After Hours: Untouchables

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Masukawa lifts the handle on the front door with his left hand while his right palm presses onto the door itself, shoulder bared, he slams into it to get it to pop open; laughing shyly at how embarrassing it is to live in such a poor state, although, his friend looks no better off. "After you." He says gesturing a hand through the door.

"Heeey, nice place." Deneuve says, looking around. "Roomy. You live here alone?"

"Yeah. Let me get a light on." He walks inside flipping up the light switch.

It took a moment but after two flickers the light stays on further lighting the once only dimly lit room. Looking around, Deneuve sees a ragged couch against the wall, fluff and string sticking up from it. The piece of furniture clearly was taken from either the dump or perhaps the side of the street by one of the other people that dwell in the practically non-existant homes judging by the smell of it. A counter of sorts divides the small living room into a square little kitchen area of broken cabinets and hole-flecked drawers. Deneuve can only assume that the dark entry way across from the front doors is the bed room.

"Can you come into the kitchen first, looks like your boyfriend cut your cheek when he hit you." He points. "I wanna clean it up for you."

"Sure, thanks." He follows Masukawa into the kitchen.

The suspect reaches under the sink cabinet retrieving a small greenish tin that reads first-aid in marker. Opening it Masukawa tilts a cleaning solution onto a cotton swab then dabs it to the small cut on Deneuve's cheek. "This should help you feel better, uh-.. you know what? I never got your name."

"Dominic Shea. What's yours?" He lied easily.

"Masukawa Naoto, or I should say Naoto Masukawa." He says flirtatiously using his name in western fashion the same way the cute helpless male said his own. Putting down the swab, he then peels open a large square bandage almost the color of his drinking buddies complexion.

"Thanks. I really do appreciate what you're doing for me, even though you barely know me."

"I feel that you'd do the same for me." The man smiles. "The shower is this way, in the bedroom."

"Alright." Deneuve follows the man's lead. "You have quite a few scrapes on your arms, are you really clumsy or something?"

Masukawa laughs. "Something like that; I honestly think I'm attacking myself in my sleep, because they usually come out of nowhere."

'Out of nowhere hm? Or could they be from the victims scratching you before you manage to tie them up.'

"Right through here." He turns on the light. "You'll find everything you'll need in there- do you like tea?"

"Yeah, I'll take a cup, thank you." He walks into the bathroom closing the door with a solid thud.

Masukawa stares at the door as if he can see through it with x-ray eyes; lifting a hand it trembles at the thoughts running through his head. Breathing in deeply he forces his hand down at his side then exits the bedroom to give the man his privacy.

4 4 4 4

"Hey! Hey!?" Light bangs on the door bursting through it when it's cracked to allow him in. Not knowing what to address the man as, is he Deneuve's butler, friend, an undercover agent- he's unsure. So, he can only go right into what needs to be said. "Deneuve's been-..."

"Yes," The elderly butler says cutting him off. "Deneuve phoned me ten minutes ago; I've been monitoring Masukawa's movements via satelite from Deneuve's cell phone."

"And you're still here?! Why aren't you out there helping him? Did you alert the police?" The teen looks over the elderly man's calm appearance.

Watari's in black slacks, a black turtle neck shirt and over that is a thick vest, that Light can only assume is bullet proof. "Mr. Yagami, detective Deneuve is fully capable of taking care of himself; as for the reason that I'm still here is that I was waiting on you."

"Waiting on me? You could have called from the car on your way there. Let's go." Light heads for the door having to wait for the man who is closing up a padded brief case that holds a gun and its attachtments within it.

"Ready to go?" Watari comes to the door.

"I don't know what the laws are where you're from, but civilians aren't allowed to carry guns in Japan." Informs Light. "Besides, if Deneuve can take care of himself what do you need that for?" He leaves the room with Watari.

"What I said is true, Mr. Yagami, the detective can take care of himself but this is a special type of gun, it only fires tranquilizers."

Light wasn't sure if the law says anything about that, so he let the matter go. Leaving the building they then climb into the car once they've hurried to it and they're swiftly on their way to wherever the killer has taken Deneuve. Whilst inside, Light is given a vest as well and he slips it on; his seatbelt coming across it after its secured.


Deneuve turned on the shower water but does not get in; he hoped that he'd have the luck of Masukawa leaving him alone in the bedroom. The door cracked, he peeks out at the bedroom. Empty. Perfect. Sliding from the bathroom the undercover detective heads for the bedroom door taking a listen to the other side. There is silence, at first, then sounds of Masukawa moving around in the kitchen. It sounds as though the suspect is washing dishes due to the clanking of plates- maybe cups and the steady stream of water. The water turns off; Masukawa is on the move, his heavy steps pace their way to the front door. Deneuve's luck seems to be getting better because Masukawa walks out the front door closing it securely after his departure. For most captives now would be the time to make a run for it, but Deneuve isn't most captives; for one thing, and for two, he's sure that Masukawa won't try anything since he's a guy and the killer in the man seems drawn solely to women. Turning his attention back to the room he looks around for something incriminating, like a piece of jewelry or item of clothing from one of the girls or even the first victims head. Lugging a suitcase from under the bed, he hoists it up to sit on top of the ultra spring-bare mattress. Deneuve pops the latches open shoving the lid back.

'3 pairs of clothing and... wallets? What would Masukawa be doing with so many? Other identities, perhaps?' Head cocked he lifts a wallet from the case by a pinch to avoid contaminating the evidence, then he opens it with his free hand. 'Hm? Ran Nishibe...' Putting it back he takes out another. 'Satoru Tominaga.' Looking at another two he's seen enough and closes the case placing it back beneath the bed. 'They're clearly not alias' which can only mean the way that Masukawa has been paying for his trips and perfume fixes is by stealing wallets from people on the streets... that explains the reason the news had so many thefts here and there. It makes sense, the man has no income.' Hearing the front door forced open he dashes back to the bathroom; dipping his head under the spray of water so that his hair gets nice and wet before he pulls back to bring a towel to it.

Pressing his ear to the door of the bedroom Masukawa hears that the water had turned off so he knocks on the bedroom door. "Mr. Shea, are you decent?"

Leaving the bathroom, Deneuve opens the bedroom door. "I only need to finish drying my hair. Is the tea ready?"

"I haven't made it yet; is barley alright? I borrowed some from the neighbor- it was all she had."

'I detest barley.' Thinks the detective putting on a false smile. "Yes, its one of my favorites."

"Great! Come sit in the living room, it's a lot more comfortable."

"Yeah, I love having springs up my butt." He jokes about the hole covered couch earning a laugh from the home owner.

Deneuve takes a seat while Masukawa departs to the kitchen to prepare the tea. Humming thoughtfully, he thinks to himself. 'He appears to be a normal guy on the outside, while the killer lies dormant underneath. I suppose I'll have to poke the bear a bit more.' Seeing the suspect walk into the room, cups of steaming tea in hand, he lifts his shirt up pretending to smell it, making sounds of displeasure.

"What's the matter?" He hands Dominic a cup.

"I still smell like that cheap club. Showers don't do much for clothes. Sorry."

"That's alright, I don't mind it, really."

"But I do," He hesitates a moment then says unsuspectingly. "I saw some cologne beside the bed, do you think I could spray on some of that- I won't use much."

"Aha," Masukawa seems nervous again. "that's actually not cologne, its a perfume- for women. I bought it for someone special's birthday that coming up this week."

"Well, I'm sure she won't mind- she may not even notice."

Sighing in defeat Masukawa grumbles. "Be my guest." Taking the cup from the cute, semi-annoying, stranger the awkward man waits for Dominic to return from his bedroom.

Maybe coming to Tokyo wasn't such a bad idea after all, he can rent his old place out and keep this one. He might even get to see Diamond later on when the club closes, that is if his friend will either leave or fall asleep on the couch. Maybe he could get some money together for a hotel. Smelling the familiar scent he turns his head to the overstaying stranger, when he walks out of the room. 'My god.' As if transformed to him, Masukawa swallows hard; he's captivated by the man's presence and every move.

"Thanks, this smells much better." He picks up his mug returning to his seat beside Masukawa on the couch. "I wanna thank you again for getting me out of there; I was completely helpless."

"A- aw, it was nothing special. I was just returning the fa- favor because you were being so nice to me."

"Mm." He intoned bringing the cup up to his mouth tilting his head back slightly as if to drink the tea, only it isn't being drunk but instead washing against his upper lip. He's no fool, he can almost bet there's something hidden beneath the dark brew.

Masukawa watches almost entranced. The warm drink must be heating Dominic as the scent of the perfume has enhanced ten fold into the dingy room. He can actually feel himself heating up, though he hasn't even sipped his tea yet.

"So, what brings you to Tokyo; are you visiting someone?" Deneuve asks.

"N- no, I... well, actually the ploice think that I ki- killed some of the women at a club that I used to visit."

"Really?! That must be horrible; but does that mean you're on the run?"

Masukawa practically launched himself from the couch to get away from the strangely intoxicating man. "Ye- yeah, it was. But I didn't do anything."

"Hey man, I've been falsely accused of things dozens of times."

"So then you know what it's like?"

"Yeah. My boyfriend can get so jealous sometimes..."

Masukawa steadies his shaking hands before returning to the couch. "So how long have you been g- gay?"

"Since junior high school. You won't believe how many times I've been beaten up." Deneuve scoffs to himself over the fake memories. "Can you believe once I was even tied up and gagged? I must have been swinging from that canopy for hours until someone finally cut me down- my boyfriend, the one from the club."

"And look how that's turned out." He takes a gulp of tea. Curiously, he's unsure why but, Masukawa asks. "How long have the beatings been going on?"

"Hmm, let's see... shortly after college; he became so obsessive over me. And just because I hung out with some buddies, he decided I needed to be taught a lesson, so he beat me."

Licking his lips Masukawa says. "How horrible."

"Yes, it was. Just about every night he either beat me or he had sex with me... so many times and so rough that I nearly bled everytime."

That did it! Standing up, Masukawa is surprised to see his friend stand as well. Disturbed by the sudden action, he wondered. "Where are you going?"

"My tea needs more sugar. It's in the cubbert, right?"

Masukawa nods. When Deneuve walks to the kitchen Masukawa reaches beneath the couch for a crowbar, that he keeps for security at night and with it travels to the kitchen. He hardly hears what Dominic's words as the hard steel comes down on the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

4 4 4 4

"How much longer until we get there? I really think you should drive a bit faster." Light insists.

They've been on the road for what felt like forever, and each minute that passes Light becomes a little more worried about the arrogant detective.

'Deneuve had a lot of nerve stealing a kiss from me and what was he thinking anyway?! Kissing me was dumb enough but allowing a seriel killer to drag him off was just plain stupid; what about the big plan to lure Masukawa back to Tokyo and have the stripper get the information...?' He can still hear the detective's words.

"I'm only doing this so I can-..."

'What, though, what was he going to tell me?' Light wonders hearing Deneuve's words rush through his thoughts. 'Is that Diamond wasn't the bait for Masukawa, that he planned to do it the entire time? ...No. That's not his style, he wouldn't put his life on the line for a case... This was all an accident, now Deneuve is trapped with that guy.'

"We'll be there in fifteen minutes." Watari says.

'I just hope we have fifteen minutes.'


Deneuve groans inwardly, as his senses come to. His nose first, smelling the scent of the cheap perfume that he's carried around for days, its stronger than he recalled spraying it. Secondly, he can hear heavy breathing, not his own but someone else's. Masukawa. Next, he felt wetness along his torso down to his thigh; Deneuve didn't need to open his eyes to know that he has been blind folded since he can feel the strap digging painfully into the back of his head, and there's the material resting over his eyes, also he feels the restraints on his wrist and ankles. The cool air in the room notifies him to the fact that, though not naked, he's very much exposed with his shirt bunched up under his neck and his pants pulled down past his thighs.

"This is naughty, this is sooo naughty." Mutters Masukawa. He kisses up the detective's chest. 'Two men together, this is the ultimate, 'no'.'

'I'd better not move,' Deneuve reminds himself. 'The minute I struggle he'll go into a rampage.' Inwardly groaning Deneuve, says calmly. "You don't have to rape me, Masukawa; I want to sleep with you, I owe you for saving me."

Masukawa's tongue froze; you could almost feel the disgust in the room. "What did you say?" Asks X, his voice far deeper than Masukawa's.

"I said that I'm grateful to you, and I will gladly have sex with you." Repeats the detective.

X's breathing picks up coming out in audibly loud shudders. "Shu-... just shut up!" The man gets off the bed, his head is shaking in disorientation. "Why would you say that?! No one wants me! No one!"

"But I do, I want you..." He silences when the sound of metal slides on the floor from where its been picked up.

"Take it back!" He raised the bar over his head then brings it down onto the captive's stomach knocking the wind out of him then over and over again he beats him. "That's not right! Take it back!" He raises the bar again only this time when it comes down it's not as hard as the other hits. Deneuve then hears a heavy thud hit the floor.

"Deneuve, where are you?!"

'Light Yagami?' He wonders.

The young man's approach sounds closer and the next thing he heard is the bedroom doorknob hit against the wall. The Yagami boy looks down at the floor where Masukawa was put down by a tranquilizer that came in through the bedroom window. Light had grabbed a bat from the neighbor's front yard when he searched the front of the home for a quiet entrance. But he felt the direct approach was better in situations such as this and his gumption was correct, it would seem, as his eyes fall upon a semi-dressed detective.

"Deneuve," Light is at his side about to untie him, but first he tugged the detective's shirt down to cover him before removing the blind fold then the binds from his wrist and ankles. "are you alright?" He looks away a moment as the man tucks his self back into his pants zipping up.

Groaning, from the beating, as he sits up straight Deneuve answers in a casual tone. "Actually, I could go for a piece of cake."

Blinking, Light almost felt angry to hear the obviously hurt man say something so ridiculous.

"Is W' wi-" His words strain when he stands. "..-ith you?" He nearly falls over trying to take a step; the pain stung at the new angle, that was all. He could have taken the blows easily and less painfully but blind folded he didn't know when they were coming. Getting support from Light, he says quietly. "Thank you."

"Are you all right, sir?" The elderly man asks coming into the bedroom with a blanket for Deneuve.

Deneuve reaches out for the olderman releasing Light in the process. "I'm fine W'; I could use a bite of cake, though."

"I have it waiting in the car." Says Watari helping him from the home.

Looking at Masukawa again, Light walks to the door but pauses. 'That smell?' Walking through the door he catches sight of Deneuve in the backseat of the car, a look of content on his face as he eats his beloved sweets. 'He may look calm and collected on the outside, but in that brief moment that I held him, I could feel him shaking...' Climbing into the car, he sees Deneuve in the rear view mirror and he's smiles at him, and he smiles back. 'Just how far did Masukawa get?'

"Oh and Light?" The detective says around a large bite of dessert. "We can, mm, close the book on what happened to Harada Ami."

"Miss Harada?"

"Yes, from my personal experience he had a psychotic episode and beat her to death forgetting about it once he calmed down." He sets the empty plate down going for a donut that's in a box beside his plate of cake.

"A psychotic episode? So then he had multiple personality disorder?"

"Mm. Its hard to say for sure until we study him back at the station. But I'm ninety nine percert sure." Scratching the side of his head, he says in a lower voice. "We'll put him through some psychological tests tomorrow, but for now.. I'd really like to get some sleep."

4 4 4 4

1 week later.

Light walks into the police station in Tokyo, ready to put the case to bed. Detective Deneuve said that he would hold off on questioning the man until Light got back from Kanto on the weekend, Yagami also needed to check in with his family. His father was especially surprised to see his son walk through the door but not so much shocked when hearing that he solved the case. It's to be expected with such a prodigy as Light. The police chief understood about the department switch once the final say is done in Tokyo. So flashing the receptionist his I.D. Light is allowed into the main part of the building. He strides down the long hall until he reaches the inerrogation room that looks much like the room at the N.P.A's office. Deneuve looks at Light as the teen walks through the door.

"You've missed quite a week Light; our suspect has been crying and having fits of rage like a revolving door or emotion. His story should be an interesting one." He adds several cubes of sugar to his coffee. "Please have a seat." Deneuve pulls out a chair beside him.

Light sits down scooting the spinning chair in a bit under the table. Deneuve waits until Masukawa is seated before he turns on the audio in the room. Masukawa is still sobbing since he started this morning. The man is a complete mess. The weeping man jumps from the sudden voice then looks around for the speaker staring at it as though the camera were set up there.

"You've gotta let me oughta here- it's a set up! I never killed anybody!" The man protest.

"Hn." Light muses. "How can he continue to play innocent when he tried to kill you last week?"

"Unfortunately he isn't playing dumb." He takes a drink setting the cup back down onto the table. "We're in a very unlucky place with this man because he's incredibly unstable. But, I still want him trialed and sentenced, which is why I've brought this drug," He holds up a small bottle of clear liquid. "I'm also going to record this session so the judge and jury can see it for themselves." Pressing the second audio button Deneuve speaks into the microphone. "You may give Mr. Masukawa the drug now."

'A drug? Deneuve's gonna drug him to get a confession?' Ponders Light. 'I wonder if his conviction is because of what happened at the man's house.'

Seeing Light's distant gaze in his direction Deneuve says in an informative tone. "Sodium amatol, a barbituate."

"Hm?" Light blinks into the conversation.

"The drug injected into Masukawa."

"Sodium amatol? I think I've heard of that, its something like a truth serum, right?"

"Light is correct." He passes a cookie to the young man as a reward. "Most of the time we give this drug to histerical people to calm them down, but it may work in this case, once we stimulate his murderous intent."

"Isn't that considered provocation?" Light asks. "I'm not sure the courts will take his confession if it isn't legitimate."

"Yes, but I really don't think it will matter since the man is so detached from killing he may end up in a home being treated for D.I.D."

"Its taken effect D'." Watari informs them.

"Thank you. You may start the video now." Standing from his seat, he says. "Let's go, Light."

The two exit the room heading down the hall to a viewing room. Masukawa has been brought in as well, looking tired and calm as he's strapped to a long chair by his wrist and ankles, his chest as well. Watari is placing wires about the murderer's temples and chest held by round pieces of tape. Watari walks away from the man to remove something from a nearby cart he then brings it in close.

"I'm going to put this over your eyes now."

"Okay." He nods allowing the boxed pair of glasses to be slipped over his eyes.

Turning off the lights in the room, a screen is pulled down from a roll and a projection is shown on it. Masukawa can see the same thing only his viewing is more personal to keep the man from looking away while the other members in the room watch the screen.

"Mr. Masukawa, I'm going to show you pictures," Says Deneuve. "you only need to watch what's before you, can you do that?"


Light is amazed at how well the drug is working; the killer rapists' nerves are a lot more relaxed than when he'd first come in and, from what he's heard, has been going on all last week. Watching the monitor the two see a lovely couple show up, they're holding hands and looking at one another adoringly. Masukawa's heart rate remains steady. Next a man and woman fighting, their faces bitter to show this. His heart spikes a bit. A couple giving flowers one receiving one giving. It drops. The next snapshot is of a couple sharing an intimate kiss; its lower than when he'd started. The next shot the couple is at odds the man is gripping the woman against her will, the other arm poised to slap her while the woman looks away hoping it will go away. The heart rate jumps drastically. The next shot is of two men kissing and holding each other intimately. Again it rises. A woman's head broken in after its come into contact with a brick wall. Masukawa is practically lunging forward to get to the fake woman. The pictures continue like this, sickeningly sweet to dark and disturbing. X is seething with a grin upon his face.

"That's enough. You can stop the video."

The video is stopped and the goggles are removed from the man. Cleaner/X is breathing so hard his lungs are liable to pop.

Deneuve looks at the tear stained face and asks the man. "Are you all right, Masukawa?"

The man begins to cry again.

"Deneuve, I think the serum might have worn off." Says the teen.

"Tell her for me..." Masukawa mutters into his lap before looking up into Deneuve's dead eyes. "Tell her I'm sorry. Tell her... tell her for me- that I'm sorry."

"Whom?" Deneuve asks. "Hana Takata? Ami Harada?"

Masukawa shakes his head. "Kaori you idiot!" The man snaps. "I don't even know who those other people are."

"Who's Kaori?" Light wonders to himself. "A victim we don't know about?"

"I'm not sure."

"...If they had just let me hold you one time..." He sniffles.

"He's speaking non-sense again." Says Light agitated with the murdering pest. "I say we just have him commited, we'll never get a real confession from him."

"Hmm." Flipping through the man's personal file, he comes across the name. Deneuve picks up the folder opened to the picture of a girl. "Kaori Masukawa. Is this the woman you mean? Your twin sister?"

The man frantically reacts, facial fluids dripping onto his shirt, he answers. "Yes, please tell her! I haven't been able to talk to her in such a long time."

"Deneuve," Light grabs the man by his upper arm steering him from the room into the hall. "don't you think its weird that he's saying all this right now? What if he killed his sister?"

"No. I don't think she's dead, he would at least know that much of what he's done." Deneuve has a thought cross his mind. "What if we bring her here to get him to confess- sort of as a bargaining chip."

"That's stupid, what if he tries to hurt her?"

"No, Light, we won't actually bring them into contact with each other- murderers get no sympathy." Deneuve says. "We'll only tell him this to get him to talk."

"Its wrong to use someone that way... but, it's the only option if he's lying about not knowing the other women. If they won't actually be in contact with one another, it should be fine."

Returning to the room Deneuve sees Masukawa blowing his nose on a tissue Watari has given him. The murderer without the murdering side has a grave look on his face.

"Mr. Masukawa, for your participation in the dealings of this case, we will bring your sister here so that you may speak to her. Do we have a deal?"

"B- bring Kaori here? Right where I can see her... I'd do anything..." The man then whispers. "anything."


As promised Masukawa spoke to the video camera in the interrogation room about the murders, so vividly you'd swear he were doing it all over again right then and there. With each victim the man spoke of Light felt himself becoming angrier and angrier; Masukawa had no right to kill those woman and from he could tell the man seem more than aware of what he did; the bastard almost sounds proud of it! Deneuve listened carefully to the confession, and the story of Ami Harada; it was as he had expected, the woman went willingly into the red light district with him, planning to have sex with him and Masukawa went insane because of his strong belief that the only way anyone will be with him is by his forcing it or taking it his self. Because of that he beat her to death and the reason he did not rape her is because he was so repusled by the idea of shared pleasure that he could no longer get erect. X remembers the murder but Masukawa remembers going in then leaving with nothing more than the thought that he might be gay.

Hana Takata whom Masukawa calls Star Light was very odd. He fit the profile with Miss Takata, having stalked her after his first meeting her at the club. He told them how sickened he was that her friends touched her and her male friends kissed her on the cheeks while he could only look but not touch. He wanted her- needed her but she was too good for him. When asked why he took her head the answer was that he couldn't remember it was too long ago.

The interrogation went on for nearly six hours due to break downs from the man before he could speak again, and by the end of it a very drained Masukawa slumped over onto the table to be taken back to his cell.

"Would you like to get dinner with me, Light?" Deneuve asks. "We may not hear from W' for a while."

"Sure." Light would actually rather head off to bed, but he hasn't eaten since returning to Tokyo so he should eat first, he figures.


"Deneuve, what's going to happen to Masukawa at the trial?"

"Mm," He swallows his bite of devil's food cake. "Considering his state of mind, X will be sent to a mental facility until he's well enough to be jailed."

"Jailed? That's all? He's killed 16 women and raped them, and all he's gonna get is jail time?" Light is utterly knocked over by that. "It's almost unheard of- like he's getting away with it."

"It's the law, I'm afraid. With cases like this, maximum punishment is a life sentence without parole."

"Hn. What kind of world is this that someone can get away with murder and not receive the death sentence."

"I agree, to some measure, some things in life should be eye-for-an-eye but mentally deranged, such as Masukawa, are always offered a chance to be reformed." The detective drowns his dessert with some more whipped cream.

"Reformed? Allow a child molester ten minutes alone with a kid and I can assure you he'll try something. A person is only trully reformed if its initial temptation is never brought around them. A simple candy bar, alcohol, cigarettes- whatever! Detective, you have to push for the death penalty."

"It's not up to me all the time, Light. We'll let this take its course and be happy we got X off the streets."

Agitated, Light stands to leave, pausing when the detective's phone rings.

"Is that W'?"

"Yes," Answering the phone he listens to the man. "We'll be there. Thank you." He hangs up. "Kaori Masukawa agreed to meet with us, but she wants it to be a private place away from her brother."

"Away from him? She must have seen the news."

"It's likely that she has." Paying the bill he walks out of the diner with Light at his side.

"When is she coming in?"

"Watari says tomorrow by noon."

Light and Deneuve get into the town car nd the detective takes them back to the hotel.

The next day.

Deneuve and Light spent the morning preparing for the papers for the court, the only thing left was the statement from Masukawa's sister. A knock on the door alerted their attention, their heads turn to it in sync. Watari allowed the woman inside. Both detective Deneuve and Light nearly fell out of their seats at the sight of the woman, but only because she's the exact copy of Hana Takata; though she and Masukawa are twins their looks vary drastically- her being the good-looking one of the two.

Kaori walked into the room with a small smile upon her face as she looks at the two men. "I hope this isn't rude of me, to ask to meet with the two of you in a place such as this... but, I just can't do this in a police station because it feels like I'm being recorded... even if I'm not." Looking at the armchair she asks. "May I sit?"

"Of course." Deneuve holds out a hand to tell her the armchair is free. "Now, what did you mean by not wanting to be recorded? You must know why you're here and knowing that, you should know that your statement is important."

The girl shakes her head.

Light asks her curiously. "Haven't you read the paper or seen the news of his arrest?"

"I know that it has something to do with Naoto being arrested but, no, I never watch the news or read bad parts of the paper- too many sad things being announced, similarities to myself that I'd just rather not think about."

Deneuve let them sit in a silence, allowing himself to break it by selecting a sweet from the cart before him taking a bite. "Your brother has been arrested on three counts of crime Miss Masu-.."

"Oh. I'm sorry, I'm married now- it's Mrs. Nishibe."

"Right, Mrs. Nishibe, your brother has been arrested for crimes of murder, rape, and theft."

Kaori gasps in shock closing in on herself a bit. "R- really? I mean, I figured he was a pick-pocket because he's poor but rape and murder! I-..."

"Why are you crying Mrs. Nishibe?" Deneuve asks as though saying "there's a spider on your shoulder" or "Can I borrow something".

"Its just that... that I always thought he'd gotten help for it."

Light scoots closer to Deneuve mostly means of projecting stronger attention to the woman. "Why do I get the feeling you're dancing around something."

Playing on her well manicured fingernails the woman says. "I think that there's something you should know about Naoto. He's on medication or at least he was... until he ran away."

Sticking a, chick shaped, marshmallow coated in chocolate into his mouth the detective chews away the animals recognition. "Hmm, W' told me that you do not wish to see your brother as the man requested."

"That's right. I just... you don't understand what happened between us as kids."

"Then enlighten us." After a thought he adds. "Please."

She blushes. "It's kind of embarrassing but when we were younger, fifteen, he tried to-... he tried to rape me."

To Deneuve Light says. "That would explain why he attacked Miss Takata."

'So all this because of his sister.' Deneuve thinks. "Will you tell us what happened?"

"...If you promise it won't leave this room- oh please, don't make this public news... I can't take the stares or the questions. I lived my time with it, I don't want to think about it anymore." Tears falls from her eyes. "My husband already hates him, and I've stopped wanting anything to do with him... I want it all to disappear."

Deneuve thought this over, looking to Light who nods. "Very well; what you say will never leave this room."

Closing her eyes she says, "Thank you. ...When Naoto and I were growing up out family became very poor from the moment our father walked out the door; my mom had two jobs at the time. Naoto and I didn't attend school so we mostly raised ourselves at seven years old- we did everything together," Her face became serene a moment. "shared toys, books, food," her expression then shrank shyly away. "We also shared a bedroom, but we luckily had enough to have our own bed, for all the good that was because we would just sneak in with the other person. ...We even... we even took baths together." She lowers her gaze.

The listeners don't react at all to spare her embarrassment of something that most kids go through when growing up with siblings of different gender.

"I never knew how he was looking at me back then; as the years went by I just thought we were close- I thought it was, well, normal. Eventually my mom met a guy who wanted to marry her- he's very wealthy and moved us in with him at his home. He loved us both right away, as if we were his own, me and my brother..." Looking up at the two men she smiles. "From then on things changed drastically, we went to school and I made friends- I had a boyfriend after the first month... but Naoto hated the changes, he wanted things to stay the way they were. He liked the old life, he liked... us, alone."

She quieted again, embarrassed by the memories and recollection of the insults and injuries to her sanity and relationships with people because of what happened.

"...It happened on a day when we thought that we were alone. I was getting ready to shower and change for a date, and he started to undress as I was telling him about this. I told him we couldn't bathe together anymore, it was wrong and weird- that we were too old for it. Naoto was angry with me and the next thing I knew he was pulling my underwear off; my stepfather heard me screaming for him to stop and when came into the room... He saved me. Even though he loved us both, my stepfather beat Naoto telling him he was sick and demanding that he stay away from me." She starts to cry.

Light touches the girl's hand alerting her that he'd like to hand her a tissue.

"Thank you... three months later he snuck into my room, Naoto, and he was trying to get at me... he was- I don't know, touching himself over top of me." Biting her bottom lip she says. "I was about to scream but I only got out 'stop touching me' before he freaked out and fled; it was so dark that he fell down the stairs ending up in the hospital for a nasty bump. My brother was never discharged from the hospital, the nurse went to check on him in the morning and he was just gone. Gone for good from our lives. Hn. My parents thought that it was for the best, and now... I only catch small glimpses of him... at least I think I do."

"Where do you live?" Light asks.

"Shibata, why?"

"No reason."

Nodding, she wipes her eyes. "That's the whole story... am I free to go? I have a two month old at home that I'm sure misses her mommy."

"You're free to go, and thank you for speaking with us."

"You're welcome, and please... see that Naoto is off the streets; I get nervous sometimes, like I'm being watched. I really think it'd do Japan a world of good."

Nodding the detective watches as the woman leaves.

"Can you believe that? Masukawa is sicker than we thought."

"Yes, and did you happen to catch a whiff of Mrs. Nishibe's perfume?"

"Forbidden. All this time Masukawa has been doing to these women what he never got to do to his sister." Light says.

"It would seem so." Deneuve replies.

"Still think life in prison is enough?"

Deneuve only bites his thumb in response.


"Masukawa will serve his sentence in Kanto as planned. Sorry this is the last time you and I will see each other, Light. I feel as though we were really becoming friends." He adds. "I hope we meet again."

"Meet again? Friends?" Light snickers. "Hate to break it to you, but if I ever met you again I get the feeling that I would try to kill you, Deneuve; you've been nothing but a pain to me with questioning, and discretely insulting me, getting yourself kidnapped to have me worry.." He adds humorously. "I should knock you on your ass now."

Looking toward the ceiling of the train station, finger thoughtfully to his bottom lip the detective smiles looking down at Light. "Guess we should steer clear of each other then." Holding out his hand he shakes Yagami's. "Goodbye, Light."

"Yeah. Until we meet again." He releases the detectives hand.

"I'm sure it will be monumental." He watches the young man board the train.

From the window Light looks out to him and says. "I really wish you would reconsider the death penalty."

"I'm afraid it's out of my hands from here on. Besides, there's nothing wrong with believing in change."

Snickering, Light says. "I don't think I'll ever truly understand you, Deneuve; we're just too different, I suppose."

"Too much alike," He smiles waving the teen off as the train pulls away.

'Change. Being reformed, he must be naive. The moment Masukawa gets released on parole he'll kill another person only to be locked up again for the same crimes. He won't be satisfied until he rapes his sister... Saving him is pointless, giving allowances to bad people is what causes all the problems in the world in the first place. This world... is rotten.'


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