After Hours: Untouchables

BY : Resting-Madness
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Light is back in Tokyo after looking into two of the victims relatives. One of the women, Manga Go, is what brought him back among other reasons. The girl lived with her grandmother since she was 14 when her parents died in a car accident. Manga was like the other victims: outgoing and carefree; Light plans to visit the club that Cleaner targetted here in Tokyo so he can asks the girls about one an others personalities; its common knowledge that when a man speaks to a woman she'll more often than not lie to make herself seem more appealing, even if he were to tell them to be truthful because its for the case. That night he spoke with them the first time, though under aged, he could hear in their tones that the women were flirting with him, so asking each girl about the other seems to be the better option. Turning on the television, Light makes a quick check in with his dad to compare notes of all the personalities. They were all described the same: outgoing, friendly, talkative, not a one of them were a quiet or shy person. If Light had to form an opinion he'd have to say thats Cleaner's dream girl and for him all these other women are close to that so he gets to be with her all over again.

'I wonder what Deneuve's notes look like; is he thinking the same way that I am?' Light flips through the channels to get to the news, since the channels shift from region or district. 'Its pretty obvious the answer to that question is, yes. He and I have been step for step from the start, it was childish of me to let him get to me as he did.' Looking at his cell phone Light ponders calling the man and telling him how foolish it was that they fight when an investigation is going on, that they should work together until its seen to the end but Deneuve looked put out when he watched him leaving, almost cold; Light's sure he is the last person the detective wants to see. 'And I'll bet he's immature enough to hold a grudge.' Light stops flipping channels when a commercial with a flashy looking woman catches his eye.

"She's every mans fantasy." The voice over says. "Beautiful, playful- an outgoing woman that doesn't just please she over-exceeds your every wish and desire."

The camera traces up the body of a lovely, petite woman; her pale skin shows beautifully against the black backdrop, her dark hair is peppered with little shimmering diamonds. The woman giggles and blows a kiss at the camera that whirlwinds a cluster of the same diamonds in her hair around in the air sparkling around her.

"Diamonds may be a girls best friend but this diamond wants to be all yours." Again the girl giggles. "Let diamond be the one for you at club 'Pulse' so that our private dancer can slide her way around your little finger."

Light had seen enough when the woman let her fingers slide below the belt to her-... 'That must be the commercial Deneuve was talking about.' Thinks the male. 'I have to admit that its pretty effective; and that he mentioned the details of the womans personality he really is up to speed with me.' Looking beside the phone in the hotel room he eyes his I.D. card Deneuve's assistant gave to him, wondering if Cleaner has been to the club yet. 'Tonight I'll go there to look for him; this fake I.D. should really come in handy for me if the bouncer believes that I'm twenty one.' He walks over to the phone picking up the piece of plastic. "I wonder if Deneuve will be there or will he watch from the sidelines and wait?" Laying the card back down on the table top Light turns off the television then leaves the bed to get dressed for the club. He's not entirely sure his attire will fit among the adults that visit the place but he should fair all right if he lays low. 'I'd better call a cab service.'

~ @ ~ @ ~

Bringing over a cart filled with cakes and cookies, candy created fruits, Watari is surprised to see Deneuve standing outside the on large balcony, gazing down at the city. He's never seen the dear boy so down- not even when he'd first found him in the horrible orphanage so many years ago. Water knows that the reason for this sudden onslaught of sadness is because of the Yagami boy. The detective is always truly happy when in his element moreso when he's doing it with someone on equal terms as his self; for so long its been him and Deneuve and that was all he needed but now... well, now there's Light.

Watching the mans reflection in the glass, Deneuve says melodically. "Is Naomi ready? The club agreed to have her work a room tonight and I know that may be our last chance to catch X."

"Miss Misora has dressed and gone to the club already. She also told me to tell you that she's been shopping and walking the streets during the evening to attract attention."

"Sounds very thorough. I'm sure we'll catch our man."

Wary of the mans mood, Watari sighs in sympathy for his friend. "....I'm sure he'll come around, D'." He consoles.

"Who will?"

He knows Deneuve is only hiding his feelings, Watari can only hope this will all pass easily and his long time friend will be his usual self once they return to England. "I'll bring the car around."

The elderly man leaves the room; Deneuve nibbles on his thumb nail.


All the amorously driven men in Tokyo must have showed up tonight for their peek at the new private dancer named diamond; the line must have been long enough to wrap around the building three times! Naomi is waiting in her room for Deneuve to enter they've gone over the plan earlier that afternoon when she arrived from the U.S., she's been over there working on a special case for an other famous detective known only as L. Luckily for Deneuve she finished up to be able to help them. She had to admit, though, of all the undercover jobs she's done, posing as an adult entertainer was the most out there job by far. Naomi looks her attire over: fishnet stockings that rise all the way up to her boostie that fastens it together. Her hot shorts are so small the belt she has wrapped around her waist provides more cover. The boots go up to her knees where she's tucked a small flail whip, and of course she has small diamonds clipped to fishnets here and there and also tons of them in her hair. Naomi knew about the case before arriving and on the side took a few classes so her dances are believeble. Due to the commercial that's been airing on television, radio commercials and posters Naomi expects a lot of business.

"Here's your first customer, Diamond." Says the undercover cop posing as a body guard. "Have fun."

"I'm sure I will." Naomi says in a bubbly tone keeping her cover.

Her first customer walks in with a huge grin across his thin face.

Outside Deneuve spots Masukawa in the line to get into the club. He has been waiting in his town car down a ways the place; binoculars up to his eyes waiting for the suspect to show. Lowering the binoculars Deneuve climbs out of the car heading for the club entrance; Miss Misora isn't the only one with a script tonight, he's going to pose as a customer and make sure the man stays in the right direction. If what he believes is true than chances are Masukawa will attempt to shut off his murderous intentions by playing the homosexual card and he can't let that happen; this man has killed too many women, but tonight is his last day of freedom. Detective Deneuve stumbles into line being sure to bump into Masukawa.

"Excuse me." He says in english.

"That is o-kay." The man says in shaky english.

Smiling at that Deneuve says in the native tongue of the land. "I'm really excited. This is my first time in a place like this."

Taking a step forward as the line moves Masukawa replies to that with. "Oh? Have fun then."

"I'm sure I will."

The two men quiet down moving as the line does. Cars go by noisily, slowing down a bit to eye the electric sign on the top of the building.

Striking up conversation again, Deneuve says. "So how many times is this for you?"

"About... I don't know, five."

"Five? That's a lot of times for one person. It must really be exciting in there." He keeps his tone very buddy-buddy.

"It is." The man says in a very plain tone.

"Five times," Deneuve presses. "Are the woman beautiful?"

"Yeah. Y-eah... y- you could say that."

"The women on stage, they really bare it all don't they?"

Masukawa glances at the man, a blush on his cheeks. "I wouldn't know, I've never seen the shows before."

"No?! Well, what about the waitresses, do they really give you lap dances right out in the open?"

"I'm usually in the back hall waiting for a lap dance. I'm hardly ever in the main room."

"Seriously?" Deneuve looks over his shoulder then back at Masukawa. "How's about you and I hang out together once we get inside? That way I won't be alone on my first time and you can experience the fun of those stage shows and things. What d'ya say?"

Masukawa looked on the verge of a panic attack. "I-.. I really do- don't think that's such a good idea."

"Why not? Aren't you curious?" Deneuve looks at Masukawa as though he could see through the mans very soul. Masukawa, on the other hand, couldn't take his eyes off the poster of the very sexy new dancer Diamond that he may miss out on if the night goes on like this for much longer. The man only has one goal in mind tonight and that was to get a dance from the beautiful woman but as the door came into view and his I.D. is checked he realizes his dreams are going to remain just that because of the weird guy in the line up dragging him through the doors to a stool near the stage.

"Uh, I'd rather not-..." Protest Masukawa as he's plunked down over the stool; Deneuve sitting beside him. The man threw looks over his shoulder towards the hall entrance where the lap dancers dwell. Bad enough the new woman might be booked until closing but chances were he'd miss out all together because he got stuck babysitting this first-timmer. "We really should sign up if we're going to get a dance."

"What's the rush? Don't tell me you're thinking about getting a dance from that woman on the poster? She might be booked right up until the place closes. You'd never be lucky enough to see her after hours."

Masukawa made a weird face that shifted quickly to frightened, right before aggitation shows clear but his eyes are lowered to his lap rather than the annoying man. "You may be right."

"Would eiher of you men like a drink?" Asks a curvy woman with black eyes and hair; her red lips sparkle from the glitter gloss upon her lips, the uniform is a revealing mini-skirt that shows off her butt cheeks and a top that's far too tight has been cut so high up the plump underside of her large breast peek out generously.

Deneuve gaped as any spectator would, Masukawa barely looked at her beyond the offer for a drink.

"Yes, thank you." Deneuve takes a mug filled with a dark beer. "Would you like one? Its on me." He asks Masukawa.

"No. But thank you."

With a shrug the detective says. "Suit yourself." Taking out a five and six ones from his wallet Deneuve slips the money into the waistband of the waitress' skirt.

"Thanks cutie." She touches Deneuve's shoulder running her fingers across it to Masukawa's rod of a back.

The man visibly shivvered from that; it does not go unnoticed by Deneuve's watchful eyes.

'Then its true, Masukawa's murderous intent is brought on by seeing women in a harmful light. That's why Ami Harada wasn't raped, she was willing to have sex with him whereas the other women weren't.' He draws in a breath, thumb coming up to his lips as he eyes the male from a side-long glance. 'Unfortunately it doesn't explain who killed her if X did not.'

A man wearing a black shirt and slacks takes a small podium next to the stage. "Tonights entertainment is going to be provided by our beautiful Miss Cherry!" He says into a microphone.

A long purple curtain lifts revealing a silver pole; the men already start to cheer but they nearly fall out of their seat when a thin blonde with pink colored lips steps onto stage in practically nothing. The crowd keep their eyes glued to the graceful dance, everyone except Masukawa who seems more interested in the lights lining the runway of the stage and he continues to figit beside the detective. He looked on the verge of sick, really.

"Are you all right? You look pale?" Comments Deneuve.

"I just... I just think that I might be having second thoughts."

"About what?"

"About this; I really just wanted to get a dance and go home for to- tonight."

Deneuve makes a thoughtful sound in his throat. Its time to up the stakes. "I sort of know what you mean."

"You do?"

Nodding, he says casually. "Can I confess something to you?"

"U- um." The man would really rather this odd-ball go home.

"I'd like to forget about my boyfriend, he's just far too attached to me, and I'd rather just keep it to playful encounters."

Masukawa nods then plays back what the man just said. "But if you're gay then what are you doing in a place like this?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Deneuve comments slyly. "Here I can cater to my amorous ways by fantasizing that they're men and also my boyfriend would never look for me in here."

"That's a lot of trouble just to avoid someone," Replies the male. "couldn't you just break up with him?"

"Truthfully," Deneuve removes the woman, Cherry's bra from his head. "the fact that he disapproves really gets me off, ya know?"

"I think I do." Stutters stop as he seems more interested.

"You can say I've always been driven by the idea of being watched while having sex... thinking that my boyfriend might have followed me is spying just makes me..." He trails off closing his eyes as though he were struck too hard by his own fantasy. "Do you know what I mean?"

"Sort of, I guess."

The dancer crawls across the stage licking the man seated beside the frightened Masukawa.

"Yeah baby- shake those jugs-o-yers!" The moistened male calls out.

And like any good crows pleaser the woman bounces her boobs causing the frills hanging from the pasties covering her nipples to whirl around in circles. Cheri giggles when the men reach for them or her waistband planning to slip some bills into it.

"Uh-oh everyone!" Says the announcer. "Looks like Phire couldn't wait her turn!!"

That was what defined the night for the men, when the new girl pushing Cherry onto her hands and knees and, getting behind her, she pretends to ride her as though she were a man.

"You seem to really like the backrooms," He says as though he's nothing more then curious. "Now there's something I never understood, out here are all of these willing women who'll let you touch them, but in there it seems all hands off or they say something like 'you know the rules', its a hassle for my wandering hands."

"Sometimes its hard, but other times its easy." Replies Masukawa.

Deneuve smiles hearing this, it encourages him to further poke the bear. "I sometimes fantasize about it though, getting into a full sexual encounter in one of those rooms. The woman would see me and be overcome with herself."

Masukawa laughs at that prospect seeing as the male looks as though he's very to drop from exhaustion; grabbing a glass of beer from a woman going by, leaning the glass to his lips he tips the glass back tilting his head back as well to take a nice long chug. Lowering the mug, he says very casually. "I could tell you about my fantasies..." He trails off.

"We're friends, you can tell me anything." Deneuve leans in a bit more, his sleepless eyes widening. "And no one will know beyond m-..." He's cut off.

Jerking Deneuve away from the table. "Excuse us." Light growls to Masukawa while man-handling the detective from his seat. Dragging him across the filled room to corner.

'Right on time, Light. I knew I could count on you.' Thinks the detective.

Slamming the detective into a corner wall of the room Light pins Deneuve to it by holding him at his wrist; Deneuve's arms are down at his sides. "What are you doing? This is your big plan, to galvanize Cleaner while getting yourself drunk?" Barks Light.

"I'm not drunk." Reports the assalted in a low voice. Glancing around Light over to the suspect Deneuve says quickly moving in as he does so. "Forgive me, Light."

"Forgive you? You'll be lucky if you haven't ruined the-..." Cut off as Deneuve lunged forward his eyes widen when the realization of what's going on sinks in.

The sudden intrussion of personal space kept Light from shoving away from Deneuve so the grip on the males wrist tightens in hopes that he'll take the hint and stop so that the paralysis of his body can be dispelled; it wasn't easy to gain enough control to further the grip either with the dark haired males lips so firm against his own, capturing Light's senses with every breath stolen from the brief partings their mouths take for air. And Light couldn't be sure if it were the taste of sweet and beer on the mans breath or the simple fact that its been a while since being in his presence and Deneuve's ability to be overwhelming in such an odd package but he found himself kissing back- if only to not be outdone by the male; mouth parted, head tilted Light opens the males mouth with his tongue for a further taste of the strange chocolate and vanilla alcohol married to the males taste buds and Heaven help him if he if he didn't press himself against the male getting a return in sought out warmth. It was the pleasured sound from Deneuve's mouth that brought Light out of the seven minute trance and pulling away he releases his captive. Suddenly enraged, Light slugs the male on his right cheek.

Hand to said cheek, Deneuve growls in annoyance having anticipated some sort of action like this but not upon his face he raises his fist to hit the male back but its pinned over head, his chin grabbed by Light's free hand and seconds later his mouth is reclaimed this time on Light's demand. Upperhand his, the Yagami male wastes no time having his tongue seek the new shelter it found so much so that he didn't mind it when Deneuve's hand slipped under his shirt to wrap around his waste, his thumb stroking Light's lower back. Its too heady, and weird.... way too weird and-...

"Ow!" Lower lip bitten Light pulls away. "What's your problem?!" Light went from angry to confused then angry again, mostly because Deneuve looked so damned innocent looking up at him through those wind swept bangs. Leaning in close he snarls. "I should have known you were up to something the moment we met. You're disgusting."

Just when Deneuve thinks that Light is going to retaliate and bite him back the male is torn from him and knocked to the floor by a punch to the gut from Masukawa. Shocked he looks to the male whose suddenly got him by the arm. "Grow up, prick!" Shouts the man before dragging Deneuve off.

Getting up from the floor, hand to his gut Light wonders outloud. "What the hell is going on?"

The rusted gray car travels quickly along the streets towards who knows where but all Deneuve could do is think of what happens next. He honestly hadn't thought that Masukawa would abduct him. But Light was perfect, he gave just enough and put just enough out. Only, Masukawa was supposed to get excited and take of with intentions of returning for Naomi since he missed his chance of getting a dance from her.

'I'll have to find a way to get out of this without running him off.' Thinks the male, thumb coming up to his mouth, legs bending to allow his feet access to the seat beneath him.

Masukawa looks at Deneuve in that helpless position; the males dark hair furthering his sweet and helpless look. The man licked his lips. 'Such beauty.' He wished he could reach out and touch the male along that bruised cheek. 'Calm down, he's a guy.' Masukawa clears his throat. "Was that the guy- your boyfriend?"

'Yes." Deneuve answered without a thought to it.

"He must have followed you there; are you alright?"

"Frightened, if nothing else." He lied easily. Knowing the mans strong urges of paraphallia beleiving that he, Deneuve, was helpless against Light will really bring out the mans true nature. Reaching into his pocket he presses the speed dial on his phone, once sliding it free. Watari is instantly phoned and the elderly male picks up; having not heard a greeting from the detective he remains silent listening in on the odd sound from the other end.

"You don't have to worry, your boyfriend won't find you where I'm taking you."

Deneuve spared the suspect a glance while continuing to think; Watari will track him from his cell phone so he won't be with the man for very long; in the meantime, he has to think of another way to get a solid confession, or some evidence that will stick to have Red X put where he belongs. "Honestly, I could use a good shower and rest for tonight." Deneuve states in a flat tone.

"I can arrange that. If you don't mind coming back to my place."

Eyes fixed on the scenery Deneuve says. "Yes, that's fine."

Masukawa speeds up but not by much, he's taking the detective to a dark part of the city where the street lights don't reach. The places look half finished for one thing: mostly done roofing, cracked doors and windowless windows with cheap board put up, but there are a few lights on in some of the houses so it must be the slums of Tokyo. The driver pulls the car into the grass putting it in park at the last home in the row of houses. It would figure. The two men leave the car and enter the home.

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