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Ren sighed. Sure it was great being the Gundalian Captain, but not when he couldn’t see Maya, and now she was on a mission to Neathia to take care of something. He smirked, that should be something to see. She didn’t really like Fabia, and that would make a interesting dinner conversation.
“Sir!” A guard came running up to him.
“What is it?” Ren asked.
“We’ve been breached!”
“New or old?”
“I’m sorry?”
“Are you a new guard…or an old guard?”
“And who breached the shield?” He asked lazily, only to have his answer within no time.
A muscled woman grabbed the guard by his shoulders, and yelled.
“Hi Paige.” Ren said, smiling.
“Hey Ren. NOW BACK OFF!” She screamed.
The guard took off running out of fear of the girl, and she looked at Ren.
“That one bugs me.” She said.
“I know…”
“Hey where’s Maya?”
“She went to Neathia to talk with Fabia.”
“Oh I wanna be here when she gets home!”
Ren laughed.

“Maya? You home yet?” He called to an empty apartment.
When she didn’t answer, Ren sighed, and locked the door, not wanting guards to bother him at home. There was the doorbell for that for Gundalians sake. He sighed as he kicked his boots off, and placed them by the door. He was used to living on his own, but now that Maya lived with him, he loved having someone else there.
He looked around the cabinets for food to make for supper, and had yanked out a box of stuffing when the phone rang. He looked at it to see it was Maya.
“Ello?” He shouldered the phone as he took out pots and pans.
“Calm down.”
Ren held the phone a good foot from his ear, and checked to see if it was bleeding.
“Ow Maya…”
“I’m sorry…I am not enjoying this trip to Neathia!”
“I know.”
As they talked, Ren cooked supper, every now and then checking how to cook it or mix whatever he had to.
“When are you coming home?”
“Tomorrow…I have to bring something back.”
“I know!”
Ren chuckled. They said goodbye, love you, and hung up. He took the flaming rice off the stove, and put it out with baking soda, and sweat dropped.
Ren called for Chinese, and was told a good two hours due to how busy it was. As he sat on the edge of his bed, he wondered what to do. Could use the computer, but he already checked his Facebook. He could write, but he just finished his report earlier. Could talk to…no he already did talk to Maya.
He laid back, and sighed. His mind wandered to Maya, like it always done. He kicked his legs up and sat up, thinking harder. There was something he could do after all. Maya wasn’t home. He could do it himself, what harm could happen?
Oh yes he could. It was natural after all as he gathered a pair of black long shorts and dark purple tank top. He grabbed a large towel on his way to the bathroom, and stopped in the laundry room to grab a pair of briefs, glanced at the clock, and went into the bathroom.
There was no need to lock the door, he was the only one home and the front door was already locked. He stripped down, and started the hot water. He stepped into the shower, and grabbed a cloth. He got under the spray of the water, smiling as he got all wet.
He washed his face first, rubbing roughly enough to turn his face red. He washed his neck, shoulders, and chest. As he went down his belly, his dick hardened and he grew horny. He looked out to see that he had an hour before the delivery man arrived. He had time.
He reached down and grasped his member, slowly stroking. He bit his lip and looked down, his yellow reptile eyes watching as his hand moved along his length. He rubbed his thumb over the tip, moaning slightly. He thought of Maya. He thought of her mouth over his member, sucking hard like she would. The thought only made him harder.
He closed his eyes, stroking faster. He leaned against the wet bathroom wall, panting. He didn’t even notice the water changing from hot to warm. He arched his back slightly as he reached down with his other hand, cradling his own balls.
He massaged himself, thinking of her. His right hand stroked while his left hand massaged. His eyes were shut, and behind the lids, was a very naked Maya. She would be smirking up at him at she stroked his length. In his mind’s eye, she was all he could even think and see of. His hand seemed to have the same mind as his brain.
His hand moved along his wet shaft, the soap forever gone. He was moving faster, panting slightly. He felt a slight swell, and knew he was nearly there. He slowly opened his eyes, looked at the clock hanging on the bathroom wall to see he only had nearly fifteen minutes left before the two hours was up. It wouldn’t be long and the food is there at his door.
He quickened his stroke, focusing mainly on his head. His mouth twitched, trying not to let a moan out in case the delivery guy arrived early. He stroked fast as he could, giving his nuts a squeeze. He couldn’t hold back, not now. Biting his lip, Ren decided it was time to let loose.
He gave a squeeze as he stroked, sending white liquid ropes to the shower wall. He panted, and heard the awaited knocking on his door. Rushing out of the shower and yanking on just his shorts and tank, Ren ran to the door with money in hand.
“Did I interrupt shower?” The man asked.
“No, not at all.” Ren paid him and took the bag, setting it on the kitchen counter before going to clean the shower.

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