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Shun bustled around the Kazami home, cleaning up breakfast as he drank down his coffee. Unlike most of his fellow brawlers, Shun actually drank the brown liquid. It was hot as it slid down his throat, warming his neck and chest, then his stomach.
He leaned against the counter; ankles crossed and butt against the pale blue counter top. His stomach growled and he reached over, grabbing a piece of toast and munching out on it. He leaned there, thinking about Khloe.
He wolfed the toast, and drank down his coffee, then put the plate, knife, and cup into the sink, and washed them. Shun didn’t like to leave dirty dishes around, especially if Khloe would be coming over soon. He couldn’t help but think of her as he walked to his room, tidying random items up as he went.
Sometimes his grandfather would try to clean up, but he would make a mess. Shun didn’t mind, it would give him something to do now that he mastered as much ninja training as his grandfather was willing to give him.
He put his hands behind his head, thinking about Khloe and smiling. He moved into his room, using his foot to shut his door, and went to his computer on the floor-desk. Shun sat on his knees mainly while in his own home, being a ninja and all.
He was a bit bored as he logged into the chat, disappointed to not see Khloe on it, but the minute Kiara logged on, he logged right off. The two did not get along, and Shun didn’t plan on starting then. He sighed, then dragged himself to bed, and just laid there.
As he tried to decide what to do, Khloe had sent him a picture text. He smiled, knowing her, it was something sexual. Sure enough, he had a picture of her in a lingerie outfit, and he sweat dropped laughing. He saved the picture and put his hands under his head.

During the day, Shun did various chores, visited Brawlers Headquarters, shopped for a snack and food for the house, got a drink of soda, went to the park, and even took a swim in the lake nearby his home.
He walked home, soaking wet and cold, but not bothered by it. He dried off with the towel he hung outside, and wrapped it around his waist as he went into his home, his black hair ragged looking. He held the towel closed at the waist onto the side of his body, his brown eyes looking for traps set by his grandfather.
His mind wandered to his phone when he sat it sitting on his desk, charging. He changed out of his wet swimming trunks, and took a nice hot shower, warming his cold skin up. He felt his antenna pop up, and groaned. If only he could get that to lie down.
Sighing, he dried off for the second time, put on his shorts and tank, and slid between the sheets of his bed. His eyes flickered to his phone in the moonlight, the picture of Khloe arriving in his head again.
“Gah…” He rolled onto his back, aware of his hardened member.
Scratching the top of his head, Shun pulled a face, and tried hard to keep his brown eyes shut. When he found he couldn’t because of how horny he was, he sighed, and slightly sat up. He made a thinking face, and sighed, reaching down and allowing his member to come out through the slit in his shorts.
He looked at his bedside table to make sure he had tissues still on there from his cold. When he saw the box, he gave himself a nod, and then his eyes flicked to his door to make sure the lock was locked. When he saw that was set, and laid back down, and reached down, grabbing his own shaft.
He looked up at the ceiling, then closed his eyes, stroking gently as Khloe’s picture filled his head. The picture of her in the costume turned into a daydream of them in bed. He arched his back a bit, moving his legs apart.
He felt his cheeks filling with blood, heating up as he imagined her pulling him to her. He opened his mouth, and licked his dry lips, breathing hard as he moved his hand a bit faster, thinking of removing the outfit. Her breasts would move slightly and he would cup one, licking the nipple.
He arched his back and bent his knees, panting. He stroked a bit faster, his head turning to the left, messing up his black hair. He groaned, pleasure starting. He imagined her going down on him, taking his hardened shaft in and bobbing her head.
She would suck him hard, driving him to the point of one orgasm before pulling away, and not allowing him that climax, licking her lips, lust in her eyes as she looked up at him. He stroked faster, arching his back, feeling his muscles tense.
He moved his hand faster, and bucked up into it, moaning out her name.
He stroked fast as he could, his thighs and stomach tensed. He had to move his tank top up, feeling the need to release. He grunted as he opened his eyes, beyond the edge. He nabbed a couple tissues, and sat up, letting go of himself long enough to complete the action, but his pleasure was still climbing.
He quickly grabbed himself again, placing an open palm with tissues over it to catch the semen at the tip of his member, stroking quickly. He groaned out as he came onto the tissues, quickly stopping his hand from stroking anymore.
Closing his eyes, he panted gently, and cleaned himself up slowly with more tissues. As he threw them away in the small trash can by his floor desk, he felt tired, and walked over to the futon, and laid down in a hurry.
His breathing slowly returned to normal, but before it did, Shun Kazami was fast asleep.

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