Pregnant Ace

BY : KISSRockette
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Morning sickness subsided, and Ace sat down with a small belly and a hot cup of French vanilla cappachino. He curled up, bringing his legs to his chest and sipping the hot tan liquid. He pulled the blanket over his shoulders, being slightly chilly.
“Cold Ace?”
“No Keith, I’m hotter than a pig’s ass!”
Keith sipped his own hot liquid while thinking that Ace was only having mood swings. The mint haired man was tired all the time, unable to do any house chores since he was home all day. He mainly slept a lot, taking as many naps while keeping the place slightly cleaned.
It wasn’t dirty, but floors did need to be swept, vacuumed, and mopped, and Ace just couldn’t muster the energy. Thank god for washers, dryers, and dish washers.
Keith stood up, putting his cup on the coffee table and covering Ace up completely, watching as he fell asleep. As the other fell to sleep, Keith started cleaning in the bathroom, and made his way into the bedroom. He picked clothes up off the floor, and stuck them in the hamper.
He sighed and moved into the kitchen, cleaning their supper up when a blond jumped on him.
“WATCHA DOING?!” Khloe asked.
Keith jumped, spraying water all over the window above the sink, and he whipped around, blushing hard and angry.
He could see Cecili leaning against the door frame, a hand shoved into her jeans pocket and the other on her face as if she had face palmed. Khloe giggled and glomped Keith again.
“Let go of the daddy before you murder him hun.”
Khloe did, and ran around.
“What did she eat?”
Khloe ran around the house, the kitten moving out of the way and running into the open bedroom. She ducked under the bed and stayed there, crouched low to the ground and growling. Ace on the other hand, stayed asleep, snoring gently.
Cecili went over, and lifted the blanket to check on him. She pressed gently on his belly, and looked at his face for discomfort. Upon not seeing a thing but an annoyed look, she made a face, and covered him back up.
“You’re gonna know it when he realizes you hired a midwife.”
Ace’s ears perked up. She had awoken him.
“I don’t think he would have wanted the publicity of an idiot doctor telling Vestal that a man got pregnant. A man that wasn’t a female, transgender, or nothing. I’m not putting him through that.”
“I understand Keith, but don’t you think he should know?”
“Because I want to wait until he doesn’t have very many mood swings. That way his stress levels won’t hurt the baby.”
Ace kept his eyes shut, knowing from the direction of Keith’s voice that he would notice if they opened. So Keith thought it through, and really, Ace didn’t blame him. He was thankful Keith at least thought of Cecili and Khloe, people he knew, not anyone he didn’t know.
He drifted back off to sleep.

Keith sat down, finally getting everything cleaned. Cecili was walking around in a tank top, and sat down with a bowl of pasta in her hands.
“Think he’ll manage?” Keith asked.
“Oh yeah. He’s rather protective now I noticed.” She said, taking a sip of soda.
“I noticed that too. I just don’t want him angry at me…”
Cecili snorted.
“You got him pregnant Keith. Come on!”
Cecili laughed.

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