Pregnant Ace

BY : KISSRockette
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The little black kitten mewed at Ace and he couldn’t help but cuddle the kitten to him. Keith chuckled, seeing how the mint haired man had a soft spot for kittens.
“You realize that cat will probably grow up with the baby?”
“Oh shut up.”
They had finally found out that he was pregnant. He held the kitten to his belly, and that little black kitty started to knead on his stomach, as if knowing there was a life growing inside of his body. Even Ace couldn’t believe it.
Did he really have a child in that belly of his? Both him and Keith had talked about adopting or doing foster care on those nights where they laid there after making love, wondering about how they would have a family. Apparently they got their answer in the form of Ace somehow getting pregnant.
As he carried the snuggled kitten to the counter where Keith had paid for it and got the items they needed, he thought more and more on the idea of having a child when another stuck him.
“How am I supposed to deliver this kid?” He asked, gently scratching the kitten behind her ears.
“Probably a c-section Ace.” Keith said, smiling as he heard the little one purr.
They got into a taxi, and as Keith made sure they had everything, Ace felt some rolling in his stomach, and at first, quickly mis-took it for his stomach wanting to revolt him, but then he realized it was the baby.
He smiled, and wondered when Keith would be able to feel the baby kick.

The kitten explored her new home, and curled up on the couch, her tail tucked under her black silk body as she slept.
The boys on the other hand, stood by the door, cuddled in each other’s arms. They kissed, and held hands. As Keith pulled him to his chest, he smiled, and Ace suddenly went quiet, feeling his stomach roll again.
He smiled, putting his hand on his stomach, then quickly grabbed Keith’s, and dragged him off to the bedroom. The blond laughed, seeing that the gray eyed one was starting to get horny. He went to flick the lights on, but Ace wouldn’t let him.
“Oh Ace.”
“I want the lights off Keith.”
He chuckled.
He led the older one to the bed, and sat down, laying back. Keith laughed as he was yanked forward, and fell next to him. He pulled him by his waist to him, kissing his lips gently. Ace rolled onto his body, allowing him to feel his erection pressing through his white pants.
He put his legs on either side of the other’s body, straddling his hips. He leaned down, and kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue between his lips. His body gave a shudder, and he felt hard as hell. He grinded his hips against Keith’s earning a deep growl from him.
Ace smirked, and felt his hand going into his jeans, stroking his length with the tips of his fingers. Moaning, he moved his hips more, wanting so much to take this man that rested under him. He felt Keith finally hard under his body, and smirked.
“You’re hard.”
“No shit.”
Laughing, Ace took his top off, showing his abs slowly disappearing. Keith didn’t mind, it was for their child after all. He gently stroked his stomach as Ace bent back over, taking his lips with his as he slowly started to remove the other’s shirt.
“Come on you.”
“I wanna take it slow.”
“Slow and dark.”
“Calm down. I just want to get my clothes off and I want to get them off now.”
Ace smirked, his mood suddenly changing. Keith went to stop him, but he was starting to rip his clothes right off his body.
He found himself shirtless, and the other was working away at his jeans. Ace accidently ripped the button from the fabric, and blushed.
“Just take them off.”
He smirked, and ripped his jeans from his legs. Keith gasped, feeling as Ace got up, stripped down naked in the dark, then back onto the bed.
“Ready? Ace! I haven’t even prepped you!”
“I don’t care.”
Keith’s eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness, and he could see Ace slightly in the dark. He smirked as he saw the other completely naked, hard and against his stomach. He reached down, and quickly grabbed his shaft.
Ace groaned, and felt as the other gave him a squeeze. He moaned his name.
“Let me in!” Keith said.
Ace nodded, and lifted his hips. He guided Keith to his passage, and pushed him in. Pain filled his back, and he teared up. He gasped and gritted his teeth as Keith continued to push through. The pain seemed to excite him, and he actually wondered if he could take more.
Keith was shocked. He pushed in more, causing the other to cry out in pain and pleasure. He shook on his hips, trying to make the pain go away, but also make it worse.
The mint haired male was breathless, and actually starting to rock his hips. The pain was more intense, but he really didn’t care as he groaned. Ace’s knees bent, and he begun to bounce on the other’s cock.
He moaned, his body aching for more than just pleasure. Keith sat up on his elbows, moaning as the other continued to stroke his shaft with his passage. Grays eyes looked into Blue eyes, and Ace moaned out.
They felt something jump onto the bed, and looked.
The little black kitten purred, and kneaded the bed. She smiled and rested down. The two men looked at each other wide eyed, at the cat, then back at each other, then laughed.
“What a kitten.”
“Move dammit!”
“I’m moving!”
Keith laughed, and reached out, petting the kittens head. Ace rocked faster, his hands on the other’s chest. He moaned out, making the kitten open a eye and mewl.
“Oh stop.” Keith panted, smiling.
Ace smirked. He rocked fast and hard, making Keith grit his teeth in pleasure. He tilted his head back, closing his eyes tightly. He laid back, his hands on Ace’s hips, helping him move. Ace cried out, his prostate getting brushed.
Keith smirked, and slammed the others hips down on his.
Ace smiled, tears streaming down his face, and suddenly came. The white liquid hit Keith’s chest and stomach, making him cry out. Keith himself, was close as Ace rocked through his own orgasm. The sheets became wrinkled in the blond’s fists.
He came in him, crying out his name.

Baby purred in Ace’s arms, curled up to his stomach. The kitten nuzzled his stomach, as if she knew there was a baby in there.
Ace smiled in his sleep, and curled his arms around both the kitten, and his stomach, as if to protect them.

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