, the young detective asks. "You really think so Aizawa? Man that's a scary thing."

They all nod to agree.

"Chief," Says Sho bringing them back. "the head has not been recovered yet nor was there anything suspicious left at the crime scene. The men searched the trash for the condom and found neither it or the wrapper it came in."

Matsuda asks. "Could he have kept them?"

"Its a possibility," Replies Sho. "The binding on her wrist didn't have a print on them either."

The room looks over the photos of the cleaned up, headless body. The Chief takes in every inch of her, studying it closely. The only parts of the girl that were bruised are her anus, wrist, and hands.

"Background checks say that she lived in an apartment near the train station, her friends note her as a talkative girl and very popular in the social kind of way. But you should hear this, her parents knew that she danced at the club but they didn't know that their daughter was trying to become a street walker."

"Where did you hear that?" Asks Aizawa feeling more and more sickened by the lifestyles of night women.

"A friend of hers that has the same profession. Haruna Rina, she said that Miss Takata was thinking about moving but her job at the club wasn't paying enough so Miss Haruna invited her to walk the streets with her that night, said Hana never showed."

"Which means she was picked up before the two of them could meet?"

"Correct sir, they planned to wait together."

Aizawa asks then. "Which club did the woman work?"

"Let's see...." He flips through the report. "a club called After Hours. The club owner says that she began working there as a lap dancer in two thousand six January."

They all intone thoughtful sounds while processing the information.

"Though it may be based on 'type' this case may be harder to solve than we think since thousands of men visit these clubs every night." States the Chief. 'We may have to consider this a cold case if no more evidance surfaces other than the victims bodies having nothing on them but their own blood.' He thinks.

"The interviews with the employees that work the late shift at the restaurant had nothing to tell us about the victim, but they may have information now that we have a recent photo of her- its in that folder, the drivers license photo has been blown up."

Looking it over Chief Yagami turns to Matsuda. "Care to show this photo around to do some questioning?"

"Oh, yes sir! I'd be happy to." He crosses the room to take the photo. "Its such a shame, she's a very pretty girl. She shouldn't have chose such a risky occupation."

"Where as I agree, its not your place to judge Matsuda."

"Of course Chief, sorry." He takes his seat.

"Do you think the other two women brought in were killed by the same man?" Wonders Mogi out loud.

"We do have some pictures of her and a small file." Sho opens the folder. "The second victims name is Gau Misti, age twenty four. Gau had several unpaid parking tickets and spent a night in jail at which point the tickets were paid when her father came to pick her up. And to answer the question Mogi, Mrs. Gau was an adult entertainer as well and worked at the same club, After Hours, with Miss Takata."

"Was she a street walker?" Valentine wonders receiving a shrug from Sho.

"And Miss Xua Li?"

"Same club, but there isn't much on her yet since we're still questioning family, friends, and employers."

"What do you think it means, Chief? Should we check out the club and see if we can find our guy?" Aizawa asks. "He might stand out more than the next man."

"That's a good idea, Aizawa. Matsuda, you and Fukui continue to question the possible witnesses now that Miss Takata has a face; they might not have seen her in person but she could have passed by any number of places on her way to meet her friend that night. Aizawa, you and Shikagawa stake-out at the club tonight, Mogi and Sho will take stake-out next week. Valentine, keep an eye out for the reports coming in from the labs. I'll be with the field for now."

"Yes sir!" Vocalizes the room before they all separate.

The group leave the room with tasks to accomplish that evening and since the club closes around 3:00 its gonna be a long night for some so its better to rest up now while they have the chance.

2 weeks later field has come up with nothing; questioning much of the same- even with a face to the headless victim the possible witnesses were of no use. Stake-out provided no clues and in the 2 weeks of searching no one has been killed; autopsy showed that Misti and Xua Li had been raped but much like Hana there were no traces of semen left behind. This case is a real head scratcher but for the most part the department can guess that strippers are being targeted but only if another woman is killed can they classify it as a seriel killing of strippers. As wrong as it is, the women are now under isolated incidences.

~ @ ~

The chief of police has had an exhausting 3 weeks of work in the case of the young boy who was murdered in a break and thankfully the case has been solved when a witness came forward telling that she saw a man enter the home that night but she thought he might have just been checking up on the boy as the neighbor had been because he used the spare key to get in just as the neighbor had. That's when it hit them, the spare key, the prints of the family members were on the key as well as the neighbors, but another set belonged to the intruder who had not been wearing gloves when handling the key and seemed to only put them on before entering the home. The case was classified as a break in because the house was a mess and things were stolen, as far as forced entry there was none but it was written off since the neighbor didn't state that he locked the doors everytime he exited the home. Tiny mistakes such as that is why they have to work with a finer toothed comb, because everyone slips up somewhere and the man who has been killing the strippers will have his time come around soon enough- hopefully before too many more bodies are found. Just the other day another body was found and this girl was the youngest of them all only eighteen years old working a club under a false I.D. The girls parents cried and screamed that it had to be the boyfriend as he was somewhat of an aggressive and angry person but when questioned the male was on a ski trip with his family so the news that their daughter was a stripper hit them good and below the belt. But it left the police back at square one. Nowhere.

Sighing, the tired man sits up in his comfortable arm chair when a knock sounded on the office door.

"Dad." Its Light.

"Come in, Light."

The door opens and his son enters carrying a tray with a cup filled with hot tea and a plate with a slice of freshly baked cake on it. "Mom thought that you might want this."

Letting out a disgruntled sigh Soichiro rubs between his eyes for a bit, to calm the headache brewing, before taking the cup of tea from the tray thats been set down on the desk top. "Thank you."

"Dad, you've been stressed out about this case for a while now, and since I'm on summer break I thought it would be a good time to ask you about helping out with it."

"You want to help me with the case? Are you sure?" Soichiro asks. He watches as Light pulls up a chair to take a seat before him.

"I'm positive, and you said that I should get experience for the future so that once I get my P.I. license I'll have some notches under my belt. So why not now?" Taking the file from the desk he aks. "Is this it?" When his father nods he continues what he was saying. "You've told me a little about the case and since then I've been thinking it over and-.." Searching the folder he he points something out. "Here, do you see this?"


"I think that three things about this are very similar. One, being they all work at the same club, two. only the one girl was a street walker but she had only started that night other than that none of the women are prostitutes so its strickly After Hours that he's targeting and three.... he seems to have some sort of bondage fetish as all the women have their hands bound and torn apart where as nowhere else had been harmed minus where he's entered them."

Soichiro looked at his son amazed. He never would have noticed the bondage thing; maybe Light should help out on the case, he may even end up solving the whole thing. So nodding his approval, the man says. "Only during break."

Smiling, Light nods. "You won't regret it, and I promise I won't be in the way." He leaves the room with the sound of his fathers proud laughter at his sons eagerness in doing a case with him.

Picking up the picture, he looks it over. The hands look sliced and almost chewed. Gruesome. 'A bondage fetish, huh? How can we use that to our advantage?'


Later that night Light used his father computer in the office to access police files- the man left it on for him, and now that he's been given permission to help he's decided to look over all the evidence gathered so far.

'A bondage fetish... How can that help the case?' Wonders Light looking over the information and pictures. 'And why isn't there even a trace of semen in the victims; even on warm days semen tends to stay in the body taking days to disolve completely its only helped along at all from the natural acids in urination and bowel movements, so with a dead body it should take longer. ....Hm. No condom is completely effective and no simple bath could remove all evidence, so then what?'

Clicking the mouse's key, pictures and information flip by like a story coloring book, since the pictures are in black and white, but Light isn't seeing anything of any further use. Closing the screen he turns off the computer returning to his bedroom for the night; maybe something will come to him in a dream. Light just settled into his comfortable bed when his eyes shot open.

'Bondage. The dancers- that's it!' Rising from his bed he grabs a notepad from his desk writing out his theory so he can present it to the department tomorrow. Light may very well solve this case if he's correct with what he's thinking, if not they're going to continue playing hit and miss with a seriel killer and they can't afford to waste anymore womens lives.

June 2, 2002

That morning Light had an early breakfast with his father then the two head out for the precinct for the day. Light isn't the least bit nervous about being around all the officers and detectives, his father had them over for a New Years party when Light was about 14 and they're all rather nice to him and his little sister and mother, plus Yagami Light never gets nervous around any one or about anything, its just not rational to be so when there's no danger.

"You were up late last night." His father comments when they pull into the parking lot of the station. "Have you come up with anymore theories about the case?"

"Some, but its nothing definite." Replies his son unsnapping his seatbelt.

Soichiro nods. Rolling up the windows he exits the car locking the doors after Light closes his. The two enter the building his father holding the door open for him. As they make their way inside the building the man at the desk greets them both. Light says 'hello' then follows his father into the confrence room. He and Light are the first to come in unless the other officers are in the building doing something else at the time they should be there soon since Soichiro told them to come in by 9 o'clcok. Light's never been in this room before so he can't help but look around a bit during their unoccupied time. A large table with 10 chairs around it, 3 large windows, white tile floor, floresent lights and a marker board, and of course in the corner of the room is a water cooller.

"Good morning Chief Yagami," Sho greets entering the room. Seeing a new face Sho holds out his hand. "Hello, Light right? Is it career day at school?"

Light's father chuckles, shaking his head he replies. "No, Light's here to help out with the case."

"That's great!" He glances at the door as the others come in. "I wish my son wanted to follow in my foot steps, but he lives with his mother in the country and prefers tap dancing than detective work."

"Morning everyone." Greets officer Valentine as she walks in.

"Hey." She says.

The seats fill up quickly; Light taking the seat at the edge of the table. When the room quieted the meeting began.

"Cleaner" As his new name has become. "struck again last night. Another stripper at the same club. This one was suffication; his fingers pressed into the area just above the linea alba, puncturing through."

Writting down the information, Light raises his hand leaving it up for a second before speaking. "Cleaner?" He questions.

His father replies. "We believe the reason this person is killing these types of women is in order to clean the streets of Japan of them. It may be his motive."

"I see but,, forget it."

"No Light, you're a part of this case, so your input is valuable as well."

"Yeah Light, what'd you have?" Sho scratches a hand through his blond spikes.

"Well you all say that Cleaner is trying to rid Japan of night women but I don't think that's it at all. Let's face it, these women are all over the place and yet he leaves every single one of them alone minus Miss Takata, but she had only started doing it that night that she had been picked up. I also think that its possible that he's after a specific type of girl from the After Hours club."

"Such as?" Aizawa leans forward to listen carefully.

"The way he ties up the womens hands, I thought about all the jobs at the clubs- from what television has shown since I'm not old enough to enter one myself, but from what I know the only time you're not allowed to touch the girls is when they're touching you. You can slip the performers dollars, the waitress' get slapped in the butt more times than they can count I'm betting, so that only leaves the women in the back rooms, the private dancers but, without a roaster I can't be sure."

"The lap dancers?" Ponders Mogi. "It makes sense why we missed him and he was able to grab another dancer."

"Good call, Light!" Cheers Matsuda.

"Thanks. But its too soon to make assumptions, I was just taking a guess."

"Pretty good guess." Sho compliments.

Aizawa caps his pen after writing something down. "If Light is right then what do we do chief?" He then throws out a suggestion. "Remove all the lap dancers for the night and see if anyone turns up missing the next morning."

"That's a possibility."

"If Cleaner really is only going after the private dancers then keeping them from working tonight should help the case. The man seems fixated on them, I'll bet if he visits the club and sees that no one is dancing- he'll demand to know why! He'll give the biggest protest, where as, a normal customer would simply move on to something else." Light Responds.

Thinking it over Soichiro nods. "This can work; I want everyone in this room to attend the stake-out tonight. Officer Valentine, you'll sit in the under cover car with Light. Are you good with that son?"

"Its fine." He answers.

"Good. For now, Mogi I'd like for you to get the roaster of the dancers, make sure to tell the manager about closing off the private rooms for tonight."

"Yes sir."

"Sho, get tech. to set up cameras in the rooms so when it opens tomorrow we can check out all the people who reserved a dance."


"Aizawa, I'd like for you to call the dancers in to be interviewed once Mogi has the list; they may have already seen Cleaner but have been fortunate enough not to be picked up yet." Looking around to the other officers he says. "As for the rest of you resume with questioning the families and friends of the latest victim."

"Yes sir." They say in somewhat unison when the man is through speaking.

After being dismissed Light follows his father out of the building. "Where are we going?"

"Lunch then home. I have some cases to work on and you need time to enjoy your vacation while you have one."

Light laughs while buckling his seatbelt. "Yeah, maybe I'll study for the afternoon or help Sayu with her homework."

Glancing at his son he smiles. "I meant that maybe you'd like to see a movie or go bowling with your friends."

"Bowling?" Light says with humor in his voice.

"Don't knock it, in my young age it was the it thing to do over break- that or karaoke."

"Somehow I can't see myself singing- muchless my father." He snickers. "No, lunch and studying is fine with me. I've got four weeks off, once the case if closed I'll have plenty of time to do an activity with friends."

"I like your confidence." He pulls into the sandwich place.

~ @ ~

'Black would be a nice choice for a stake-out, but considering the fact that I'll be sitting in a car the entire time,' He hold up a black turtle neck shirt. 'Hm. Its better to be natural, its less obvious.' A light blue button down shirt is pushed aside revealing a dark blue fitted long sleeve, with three tiny buttons coming down from the rounded neck, taking it from the hanger he travels over to the dresser to grab a pair of brown jeans. The boy dressed quickly then heads downstairs passing through the tiny bit of hall to get to the front door he caught a glimpse of his mother from the side of his eye.

The two of them are getting settled into the couch to watch a movie. He'd already told his mother where he's going; he guessed the video was to occupy her worries but its no big deal, a lot of the time stake-outs are un-productive. Its the under cover cops that have to worry.

Sighing inwordly, Light walks to the entry way of the living room. "I'm going now."

Both Sachiko and Sasyu turn their attention to him.

"Be careful Light." Says his mother.

"Yeah, I'd miss you if anything happened out there." Says his sister.

A small smile crosses his features. "I'll be careful, but Dad will be there and a bunch of other officers from the station." The hinking car horn catches his attention. "That's it then. See you later."

"Bye dear."

"I'll be back around three or four."

Leaving the home he climbs into the silver pontiac with officer Valentine at the wheel as his father assigned, and once buckled in the car starts off for the club.


The night was moving along just as police predicted; the men were outraged about the private rooms being closed for the night most of them only complaining about the money that was paid in advance not the least worried about their time with the girls. Others didn't care at all knowing that it'd be taken care of tomorrow and from there went to the stage to watch the pole show. Aside from that it was just a normal night. Aizawa gave close attention to the reactions of the men who reserved the rooms for the longest amount of time. If Cleaner really does get off from lap dancers only he would reserve as much time with one as he can afford. So far a younger man, no older than maybe 26 was the only one really bent up about it, he punched a wall and swore at the security demanding his money back.

Aizawa touched his ear then spoke with his head towards the Chief to make it look like a normal conversation among friends. "Light, there's a man coming out of the building. He's got a shaved haircut, but not bald. He's wearing a gray suit with a black shirt."

"I see him." Light's voice sounded in Aizawa's ear.

"See if he takes a bus or walks to his own ca-..."

Cutting the man off Light says into the microphone. "He's getting into a car." Binoculars in place in front of his eyes, the teen watches the man get into a blue car, his gaze lowered to the license plate. "I'm writing out the number... he got into his car and took off abruptly after that, so I think he came alone." Its Light's knowledge that if its a two or more man opperation one of them would wait around in the car while the others work the room, that way if they are caught he can get away and continue to do the deed allowing his friends to be let go without evidence. Plus, if there were more than one person attacking these women they'd be hurt far beyond that of a torn rectum and bruised hands. Light can't be sure why the head of the first victim was taken; the teen glances at a stout man with thinning hair that is walking out of the club, he's wiping sweat from a face that looks more sad than angry. Concentrating on him, unwavered by officer Valentine's sudden speaking into her headset. The mans eyes are slitted, almost like if he didn't widen them on his own he wouldn't be able to see very well. Light, though spotting the man and being very careful to watch his movement, missed what he did once getting into his car since a rusty gray junker blocked his view. But he did get the plate numbers.

The night went much faster than Light would have expected, and out of all the men that have reserved a dance 7 of them were filed under suspect. Now comes the week of interrogation. Chief Yagami, Matsuda, and Light sit in on the questioning in the hidden room next to interrogation watching and listening through the two-way mirror and a hidden speaker. The first three men tested negative on the polygraph test, the 4th man has never been to the club before that night and, due to his friends suggestion, wanted to try it out and reserved a lap dance since he didn't want to be in the public eye of the place. When asked about his friends whereabouts on the night of one of the murders he could vouch for everytime and recently his friend has been out of town on business which is why he hadn't gone until last night. It came down to the last man and the three observers have their attention divided when Mogi walks into the room.

"Chief, there's been another killing."

6: 40 p.m. June 4 2002

Matsuda covers his nose to dull the smell of blood and what seems to be feesies in the air. The detectives were called to red light district by the owner who discovered a massacre. The field team will have their hands full collecting evidence from the room. Finally Cleaner is slipping up. The private rooms being closed the other day must have enraged him to create this much of a scene with only one body. Its very unfortunate for the woman to be a victim for them to get their lead.

"Get those bed spreads." Orin Rai head of forensics orders the field team.

Out in the hall, Light sneaks peeks into the room as the police mill about. Now that its daylight and the place is closed he can come inside with no hassle from the owner having a minor in the place- though, he was lied to be one of the dancers, may she rest in peace. The room really is just a horrid scene, almost flaunt its such a mess. The bedding is hanging from the bed half way, blood is anywhere it can go from where the woman had clearly been dragged about, a fingernail is left in the torn mattress belonging to the victim, who has been moved out of the room by peramedics a little before the police showed up. Visibly, the only thing left behind by Cleaner is a bloody sneaker print, and looking at it you can tell that the man noticed it and tried to scrub it away. Why he took the woman to a red light district is a mystery but surely the survalance camera's may have caught him on tape in the hall before he entered the room.

"Excuse me?" Light says to the owner.

"Yeah, what is it?" He eyes the teen wondering what a punk kid is doing at a place like this, moreso how someone so young can be a cop. 'Must be an intern.' Thinks the man.

"None of these rooms have video cameras, do they?"

"No. I mean, I'm into the whole voyer thing but the rooms don't have cameras. The hall does, though." He points to the corner of the hall.

There in the upper left corner is a large mirror with a camera hidden behind it.

'Excellent.' Thinks the 16 year old. "Do you have the tape from the night this happened, is it accesseble right now?"

"Sure. Come to my office." He starts down the hall.

"Detective Mogi," Light calls into the room. "there's a camera in the hall but not the room."

"Good work Light, Chief," Mogi exits the room. "we're going downstairs." He informs the head of the department before heading out of site.

Downstairs in the main office the owner opens the door to his office then takes them into a back room where the security tapes are recording. Pushing it into the machine he presses rewind while its playing. "I hope you catch the son of a bitch that did this to one of my girls."

As much as Mogi wanted to chew the man out for having the gall to sell a woman's body for money he kept his mouth shutl places like this will get what's coming to them soon enough and there's no sense in upsetting the bastard and making him uncooperative. The three men watch the video rewind with nothing going on until finally the owner is seen, in reverse, exiting the room then entering then again exiting before he backs down the hall nothing goes on for a moment then another person is seen leaving the room with a girl.

"Stop the tape!" Light asks. "Pause it right here."

Doing just that the owner steps back while the two examine the screen. The picture is fuzzy and the freeze of the screen is terrible having a little line of static through it but its decent enough to get a look at the man plus the labs can have a stab at it to clean the picture up. Dark hair that can either be black or a very dark brown, a pug nose, thin lips; the man has quite a bit of hair on his head with a style of a side sweep but not like a comb-over, Its hard to say how tall he may be since the video has the static bar across it.

"Can you take it back a bit more to when he first comes in." Asks Light.

"Sure." Rewinding the tape some more the man plays it just as the Cleaner- or possibly the Cleaner and a hooker come down the hall.

"That's weird," Says the owner.

"What?" Mogi looks up from the screen.

"She's not one of my girls- I've never seen her before."

Brows furrowed, Mogi questions. "She isn't?"

Shaking his head the owner of the club says. "No, I've never seen her before."

They continue to watch the Cleaner and the woman walk down the hall; the two almost look like a couple with the way she's holding onto him and whispering in his ear. Light wished the camera had audio. Cleaner kisses the woman on the neck or maybe he sniffed her neck it was hard to tell, then they enter the room. Couple after couple come down the hall and finally the man exits the room.

"Didn't anyone notice the blood on his clothes as he left?" Questions Mogi.

"Are you kidding? All the shit that goes on in a place like this- girls getting cigarette burns and what not, believe me a little blood goes unnoticed."

"A little blood?!" Now Mogi is getting irritated. This place is going to get some serious looking into when this case is over.

"All we have to do now," Says Light, head still clear and rational. "is get a match from the tapes recording the rooms at After Hours when the back rooms reopen tonight."

"We're taking this tape," Informs Mogi with enough authority in his tone to make a lesser man shake.

Pressing 'eject' the owner hands the tape over. "Good luck." He says to the two as they leave.

Sighing, the man says. "I hope you're up for another stake-out, Light."

"Do you really think he's going to show up tonight?" Light asks as they leave the building. "It seems like he takes one woman a week rather than a day or maybe we just find the bodies too late." He climbs into Mogi's car.

"True, but since his favorite spot closed he may be itching to get in another dance. Look at what he did from being deprived one night."

"You're right." He thinks quietly.

"What is it, have you thought of something?"

"I was just wondering if all the victims might have been killed in the red light district- the owner did say a little blood is hardly anything to notice and you saw that room. But if not, then why was this woman?"

"You're right," Starting the car he comments. "well if this is our guy we'll question him until his throat runs dry from answering. I can't wait to hear this creeps reason for killing these women."

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The stake out teams were a bit different tonight because the officers now had to pose as a customer waiting for a dance, the only thing is that there is only one dancer working tonight, the rest of the rooms are empty but its been told they were rented for an exclusive party and there's audio running loud enough to be convincing. It wasn't surprising that the men who were brought in for questioning did not return to get their dance, not wanting to be caught again by their girlfriends or wives should the cops call them directly. It was around midnight that Cleaner made his appearance. Although they should have arrested him right then and there they prefered it be after the man receives his dance so that they can observe his actions. See what it is that makes the man tick, get inside the criminal mind and with these evaluations the prosecuters have an easier time deciding what to do with the perpatrator, what sentence will be received. Killing of how is one thing but killing for why is what gets you life in prison, time in the nut house, or death.

One by one the under cover detectives excuse themselves from the line up, pretending either to need the bathroom or simply grew bored of waiting. Aizawa, by the stage, humors a woman with a laugh when she gets on all fours before him and sucks on his middle finger but his attention is at the side of his eye watching the man. Lights plan was a thing of beauty and he was impressed with how quickly he came up with it. The chair in the room is to be swapped out with another chair that has plastic on the arm rest, this is so there will be no other finger prints corrupting Cleaners. Matsuda wondered how the guard would know when to swap seats and Light explained that from what he's heard the wall are paper thin so they need to make a commotion outside of the room to alert the man once this is done he'll receive the go ahead the dance will go on and they'll bring him in for nothing but questioning and he'll continue trying to kill not knowing that they have already gotten his finger prints. Simple.

'Nows my chance.' Aizawa stands from the seat and very kindly says. "I'm married."

Taking said marriage finger into her mouth the woman clamps her teeth around the ring pulling it off she then drops it into his palm. "I don't mind."

Slipping his ring back onto his finger, he waves her off making his way to the hall. Slurring his voice, he says. "He-cuse me." He hiccups as he slams into the Cleaner.

"Get off me!" The man shoved him away.

"Come ooo, I wan ma-... I want me turn." Aizawa persists.

"You can't cut! Back the hell off!" He shoves him again.

"I didn't get my dance the other day."

Sho takes his place beside Aizawa. "Quit being an ass, the man said step off." He snaps while grabbing the officer.

The body guard exits the room. "You clowns gonna behave or do we have to shut the rooms down again?"

"No, no its him and its my turn. Let me in please." Cleaner begs.

"Right this way."

Sighing in relief the man glares at Aizawa before going in. The two officers let out their own relief once the door closes.

"Let's get into position." Aizawa says sounding vry sober.

And exactly ten minutes later Cleaner exits the building and is taken down.

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