Pregnant Ace

BY : KISSRockette
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"Ya know...most guys-"
The blonde shrugged, her red eyes looking at his grey ones while they sat on the floor, playing Sorry. He sighed and took his turn, both waiting for Keith to return with pizza and soda. They nearly finished the game when he returned.
"Sorry, the line was extremely long."
"Odd...we were just playing Sorry, and we're done because Ace is kicking my ass!"
Cecili got up, stretching as Ace done the same thing, feeling his muscles and skin stretching. He put his arms down and went to get some pizza. He got himself a plate and ate it, thinking about the baby. He was only two months off until the surgery was performed to give him the baby. How it happened, he still couldn't figure it out, just knew that it did.
He spent the rest of the night playing against Keith and Cecili, but with Keith playing, both Cecili and Ace would lose in a instant. They normally glared at him. He put his hands up in defense.
He couldn't help that both were hot headed and didn't think the way they played would affect how they won or lost. The blond soon left to go home, leaving the two to finish their game. Before she left, however, she flipped Ace off and shut the door.
"Oh calm down now."
Ace growled and put the game away with the rest in the extra closet. Keith on the other hand got dinner on the plates and handed one to him. Ace scarfed it down, happy to finally have something greasy.
Keith quickly moved away before his boyfriend had a massive meltdown. He didn't need that tonight. Once dinner was done they sat down to watch a movie.

Ace had fallen asleep during the movie, curled up on the couch. Keith didn't bother to wake him up, knowing it was hard for him to get comfy now. He gently got up, putting his legs down on the couch and quietly tip toeing to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and got a shower in without problem, but it was when he went to bed he noticed that the other had moved to the bedroom.
"Well when..."
He shrugged, and got into bed. He curled up to him, placing his hand on the other's stomach. He felt something and smiled.

Ace jolted awake the next morning after hearing a loud noise. He jumped out of bed and ran to the living room to find Keith in the kitchen, picking up pieces of a broken dish.
"What happened!?"
"Nothing, it's fine. I only dropped a glass."
"Dropped a glass!? It sounded like a bomb went off!"
"You're-" Keith quickly stopped himself.
"I'M WHAT!?"
Keith quickly gave up, knowing full well how badly that could escalate. He didn't need to do that right now. The other stomped away for a shower as Keith finally got all the glass pieces up. He threw them away and sighed. He knew it was only a mood swing, and the fact he got scared didn't help either of them. Keith quickly made a mental note to never drop a glass again.
He took the trash out and came back in, grabbing another glass. He was careful with this one as he got a glass of water. He sat at the kitchen table until the other came out.
"Do we have any pizza left over?"
"Yeah...I think the second shelf in the fridge."
The mint haired one rushed to the fridge and yanked the door open. He grabbed a couple slices and heated them up, gobbling them down.
"Nothing nothing."
"Nothing my ass..."
Keith didn't push the issue.

They were looking at a magazine full of baby things, trying to pick out nursery items.
"How about that one?"
"Nah...too dark."
"This one?"
"Too white..."
"How about this one?"
"If you say too blue...I'll drown you..."
Ace sucked his lips in and looked at Keith wide eyed. He quickly quieted down. They continued looking, finding a few good pieces to put in the other room. They finally got it figured out, and Keith filled out the order sheet while Ace decided it was a good time for a walk. He had it already in the mailbox long before the other returned.
"Got it all set?"
"Yup, already in the mail box."
Keith's eyes widened before he looked at him. The moods were starting to get unbearable.

Keith jumped from his spot on the bed. He quickly got dressed fast as he could. He forgot that those were due to arrive today, and the other was surely going insane over it.
"Oh crap I completely forgot..."
Keith got himself together and rushed down the stairs to find a spazzing Ace.
"Calm down!"
"I CAN'T!"
Keith didn't bother saying it again, instead he signed for the packages then helped Ace set everything up.

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