Shun\'s Secret

BY : cherylgebo
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Dan and Shun were lying on the grassy bank. Runo and Julie where fighting over Dan again.
"Ever get tired of that?"
Dan opened his eyes, Shun actually spoke and was looking right at him, smiling.
"Yes I do."
"This is the only peaceful place I think. Considereing we can still hear the girls."
"Yeah really. You miss Skyress?"
"She was the only who understood me."
Dan wondered what that meant. Maybe Shun still had a secret that he wanted to tell, but didn't want to.
"Everything ok?"
Dan really liked Shun and wanted to show it. Rather sexually. Dan looked over and noticed that Shun's hair tie wasn't underneath his head. He then looked over to see the bridge. It was only a quick run away. He grabbed the hair tie and ran.
Shun chased after the brawler. Dan ran under the bridge into a cave. Shun chased him right into the cave. He didn't see Dan at all.
Dan wrapped one arm around Shun's shoulders to keep his arms in place and put the other down his pants. He grabbed Shun's member and stroked. Shun stopped moving and leaned forward. Using his hands to try and stop Dan from touching him. Drool came out of his mouth. Shun shut his eyes and moaned. Dan slipped his hand lower, only to have his finger go in. Shun cried out and blushed. Dan kept fingering, thinking he was fingering Shun's entrance, the only entrance a male should have. Shun's breathing picked up. He was getting ready. Dan withdrew his finger and placed Shun on his knees, then in a sitting up position. He slipped off Shun's shoes, pants, and underwear. Only to see that Shun had something else down there.
"I'm a hermaphrodite. I didn't want to tell you because I was afraid that you would reject me!"
Dan leaned forward to kiss Shun.
"But your mostly male, right?"
"Right. I just have that little bit of a female's reproduction organ."
"Does it work?"
"I don't know I think so. It did a minute ago."
"Let's see if it does."
Dan took himself out through his pants and underwear. Gently placing himself at Shun's vagina. He slowly started to slide in. Then stop.
"Wait do you have a hyman?
"I really don't care right now." Shun said breathlessly.
Dan continued. Shun cried out in pain. Dan looked down to see blood spilling out. Well, his question was just answered.
Shun was propped up against the cave wall. Dan moved his hips. Shun screamed.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!"
"No it just feels really good!"
Dan picked up Shun's legs and put them in the crook of his elbows as he placed his hands around Shun's waist. Leaning forward to kiss Shun, he wrapped a hand around Shun. Stroking with his own rythem, Shun screamed even louder. Then, a weird feeling came over Shun.
"I-I think I'm gonna pee!"
"No, that's just a orgasm. It must be working because your feeling a female orgasm." The next thing Dan knew, Shun grabbed him and screamed. Dan pulled out and flipped Shun around. Shun placed his hands and knees on the ground. He then reached around and pulled himself apart so that Dan could see where his vagina was. Dan entered, a little fast that last time. Shun then sat up on his knees, Dan reached around and pumped him. Shun used his hips to give him a better feeling and advantage. He didn't let Dan move at all. They didn't know that Billy came into the cave.

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