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A.N: Sorry for the late update my computer was down but it should be alright now. Thank you for the vote whoever did that and Misswarchan thank you for the review. I think L makes anything interesting too. To answer your question my daaaling nope this is not obvious slash but I hint that they could and the two do share a kiss because I don't like doing straight couple stories ever if I can help it. I will be doing slash fics in the future though so no don't worry this one is just a simple detective story. I only have one other account and that's at but I can get a friend to put this at but I can tell you they kicked me out for my content ages ago I don't wanna get her in trouble. Enjoy the chapter. Fantasy


Deneuve paid Light an early visit, asking him down to the dining room for a quick meeting about the case. Light ordered a large cheese omlette and a side of grape fruit; Deneuve ordered a large bowl of fruit with whipped cream- a lot of whipped cream. The detective is busy making fruit kababs with his breakfast while Light finishes eating his.

Wiping his mouth with a napkin, the young detective finally asks. "What's this about? Did you see anything on the news last night?" Light cocks a brow when a stick loaded with fresh cut fruits is held out to him. Reluctantly he takes it, though, he sets it down on his empty plate.

"I stayed awake all night on my computer looking over information about the case."

Why was Light not surprised about the detective staying up through the night. Rolling his eyes he removes a piece of winter melon from the stick eating it.

"But if you're curious about any news of dead dancers turning up then the answer is that no deaths were reported in Shibata." After a thought he adds. "There were a few purse and wallet snatchings."

"Damn." Light voices. "Its wrong to think but I thought that Masukawa would have taken another victim, that would give us further evidence to the case but no one died...." Light sighs inwardly. 'Does it mean that he's stopped his killings, just like that- no, there are too many things pointing to him, Ami, the perfume store video of him buying a fragrance that was identified at many crime scenes; unless Masukawa has a twin that's doing all this he will kill again. Guys like him don't just give up after a while they keep going because its a pattern that they're following. We only need to figure it out to stop him.'

As if reading his thoughts Deneuve says. "I thought of something last night." Loading on more of the creamy white topping, his once colorful fruit kabab now looks more like a long marshmallow on a stick. Tilting his head back; conversation long forgotten, he lifts the fruit into the air ready to lower it down his throat like someone tht swallows fire or swords in a freak show.

Light watches for a moment until he realized that Deneuve planned to continue eating his, thoroughly played with, breakfast rather than finish his statement. So interrupting, Light says. "Deneuve."

Startled, the detective straightens his head then groans while withdrawing the fruit. "There are ways around the polygraph test; some people are actually stable enough to lie right to your face and the machine will have no reaction simply because if the speaker believes what he's saying then to the machine it is the truth."

"You don't think Masukawa was lying?"

"In a word, no. It would explain how the man can continually visit strip clubs, go into a room with a woman then claim that he's a homosexual."

Light thinks the mans words over then snickers. "I really had you pegged all wrong Deneuve. You're not a nervous pervert; you're a genius."

"Thank you, Light." He eats 3 pieces of cantaloupe from the stick, while chewing he has an after thought of Light's compliment. "A pervert?"

"We'll have to catch up to Cleaner in Shibata; I think the first place we should go is to 'Beautiful Lady', we can ask the clerk if Masukawa has been in yet, if not, we can stake-out the place until he comes in but if he's already been there we may be at another stand still until he kills again to pin his location."

Deneuve nods to Light's plan waiting until he's swallowed another bite he took. "I think that we should lure X to us in Tokyo and in the meantime, we'll interview the parents, lovers, and friends of the victims to get a better understanding of the types of women this killer is after."

"That's good enough in thought, but how can we get Cleaner to come to us? The guy probably doesn't own a cell phone when he barely owns a house."

"You're right, it will be tough getting the mans attention but I think that with enough advertizement, television" He examples. "flyers, radio announcements... he's bound to return to Tokyo to check out the new dancer." He finishes his coffee. "He may already be on his way back to Tokyo as we speak."

"How do you figure that? Masukawa could buy his stimulant then move on to another location granted he doesn't just kill in Shibata."

"I believe that X's killing is methodical, for him to get off he needs the victims bound, the perfume is to further stimulate what ever fantasy he's got going through his mind with the scent from there he'll return to the last thing he was doing until the task gets done." Slipping his feet back into his sneakers, left under the table after being removed, Deneuve stands then continues speaking as he walks off; Light follows. "You see with X, I believe this is all very new to him which is why when being questioned he's able to lie. Its human nature for normal people to block out negative things they've done when another part of them believes that what they're doing is for a good reason. Humans fear- fear, which takes the form of consequence of their bad actions so if they say they did not do it than with crossed fingers and blind eyes it has not been done."

"I see what you're getting at, but how can you be so sure that once we catch Cleaner he won't just get off on the techniquality of not remembering." Light grabs Deneuve's shoulder. "He might go for an insanity plea."

"No, Light, he will remember and then we'll have our confession; which is why we're going to interview the families. We'll then ensure that X can't manage to lie his way through interrogation by getting him drunk."

"Drunk?" Light follows Deneuve to the elevator getting on with him. 'What? Is he planning on being Masukawa's drinking buddy at the club? If only I were old enough to get in there.' Glancing at his blind side, Light is startled to see that the male is watching him very closely. Blinking, brows knit together, Light asks with an agitated tone. "Whaat?"

"You'll need a fake I.D., I think you could pass for twenty one." He adds more to himself. "The dark lighting should be a big help."

"Its good that you've said that, trapping Masukawa will be easier with both of us at the club."

"I agree."

The elevator doors open and the two men step off walking down the hall to Deneuve's room.

"I'll have my assistant make an I.D. for you tonight, in the meantime we have to locate the families of the victims before we leave Chiba."

The two walk into the room taking seats on opposite couches, Deneuve in the arm chair, Light in the loveseat. The older detective opens his electronic notebook pulling up the internet search. Light was about to ask what it is that he can do when the man, whose name he has yet to learn, asks him to join him in the bedroom for a moment. Deneuve eyes the males departure to the next room where a camera and white sheeted wall await the younger male. Two flashes go off before Light exits the room rubbing at his eyes a bit.

Walking up behind Deneuve he looks over the males shoulder at the screen. "Have you found any names yet?"

Turning his eyes to glance at the male, though, he can't see Light the dark haired male replies. "Just two so far, the first victim, Hana Takata and an other, Ami Harada." A brief pause the male then says rather off-handed. "Maybe Light would like to relax for a while, that hot tub in the bedroom is really soothing on aching muscles."

"I'm in no mood to relax during an investigation, not to mention the last thing I wanna do is remove my clothes with you and a man I barely know in the room."

Turning his gaze up at the ceiling the detective says absently. "You consider my assistant a stranger but your only comment towards me is the objection to removing your clothes."


Looking down he smiles. "That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me."

Glaring, Light comments snidely. "Stop swooning, I only meant that I want to be of some use."

"Well, there's really nothing for you to do right now, so perhaps you'd instead like to return to your room until we leave for the train station."

Annoyed that he's being told to leave the room like he were a useless child; Light, though, agrees. "Fine. But I'm only going so I can pack my things; I'll watch the news for any updates on Cleaner too."

Deneuve types and scroll as if he hadn't heard a word Light said.

'This guy...' He exits the room. 'I may respect his detective skill, but if this case doesn't end soon I might just have to lose myself and give in to giving that guy a black eye.'

~ @ ~ @ ~

'12:40.' Light notes when glancing at the clock on the wall. 'When is he going to call?' Attention back on the television he snaps up his phone when it rings. "Hello? Deneuve?"

"No. Its me, Light."

"Dad? What's going on?"

"Your mother wanted me to call and see if you're all right. Deneuve, you said, the world's second greatest detective?" The man wondered. "Why would you be expecting a call from him?"

'Looks like my cover is blown, he should know anyway, incase we need back up later.' Muting the television Light straightens his posture. "Dad, sorry but I lied before when I said that I was taking a trip with my friends."

"You lied? But why, where are you?"

"I've actually been working on case 9812."

"98... The Cleaner? But Light-.."

"I know, its foolish to look into a cold case but Dad, Cleaner started killing again in Tokyo and we, Deneuve and I, spotted Masukawa at the train station in Tokyo heading to Shibata."

"Masukawa Naoto!?"

"I suspected him of being Cleaner, some of the things he said when being held for questioning just seemed like a lie and I wasn't the only one to think that." He goes on explaining. "The police here in Tokyo assigned detective Deneuve to the case and that's how we ended up working the case together. We met on the train and kind of got stuck in Chiba."

"This is unbelieveble, Light. Are you really so certain that Masukawa is The Cleaner?"

Light's phone beeps to let him know there's another call coming in. "I do and with my notes combined with Deneuve's we've devised a plan to catch him. But first we're gonna interview some of the victims families and friends, lovers- he has a fax so I'll send the other addresses to you so you can interview them as well. Deneuve and I could really use your help, Dad."

"Alright, Light, I'll do what I can but you be careful."

"You know that I will." He put on a soft tone. "I've got another call, so I have to go."

"Alright. See you when you get home."

"You too. Say hi to mom and Sayu for me."

"I will. Good bye."

"Bye." Hanging up he presses line 2 and as calmly as the 16 year old can- due to still being irritated about being sent away before, he says. "When do we leave?"

"Early. I'll come to get you at the time."

"Okay." Light would have said more but a knock at the door distracts him a moment; ignoring it he continues with what he was saying. "My dad called, I told him that I'm still working on the case and that he can help us with interviews; all we need to do is fax him the addresses. Do you have them?" Again he glances at the door, distracted by the knocks.

"Very well, Light. I'll have my assistant do that once he's done with your I.D." Sighing, the man says calmly. "Now will you open the door, I'm beginning the think that you're ignoring me."

"Hmm?" Getting off the bed, Light crosses the room to the door. Looking through the peep hole he sees the mans rimmed eyes through the fish lense looking back at him. Eyes scrunching, the younger male opens the door giving his guest a look of pure loath. "Why didn't you just say you were standing in the hall."

"Well that wouldn't have been any fun now would it." He hangs up his cell. "One of the families, the Shihara's, lives here in Chiba. We'll be seeing them first, as soon as you're ready to go."

"Let me get my notebook."

"Okay." Drawls the detective waiting at the entry of the room, bored posture, hands in his pockets; reminding Light of a child waiting to pick up attendance sheets from the teacher.

"Let's go." Closing the door f his hotel room; the two men head for the elevator.

Down to the lobby they head, going into the hotel's parking lot they climb into the town car; Deneuve taking the wheel. This was new for Light to see, the male actually sitting normally for a change. Since he's known him Deneuve's always had his feet up in the seat of this chair and that. Noticing Light's watching him the male starts the car pulling out of the lot and onto the road.

"Is something the matter?" He asks curiously.

"Its nothing, I'm just not used to seeing you sitting normally, that's all."

Raising his brows, the male turns his attention back to the road. "Mm." Is his response.

Smiling, Light can't help but watch the male's awkward posture of slightly slumped over the wheel, like an elderly person. "...How old are you?" Light asks to keep his laughter back so he doesn't insult the man.

"How old do you think I am?"

"Hmm.... judging by the deprevation under your eyes I'd say you're at least thirty six to have them as dark as they are."

Deneuve only glances at Light then keeps his depraved eyes on the road.

"But seeing the rest of your face I'd have to subtract some and say around twenty six, give or take a year. Am I right?"

"Light can guess any age he likes to be mine; if it will amuse him during the long trip, but he will not be correct without my telling him so."

Looking at him side-long Light says in a dull tone. "Has anyone ever told you that you're not easy to get along with?"


The house is so white it can blind the sun in its own reflection; the lawn is beautifully kept and there are many types of flowers lining the edge of the flat home. The owner of the home, a woman with bright red hair and sleepy black eyes, looks at Light smiling politely but when her eyes come upon detective Deneuve she sags a bit in expression not sure what to make of the unique foreign face. Coming out of the same stupor Light found his self in the first time he saw the detective, she greets them. "H- hello."

"Hello. We're here to discuss your daughter, Riona Shihara; I'm with the N.P.A of Yokohama, my name is Yagami Light."

"I'm detective Mathiu Deneuve with the Tokyo police."

"Two different bureau's? I don't understand."

"We're sort of working under cover together. May we come in?" Asks the Yagami boy.

Unsure, the woman is reluctant to let them into her home. Seeing this, Deneuve digs into his pocket pulling out identification cards. "Here you are Mrs. Shihara, and if you'd like you can call the station to check me out."

The woman looks over the card handing it back when she was sure that it is legit. "No. I believe you, please come in." Stepping aside she lets them into her home. Walking through the living room she takes them into the kitchen. "Please sit."

"Thank you." Light says.

"So, what is it that you'd like to know?"

Deneuve speaks up first. "We want to ask you a few questions about your daughter, her job, things of that nature."


"Please be truthful with your answers." He draws in a breath letting out while saying very knowingly. "Don't lie in order to protect her reputation."

Astounded, the woman nearly throws him out, but Light pipes up to say. "I'm sorry, he needs people skills. Just don't mind him."

"I'll try not to." She glares hard.

Deneuve, unphased by it all asks her rapid questions. "Have you ever been to the club where your daughter works to pick her up? If so, would you say she's flirtatious without intentions of dates? Has she tried out routines on your husband? Or perhaps her boyfriend?"

"Deneuve." Light warns. "What he means to say is, when did Riona start working?"

Mrs. Shihara, clearly upset and hurt by Deneuve's blunt and fresh questions, answers Light with sadness in her voice. "She began dancing six years ago when she turned nineteen."

"I see," Replies Light. "And since then have you two kept in touch? I know that jobs like that aren't the most respectable and sometimes causes strain in the family; but if she's kept in touch has she ever complained of any customers in particular that maybe showed a little too much interest in her or touched her excessively?"

Mrs. Shihara thinks over the question. "Sometimes she'd tell me about men that touch her but she's never mentioned any one man coming back."

Light nods.

"Then may I ask you about her private life?" Deneuve speaks up feeling Light's questions as getting them nowhere.

Tone changed to a bit uptight she replies. "If I can."

"Did your daughter have a boyfriend?"


"And did he knows about her job?"


"Would you say her boyfriend was upset about it or did she meet him during business hours?"

"No. She's been dating Tiko since school." Thinking about the other question she answers. "And as far as being jealous, he never seemed to care, though, he did once say that she should quit if she doesn't like that the men are breaking the rules and touching her sometimes. So unless they've spoken privately, that's been the only matter brought up about it."

"That's very interesting." He plays on his bottom lip with his thumb. "And what about your husband?"

"Kai never liked what our daughter chose as a profession but he's respected her wishes... Can I ask why you're asking me something like that?" Clearly offended again.

"Because Mrs. Shihara these questions are important for the reason of motive. There's a very sick man killing women and its necessary we find out why. Did someone hire him or is he simply working for his own reasons?" Taking in a breath he finishes. "We want to find your daughters killer and to do that we have to ask questions."

Casting Deneuve a side long glance, Light thinks. 'Even when he's being nice it still sounds as though he's looking down his nose at everyone.'

"I understand." Replies the woman though she sounds as if she's on the verge of tears.

"That's all we need thank you Mrs. Shihara."

"You're welcome."

Light stands to leave.

"Hold on a moment, Light. Mrs. Shihara, what kind of personality was your daughter Riona? Quiet or outgoing?"

"Riona was very outgoing, she loved having fun and had many friends at school and over at the house when growing up here. My daughter was also very talkative because she just genuinely enjoyed people."

"Any of them older men?"

She thinks. "Not that I know of."

"Mm." He intones thoughtfully. "Thank you for your time ma'am."

He and Light leave the comfortable home climbing into the town car they took on the way over.

"You should really work on your people skills. Not everyone responds well to verbal brutality." Light argues while pulling his seatbelt over his chest.

"I was only asking what was necessary, not trying to sweet talk and make friends with the victims families."

"I'm not either; I'm only saying that people respond better to kindness."

"I'll keep that in mind when we question the Takata's in Tokyo." He flips the lever for the turn signal.

"Somehow I'm not convinced by that." Responds Light. "Maybe I should do the questioning from now on."

"Perhaps Light is trying to pay me back for sending him out of the room earlier because, at the time, I didn't need his help."

"Its not that at all." Although it kind of would get him back for it. "I just don't think that your methods for questioning are correct. How would you feel if your girlfriend or daughter was a dancer and someone acussed you of being jealous enough to hire a hitman?"

Deneuve thought about that for a minute then replies. "I'd be insulted and no doubt turn on the police force seeing them all as brutes with no souls."

"Than why do you do it?" Asks Light.

"Because they're necessary questions."

Having had enough for the day, Light unfastens his seatbelt. "Pull over, I'm getting out."

Deneuve continues to drive on.

"Did you hear me?"

"Yes. I think that you should at least be dropped off at the hotel rather than the middle of the street in a place you've never really been before- don't you?"

'Now he shows compassion?' Light keeps back a scorning glare, re-fastening his seatbelt. "Fine. But after this I work alone."

Voice sounding very indifferent Deneuve replies. "If that is what Light wishes, than I won't stop you."


".....I do think its a shame, though, we seemed like a real team, Light."

Light would have argued to that opinion but he didn't have the strength; he just wants out. When the two reached the hotel they checked into their rooms and out leaving for the train station, sitting as far away from the other as the seats would allow.

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