God's Omega

BY : KISSRockette
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Shigure looked up to the sky. He remembered Naoko. The only girl who could keep Akito's temper under control. She truly knew what they were, and she accepted them for who they were. A few years before Tohru, the year that Kyo took off, she was there. She was beautiful. He never slept with her, but he knew that Akito, Yuki, and Kyo all did. She did have more than one name. Omega.
Since she left, Akito has had plenty of rages and fits. Some torturous. Shigure sighed as he heard yet another one from him.
If only she was here. Then all this would stop!
Even the pervy-writer couldn't take it no more. Naoko had a aura that soothed people, made them feel calm, a mother like some would say.
"SHIGURE!" Akito hollered. Shigure stood up and went into the room.
"Yes Akito?"
"I want you and Yuki to go find Naoko!"
"Akito, she left years ago, how will we find her?"
"NOW!" He hollered, his voice ringing in their ears. Both quickly walked out of the room.
"How do we find her Shigure? She could be anywhere!"
"Well, I am a dog after all, I'll just sniff her out!" He said in a foolish manner. Yuki hit him.
"Keep your perverted ideas to yourself Dog." He said as he walked away, going to pack his items for the trip.
Shigure fell flat on his face. Yuki had pushed him.
"If I hear one more word about your writing's, I will tell Kagura that you banned Kyou from ever seeing her again!" With that he continued on. Shigure got up and wiped himself off. He followed Yuki.
"How did we get stuck on finding Naoko?"
"Because Akito wanted us to."
Mina, Naoko's mother shot death glares at them.
They stumbled up the mountain. It was hard for either of them. Well, not for Shigure, who could smell her scent from a mile away. He stopped.
"What's wrong? Do you have her?"
"I think so!" He said, dropping his gear and running to see if it was her. Yuki and Mina followed. They ran as fast as they could. Then, they found her. She was laying on the ground, sleeping, with her hands behind her head. Her long black hair laid under her body. She looked as if she was concentrating. Shigure sat down with Yuki. Mina sat by her daughter's head. They decided it wouldn't be a bad idea if they let her wake up on her own.
The sun shone through the trees. Shigure and Yuki talked while Naoko slept.
"Remember how she was the only one who could hug us?"
"She truly accepted who we were. Even Tohru couldn't be that kind-hearted."
"Quiet!" Mina hissed. Naoko's mother also went along with them, being as quiet as she could, they forgot she was even there.
"Sorry!" They both said. Mina looked at her sleeping daughters face. Then, Naoko woke up. She screamed when she saw everyone around her.
"YO! COULD HAVE TOLD ME YOU WERE COMING!" She said, getting up. Yuki laughed. She was always such a person in the morning.
"How could we sweetheart? You were gone for years!"
Naoko sighed.
"Akito wants you to come home."
Naoko looked at Shigure.
"No." She said flatly.
Everyone was shocked.
"But you loved him!"
"He hates me."
Everyone looked at each other. Yuki stood up.
"Who told you that?"
She simple folded her arms over her chest.
Shigure smiled.
"Rin never did like people who weren't part of the zodiac."
"She don't like people period." Yuki chimed in.
Mina stood up and embraced her daughter.
"Hun, you have to come back, Akito is devastated without you!"
Looking at her mother, she softened her look.
"Promise he won't freak out around me?"
Everyone smiled.
"How could anyone freak out around you Naoko?" her mother said.
Smiling, they all started back down the mountain, and to Akito.

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