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He was going to beat the hell out of Shadow. Oh wouldn’t he ever hurt him good. Fingers flexing into fists and back out, Spectra walked down the halls. The fool had embarrassed him in front of the King. The fool!
He kicked his door open and walked in. The girl that was normally in his room was not there. She had been ill for the past three weeks, and needed attention from a doctor. He sat down, and glared at the ceiling. He reached up, and ripped his mask from his face, tossing it so hard to the wall that it broke.
The pieces were laying on the floor when he rolled off the bed, and walked to the closet. He took out a pair of pajamas. He grabbed a clean pair of boxers, then went into the bathroom for his shower. Unlike the other fools, Keith took a shower every day, and talked himself stupid about joining the Vexos and letting go of his baby sister.
He sat on the edge of the tub, watching as it filled with hot water. He put his legs over, and sat there, ankle deep in hot water. Keith sighed as he slid into the tub, letting the water flow over his body. It felt nice to have something so relaxing over him, especially since he was pissed at that idiot Shadow.
He put his hands behind his head, enjoying the relaxing steaming hot water against his tensed muscles and skin. Slowly, he started to completely relax, wincing at the throbbing muscle in his back. He sat up a bit, and rested.
His arms around his knees, Keith looked around.
“The hell did I do to get into this damned mess…” But if it wasn’t for that damned mess, he wouldn’t have met her.
Sighing, he dragged his lazy ass out of the tub, and got dressed, and laid in bed.

She was holding onto his shoulders, crying out with each thrust he done in her, making her insides tightening around his member. Her back would arch and breasts would pump up, nipples hard. He took one into his mouth, and gave an almighty thrust-
Keith awoke with an aching morning wood. He groaned. The dream had been a good one, and he was nearly there. Rolling onto his side, he saw that she wasn’t back yet.
“Aw…” Keith sat up, and looked down, “TRAITOR!”
The member throbbed, and he released it. The air hit him well, and he laid back. He tried so hard to keep his hands off himself, and slid his pants off. He wondered something for a bit, then sat back up.
Keith always wondered what it be like to try a little anal play. He sat there, thinking about it for the longest time. By the time he checked the clock, two hours had gone by.
“I have got to stop thinking…”

He looked around his room, and listened hard for anything at all. When he didn’t hear a thing, he decided it was time to play around. He took his tank off, and laid under the covers. He felt like he shouldn’t even be having such thoughts, it wasn’t his actual bed after all.
He slid a hand down his body, over his chest and down his stomach to his hardened shaft. He grasped a hold of himself. He laid on his back as he normally done since he was thirteen. Slowly, he moved his hand, trying to focus on the feeling and relax his body. Hoping to keep from moaning or crying out, and to keep his voice to a low tone or none at all, he gently stroked himself.
He had one hand up by his head, every now and then clenching it into a fist as his tensed every now and then. He couldn’t help but tense. It felt so good. He was starting to move his hand faster now, stroking up and down. A blush spread across his closed eyed face. Grunting slightly, Keith brought his fingers up to the tip, feeling the little amount of precum there.
He gathered what he could, then sat up a bit. He pressed the digit to his spincter. Jumping slightly as he massaged the area around it, trying to focus on that one area. He soon felt relaxed enough to push his finger in. He winced, and groaned. The tip of his finger had slid in, and he just sat there, waiting. Biting his lip, Keith pushed his finger up in him, and shivered from the feeling alone.
He had never once felt something like that, and closed his blue eyes. Ever so slightly, he bent his finger, licking his lips and moving his arm. He felt like a virgin girl trying to find her g-spot. Blush spread across his nose and cheeks as he moved his arm faster. Little noises tried to escape his closed mouth, even when he moved his hand against something that made the hair on his neck stand. He opened his mouth, panting and moaning.
The blush seemed to grow hotter and he couldn’t help but push another finger into his ass. The tips of his fingers brushed past something, and he bent forward more, his arm brushing his member. He looked down, and grabbed himself, stroking and fingering. The pleasure of both collided, and Keith cried out in pleasure.
He took his hands from himself, laid down, and rolled onto his side. Keith propped himself up onto his elbow, and reached behind him. He moved his leg up, and pushed his fingers back in. He stopped, and panted for a bit. He gripped his blanket in one hand, and tensed. He couldn’t touch his member if he was going to look for his prostate.
He dug around with his finger tips, hoping to come across it again. It took him five minutes to stop looking, and the next time he thrusted his fingers, he hit it. Sparks shivered up his spine to his brain, and his blue eyes widened. He did it again, and moaned out. So he did have one after all. Why hadn’t he done this before when he first started to constantly masturbate?
He moved his leg slightly, providing deeper penetration, now wishing he had a dildo to use instead of his fingers. Or something. He damn near wished for a man lover, someone to take him. He had never had these thoughts before, and it seemed to come crashing around him.
As he moved his hand, he thought about his sexuality. Was he gay or did he just like anal play? Fingers thrusting furiously, he cried out, shivering on his side. He wanted to take his fingers out, and play with his shaft, but at the same time, he wanted to keep going. Finally, he couldn’t, and yanked his fingers out, wrapping his hand around his shaft.
He thrust into his hand, moving to lay on his back. He bucked up into his hand hard, nearly bruising the base of his shaft with his hand alone. His thrusting was hard, fast, and powerful.
His blue eyes widened, and he bucked his hips up hard, thighs tensed. He nearly couldn’t hold back, and tried desperately to do so. He had to squeeze the base of his shaft to stop it from spurting out the tip. He tried to keep his hand still for a bit, trying to catch his breath, but he wasn’t sure he could do it.
He finally gave in, and stroked fast as he could, hard as he could. White fluid streamed out, landing on his chest and stomach, spraying over his hand.

Keith turned his head to the door, sleepy eyed and naked as Kailani came back into the room, tired.
“They kept me all night!”
“I know…”
“You’re tired.”
“Yes, yes I am.”

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