After Hours: Untouchables

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'So Masukawa is in Shibata.' Light is looking over the map of the train routes. 'That means the E train will take me back that way.' Taking out his wallet the teen checks his travel money. 'Looks like I'm covered for a few more days.'

Approaching the ticket counter Light removes a few bills from his wallet then asks. "Could I please have a ticket for the E train to Shibata?"

The man behind the counter looks a bit surprised but he smiles thoughtfully. "Shibata must be a popular place this week."

Blinking, Light asks. "Meaning?"

"All tickets are sold out for today. You and one other guy will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm sorry."

'Another guy?' Looking around the station the teen wonders. 'Which guy?'

Person after person is boarding the train to this destination and that except for one. There, seated on a green bench against the wall, is the odd male from before. Glaring, Light then looks away when the dark haired man waves a hand at him.

"Can I get your name? I can reserve a ticket for you." Says the salesman.

"Yagami Light. Can I get that for the earliest departure?"

"Sure." The clerk types up the recept tearing it off the row of paper that rolls up from the machine, then he hands it off to Light. "There you are; that's for tomorrow at ten o'clock sharp." He says as though Light would not take the time to read the receipt.

"Thank you." Stowing it into his wallet the male returns the piece of leather into his pocket then exits the station with his suitcase in hand, hoping that he'll be able to catch a cab right away- no such luck.

All the cabs seem to be taken as at least 4 were on their way away from the station. Light watched car after carleaving and not a one was up for a passanger that hadn't called in ahead of time.

'Guess I'd better call for one.' Pulling his phone from his pocket Light dials the number he spots painted on the side of the closest cab, but his dialing is momentarily paused when he feels a finger tapping on his shoulder. 'Just ignore it, Light, its probably that weird guy from the train again.' Lifting the phone to his ear he expects to wait out the tone but the sound dulls to nothing. 'Hmm?' Checking his phone he's again interrupted only this time he chooses to acknowledge the male. "Do you mind not standing so close, its a little intrussive."

"I thought I was being helpful by offering you a ride with me." His voice drops suddenly, like he'd just received bad news right in the middle of a good day. "But you clearly have everything taken care of, so I'll just go."

The male took a single step sideways then remains there still close enough to Light, hands in his, light blue, jeans pockets with no intention of moving. Bitter, Light tries to call for a cab again still unable to get through. Checking for the phone he notices that the battery is extremely low so calls will be made any time soon until he can get it recharged and he can't do that without an outlet which means....

Eyes closed, Light steadies his nerves. Opening his eyes he looks at the dark haired male beside him who, as it turns out, has been watching him the entire time. 'Why do I have a feeling I'm going to regret this?' Smiling, Light says in a kind tone. "Only because I'm in a tight spot will I take a ride with you, but don't get any ideas because I'm not interested."

"We;; that's good because I'm not interested either." Walking off the curb he reaches for the door knob of a classy little car; black with a camel colored interior. "Get in."

Walking around to the other side of the town car, Light climbs in buckling his seatbelt after closing the door. The teen noticed the odd male slipping his feet from his tennis sneakers before he curled his legs up on the seat. If the Yagami teen had to guess, by the luxury of the car, this strange man may be an essentric millionare rather than the nervous wreck he pegged him for on the train. 'He isn't dressed like someone with money. maybe he's just taking a trip and splurging a bit.'

"Are you hungry? There's fruit in the mini-fridge." Offers the man already indulging in the treat.

"No thanks." Glancing out the window Light then looks back at the male. 'Better talk before this guy gets into his eating habit.' He thinks. "My name is Yagami Light. What's yours?"

"Mathiu Deneuve. Nice to meet you." Releasing the younger males hand he resumes eating.

Light was then tempted to eat a piece of fruit in hopes to annoy the drab male in the same way he annoys him but that kind of immaturity isn't Light's style, so he continues to ignore him. The rest of the ride is quiet in a sense and once they reached the hotel the two men paid for a room and went their seperate ways, but Light is sure he hasn't seen the last of Mr. Deneuve.

~ @ ~ ~ @ ~

Light called home to check in with his family about his change of plans and that he will be home in a day or so; he didn't mention the part about seeing Masukawa on the train. Seated on the large bed, Light unplugs his phone charger then tucks it back into his suitcase, his phone going into his pocket. Changing into his sleep wear the teen looks up at the ceiling as he thinks. 'There's no question in my mind that Masukawa is the Cleaner but... I can't entirely prove that he was in Tokyo when people change trains all the time. Masukawa could have come from anywhere.' Closing his eyes he sighs inwardly. 'Mathiu Deneuve. That name seems familiar somehow, but I can't be sure... He's a strange guy, I know that much; one minute he looks like a pennyless begger with an annoying eating habit to an almost all right but a little essentric guy with a little wealth.' He can see the mans face appearing behind the darkness of his eyelids. Popping them open Light sits up reaching for the remote turning on the television once it is in his grasp. He should really be watching the news; channel 290 has the weather report. Listening to the man speak about the chances of rain tomorrow Light starts to dress again in slight formal yet informal wear. He's going down to dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The dining room is lovely with a warm decor considering its summer season: rich blue table clothes cover round tables, the seats and backs of chairs have fabrics with the same color, the walls are deep brown with golden patches where the light fixtures are shining, large plants bring the look pf the room together but the small vases filled with tiny flowers that are placed on the tables could be done without.

The moment Light set foot inside he hears someone call his name. 'Who is that?' He wonders having never head the voice before. Looking around he hears his name again, followed by an "over here!" Across the room to where the voice is coming from his eyes meet with the ringed gaze of Mathiu Deneuve. There is just no way its all coincidence which is why Light thinks about snubbing the guy, he even considered just leaving until he was sure the man was gone for the night but his legs and feet are already on their way over to the table.

Seeing that he's been spotted the male stops his frantic waving and he keeps a firm eye on Light as he takes a seat. "And here I was just thinking how lonely it was going to be eating alone." Smirking he then says. "Glad you're here, Light."

"It would be kind of lonesome eating in a big place like this by yourself." The teen agrees.

"That's what I just said." Opening his menu he looks it over. "Everything looks so good."

Light wondered for a moment how the man always seems to make sound as though he's talking to his self. But it doesn't matter. Looking over the menu, as well, Light decides on a medium rare steak with a side of potato and sugar snap peas; telling this to the waiter when he came for their orders. Deneuve orders a strawberry burnt cream.

Flabberghasted, Light questions. "That's all you're eating." Since he's met the guy it seems the only thing he's eaten is sweets and pastries, in mass quatities at that- there was the fruit, sure, but fruit is sweet as well.

"Yes." Replies the male tearing open sugar packets to dump into his iced tea.

Light watched attentively as the male pours packet after packet of sugar into the tea. His mother would lose her mind if he'd done something like that at one of their barbecue's when their father got to come home early on a hot summer day. She'd think the heat was getting to him or something.

"So Light," Deneuve says his name so familiarly. "what brings you to Chiba?"

"I'm following someone." Light answers. It doesn't give away much, yet its a truthful enough answer. "What about you?"

Looking at the male around the glass of tea he's drinking, Deneuve sets it down on the table then says in a bland tone. "I'm waiting to catch the train tomorrow to Shibata, I have no business here in Chiba."

Light laughs lightly. 'This guy can really make you sound like a jackass.' He thinks absently.

"But if you must know," Deneuve goes on. "once I leave from here I am also following someone." He begins pouring more sugar into his tea. "You see, I'm a detective and I'm working on a case."

Light, who had been tasting his tea wondering if it were bitter in some way, would have choked on the swig if not for his usual cool demeanor. Setting the glass down he asks. "You're a detective?"

"Mm." Intones the man or maybe he's just enjoying his drink now that 83% of it is sugar.

'This guy's a detective- there's no way that's true.' Thinks Light. 'He must just be having fun with me.'

The waiter returns with the food setting the plates down before the men.

"Thank you." Spredding the napkin across his lap, Light picks up his knife and fork ready to dig into his steak but glancing at the detective he exspells an exasperated sigh then, slicing his steak in half Light scoots half his potato's over to one side of the plate with the meat then some of his peas are shoved over as well. "Here, we can split it. I can't just sit here and watch you eat junk for dinner."

Deneuve looks at the plate that's been set in the center of the table, he then looks up at Light a smirk on his face as he nibbles his thumb as if to hide a smile. He says to Light. "I thought you said you weren't interested?"

Furrowed brows wonder why he even bothered being nice, but Light says calmly. "I'm not. I just think that you should eat something more than dessert." Nodding at the food, he reiterates. "Here. Eat."

Picking up the fork beside his plate, Deneuve cuts a piece of steak from the half Light offered to him, he then slathers on a large spat of garlic butter before popping the bite into his mouth, chewing it carefully the detective swallows it. Taking another bite he hums in satisfied delight; a scoop of potato's came next but Deneuve seemed especially taken with the peas. Light watched the man eat for a moment then starts in on his half of the meal. It was nice sharing a meal between the two of them, nothing but sounds of eating and the clanking of the plate from the silverware hitting it.

"Are you following a girlfriend, Light?"

"I'm sorry." Light cocks a brow.

"You said that you were following someone, I asked if it were a girlfriend." The man repeats.

"No. I'm not following a girlfriend."

"Then its a boyfriend?"

Taking a drink he swallows, "I'm single." he replies to that but before the male can ask anything else he adds. "Not that its any of your business, but I'm not dating until school is out."

"Mm." Intones the male. "How very studious of you, Light."

"I think so."

When the meal is finished Deneuve set the dish filled with cream between them. "Please, have some of this; you shared with me, after all."


The two eat silently.

"Detective," And he says as though its loosely. "you wouldn't happen to be following the case for the man with the cover name 'Red X', would you?"

Returning his comment back to him by saying. "Not that its any of your business, Light, but yes I am." He takes another bite savoring the taste. "I wasn't officially asked to do it, I simply found it.." He takes a bite then speaks around it. "interesting."

"I see. There's something you should know then; this case was actually opened in Kanto. The N.P.A is heading it but since the dancers have been refusing to give out their services we think that Cleaner- Red X" He corrects himself to the man's current name. "might have relocated."

"We? You're following the case?"

"I'm part of it, or at least I was. I'm doing some independent, undercover work on the suspect."

"That's brave of you- being so young."

"I wouldn't call it 'brave' since Cleaner is only interested in women."

"Cleaner?" Asks the man hearing the name a second time.

Done with his half of the dessert, Light sets down the spoon. "Like I've said, this case first opened in Kanto." Further explaning he adds. "They called him 'Cleaner' because they believed the suspect was trying to clean the region of street walkers."

"I see." Placing his spoon down as well Deneuve very bluntly states. "To think that, the N.P.A. must not have gotten very far along in the case."

"You're wrong about that, thanks to the task force and my help we have enough suspicion to convict someone but there's a problem with the suspect because he managed to pass the lie detector test without the slightest problem."

"But you don't believe that he's innocent, which is what brought you all the way out here."

"There are just too many unanswered questions when it comes to him, which is why I'm following him- just to be sure."

"I see." Setting out his credit card for the waiter to take, Deneuve stands from his seat, feet slipping back into his sneakers that have been removed after he sat down. "The man I'm following goes by Red X, as you know, I have reason to believe that the man I was following boarded the train you and I were on earlier today," He draws in a breath, though, he hardly sounded winded from his longly drawn words. "And the reason for that, Light Yagami," He says the teens name in the order he would in his native tongue. "is because of his scent."

Standing as well, Light blinks curiously. "His scent?"

"Will you come to my room? We'll compare notes."

"All right."

After retrieving his card from the waiter the two leave the dining room heading upstairs tp the foreign detectives room.

~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~

Deneuve's room is nothing like Light's, since he has a regular room and Deneuve has a suit. The room has a small but cozy living room with a love seat and a set of arm chairs set at either side of the glass coffee table. Beyond the living room the teen can see a couple of stairs leading into the semi open bedroom area that has a jacuzzi set right into the floor at the foot end of a very massive bed.

"Get comfortable, please." Says Deneuve crossing through the living room into the bedroom.

Light wondered what kind of 'comfortable' the detective was driving at but he takes the offered seat anyway.

"I've been thinking..." The man returns to the room. "you and I could work on the case together." He sets two laptops down on the table opening one revealing a screen with a white background but it has a gray letter in the center that reads W, the other screen opened up to a simple computer screen. Taking a step onto the seat he's standing upon it briefly before he scrunches himself down into his usual comfortable position.

Sparing a glance at the man Light looks at the opened file on the computer screen. He can't believe how small the scroll bar is. "This is all the information gathered on X since he's been in Tokyo?" Asks Light reaching for the laptop he pauses to say. "May I?"

"Please." Responds the detective.

Light takes the computer from the table setting it onto his lap, with his index on the mouse panel he scrolls down the information page. The teen is momentarily distracted by Deneuve's close presence at his side; he's so close to him infact that he wonders how its possible that their cheeks aren't touching with a mere hair separating them.

"What do you think; do you have anything to add, Light?" The detective is looking at the screen, the words personal space apparently make no sense to him when put together.

Light turns his head, waiting to feel the tip of his nose brush Deneuve in some way but it didn't happen. "The information is short but thorough for one person to have done so well in the case on his own; its incredible."

"Thank you." He replies with not a hint of car to the compliment, as though, he hears them all the time.

"There is no real background of X other than what was gathered in Kanto. Would you li-.." Deneuve silences the teen by reaching for a key on the keypad then pressing it.

"Type it here, please."

Paused, though, not unhinged Light types in the information as he speaks. "His name is Masukawa Naoto, age 28. Masukawa lives in a flat in a run down neighborhood in Ganjyu. He's a self employed exterminator." He again looks at the detective when the man moves over onto his side of the small couch to indulge his self in a piece of strawberry angel food cake set on a plate before him by a man dressed from head to toe to the point of being unable to see his face. Weird butler perhaps. "He says he has an AD. in the newspaper.

"That means he would have had to get a permit from the district of self business."

"Meaning his clients would have to sign a sheet stating they received service from him." Light finishes the mans thought.

"I'll have my men pull up the files from banking records of the customers checks he'd cashed." He hopes from the couch walking into the bedroom out of view.

The detective was gone for a while and in the meantime Light continued reading the information and typing in the missing parts; like the possibility of the man's bondage fetish and Light's new theory of him picking out a certain type of girl since he's never killed the entire roaster of dancers, just specific women. Deneueve returns to the living room hopping onto the couch returning to his place beside Light as close as he had been a while ago. Reading what information the younger male has typed he questions aloud.

"This makes me wonder if the perfume scent I smelled in the homes at the crime scene have anything to do with the victims themselves or is it just a means of stimulation for Red X."


"Well," Explaining. "the crime scenes had three major odors floating around. Blood, feces, and a strange perfume permeated to the pillows."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. But I've never smelled a scent like that one before."

"How did you pin it to Masukawa with nothing to go on but a whim?"

"Would you believe I've been dragging around a snippet of pillowcasing concealed inside a test tube?"

Light didn't have to answer for Deneuve to know that his answer is 'yes'.

"I took it around to the perfume shops in Tokyo for the clerks to smell; surely they could point me in the right direction. As it turns out, its a very old perfume that is no longer sold in Japan. Thanks to the clerks from one shop I found out the name of it is 'Forbidden', and after searching the net for shops that sell the perfume only one name came up." Pointing to the screen he then moves away from Light to have another bite of his sweet.

Reading the screen the teen says it out loud. "Beautiful Lady."

"Mm." Deneuve hums pleased with the taste of his life support. "Soon it will only be available online- that's what the shop owner told me but she gave us video footage of the man who purchased it."

"Masukawa!" Light sees the still shot of the store with the man inside. "Where is this store located?"

Finger on the mouse panel, Deneuve rolls the screen back up then reads. "Shibata."

~ @ ~ @ ~

Light couldn't believe it. The man named Cleaner is infact Masukawa Naoto; he knew it! Laying in his comfortable hotel bed after leaving the detectives room, Light does a little further thinking while waiting for sleep to take over. 'So he's been spraying perfume on these women before sleeping with them, but why? What significance does the fragrance have to him?' Closing his eyes he continues thinking. 'Deneuve believes that its some kind of sexual catalyst for Cleaner and because the male has tendencies to inflict the most damage to his victims hands that Cleaner may also be somewhat of a sadist towards something in his life making him do it. Control? Power?' His lids heavy. 'He took the head of the first victim, though, so what made her different from the others. And who could have killed Harada Ami if Cleaner didn't. Is there two killers?'

Deneuve reads over the information Light typed into his computer. The 16 year old is very knowledgable in the field of knowing to note only the most important of things about the case as supposed to a rookie who will take down anything he hears. Light will be a brilliant detective someday. Taking a drink of his coffee from a lovely tea cup he sets it back down onto the tiny plate then types in his notes. So far they know this much.

1. Red X/Cleaner is attracted to lap dancers at erotic clubs.

2. The man is a sadistic fetishist.

3. Though he owns his own business, Masukawa Naoto is rarely hired to exterminate anything so he's not exactly in a good financial place and when he does take jobs some or all of the money is spent on dances.

4. The man is good with lie detectors.

5. Masukawa isn't the usual killer type being 28 years old when they usually start in their middle 30's.

6. He claims that he might be gay because when he's alone with a woman he can't get an erection.

'Which brings us back to the types of women that attract the male's attention.' Typing his thoughts into the drafts composer in his computer, Deneuve thinks. 'X says he did not kill this woman Ami Harada, that he was offered sex with her, from her, and he agreed. X then states that when she made a move on him he could not get an erection.' His bare toes begin to wriggle a bit as he thought these facts over; his thumb comes up to his mouth. 'X couldn't get erect when Miss Harada offered sex to him but if he, indeed, believes that this is because he's a homosexual then why does he continue killing these women?'

"L?" Says an elderly man sitting across from the detective.

"Yes, Watari? Have you found the receits for the clinets of Masukawa?"

"It seems that the AD. Mr. Masukawa had put in the paper was removed shortly after due to the fact that he hadn't been getting any business." Says the man. "He only had five customers during that year then he was denied any more service and his licence was revoked."

"He must be getting money somehow; a person can't live off dreams."

"Perhaps the reason X has a home is because the places have been condemed for tearing down but the construction has been drastically postponed."

"Its very likely; so then where is he getting the money for everything else?" A cookie crumbles from his biting into it. "There was a case similar to this one in America; N worked on it, it was named 'The Green River Killer', he was very specific about victims as well."

"I remember something about that case, he was somewhat of a jealous man wishing for what he could not have."

"...Something he could not have... Watari, I know how to get X and once we do, we'll do whatever it takes to get a confession out of him." Closing his computer he climbs from the couch walking over to the large window. "We only need to bring him in."

The television is turned to low just as the man is speaking about another small spree of missing wallets and purses in Shibata.

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