Pregnant Ace

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Keith had to hold Ace’s mint hair back from his face to allow him to vomit into the toilet. The morning sickness seemed to have left, only to return with heartburn. It was the heartburn that made the pregnant man become so sick.
“I HATE THIS!” Ace yelled, vomit dripping from his lips and chin.
“I know.” Keith said, holding his lover against him.
He grabbed a damp washcloth from the sink, and wiped Ace’s mouth and chin, seeing how pale he was under his tan. He put the cloth in the small laundry basket by him, and flushed the toilet, helping Ace up off his knees. The five month pregnant man leaned against Keith, hoping for some comfort.
Keith gave it, kissing his temple as he helped him out of the bathroom. They made their way down the hall to the bedroom so Ace could rest.
“Where are Cecili and Khloe?” Ace asked.
Ace never told him that he knew why the girls were there in the first place, and didn’t plan to. It didn’t bother him.
“I think they went out for a walk.”
Keith smiled.
Keith put a knee on the bed as Ace gently got onto his side. As soon as he got settled, Keith got in next to him, holding him gently. Ace nuzzled him, his long hair tickling the blonds’ nose. He laughed, and nuzzled him more. Arms around his belly, Ace felt the baby kick and move, and smiled. He slowly started to drift off to sleep.

Ace woke up, and twisted his torso to see out the window, only to see darkness.
He stretched, and rolled onto his back completely. He yawned as he sat up, freezing.
“You’re awake.”
He sat up, and shook his head, then rubbed his eyes with his fists.
“It’s night time silly!” Keith laughed.
Ace looked at the window again, and face palmed. He rubbed his nose and got up, swaying. Keith got up from the laptop, and held Ace steady, who soon leaned into him and cuddled him.
Keith laughed, and hugged him. Ace groaned and nuzzled, wanting to have sex.
“You’re horny.”
“How did you guess…?”
“You groaned.”
Ace sweat dropped and allowed Keith to put him back on the bed, and helped him out of his clothes. His belly was stretched, but Keith found it cute as he undressed, and got on the bed next to him. They cuddled together on the bed, talking lovingly to the other.
Keith felt Ace turn onto his side to curl, and he followed suit, spooning his lover. Reaching down, gently patting the baby bump, and under, massaging his half erected member, making Ace nearly purr. A well placed kiss under his ear made him hard.
Hand clenching his pillow, Ace gave a groan as the lips slid down his neck and to the juncture of his neck and shoulder, sucking and kissing, licking as his pulse raced. Heat flew to his cheeks. The hand clenching the pillow soon moved to the hip behind his body, and grasped it.
He wanted him in, and he wanted it now.
“In!” He gasped out.
Keith smiled, and moved Ace’s leg enough to gently glide in. Well, gently wasn’t the correct word as Ace gave a cry of pain. Lubrication wasn’t used, but that didn’t bother him, Ace enjoyed the pain anyways. Being a machosist, it wasn’t like being gentle.
Keith slowly kept going, wrapping his arms around the tanned Vestal. Ace pushed his ass back, wanting more. He buried his face in the pillow, hugging it to him now.
Gently, Keith rolled until Ace was on his knees, looking behind at him, twisting his torso to see him. He found it hurt his back, and returned to leaning on his arms. The thrusting started, and he buried his face yet again in the pillow.
A couple months without sex, and this is what he got. Pure pleasure and pain. He gasped out, arching his back.
“Is this good for the baby?”
Ace sweat dropped.
“Thank god you didn’t ask…”
“Am I hitting the kids head?” He smirked.
Ace swiveled around, making it so that they weren’t connected, and slapped Keith upside the head. Keith laughed, and pulled him into a hug so that his side was pressed against his stomach. His angry scowl went away, and what appeared was a smile. He nuzzled Keith.
“Yeah, but get on your back, I think that will help a little bit more.”
Ace done so, laying flat on his back with his legs on Keith’s shoulders, bent slightly at his knees as the other pushed back in. He gently moved, and smirked down at him when his back arched.
“What, are you more sensitive now?”
“I think so.” Ace said, concentrating on the feeling of the other thrusting.
He enjoyed it soon as the pain crossed over, and laid an arm over his stomach, moaning softly. Thankfully, Keith could still bend over him to kiss his lips without causing harm to their baby. Hips gently rolling and voices murmuring against lips.
Keith gently rubbed Ace’s bump, feeling how his skin stretched under. Shockingly, he didn’t have a single stretch mark, well, nearly. One was starting on the side, and he didn’t care. He kissed his neck, and kept thrusting, hoping to bring Ace to orgasm right at midnight, where it was eleven-forty-five.
Ace groaned, and his thighs tensed, his entire body getting ready to arch his back and neck. His mint hair was wildly around his head, and he bucked his hips. Halfway there. Keith kept going, hitting his prostate and making Ace screamed.
The Vestal groaned and bucked again, wanting it to be hit.
Keith took aim, and hit hard, making Ace scream yet again, his grey eyes filling with tears and widening. He dragged his tongue down the other’s neck, tasting the salt of his sweat on his skin. The mint haired one groaned, his arms coming up to hug him.
They heard the door opening in the living room, but neither could stop. Eleven-fifty. Ace started to moan, his voice soft but rough, a deep growl escaped his lips.
“Don’t go animal on me.” Keith said his eyes a little wide.
He looked down, and wrapped a hand around his shaft, stroking the pregnant male. Eleven-fifty-five. Midnight was creeping up fast, too fast. Keith wondered how time was flying by so fast. Ace moaned out fully, his voice husky and deep. His eyes were shut.
Keith sat up, thrusting, and looked down to see that Ace was swelling, his back arched, as was his neck. His panting told him when he was about to. He looked down to watch the white ropes spill over his hand and onto the other’s belly.
Ace jerked a bit, shaking slightly. Keith groaned, and looked at the clock, smiling. It was midnight as he spilt his own seed.
“You know, you came at midnight.”
“I did?”

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