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The sounds of a coffee pot filled the dark kitchen in a home in France. Daniel Kuso yawned, his mouth being covered by the back of his fist as he leaned against the counter, hoping the eight cup pot would hurry and make coffee for him. His fiance, Kiara, had gone to the United States for a special modeling session with Vogue. It was a chance of a lifetime that she couldn't pass up, and Dan said he was behind her all the way. Nero stepped into the kitchen.
"You ok for the night Dan?"
"Yeah I'm fine. Shun is gonna check in later on me."
"The time difference is killing you, isn't it?"
"It's midnight where she is, isn't it?"
"Yes it is. Six in the morning here."
Dan nodded, yawning for the third time.
"Maybe you should get some sleep instead."
"No, if I do I'll be up tonight and I rather get back on schedule."
Nero nodded and teleported back to his wife in Japan. Dan got a red coffee mug down from the cabinet, the creamer from the fridge, and the sugar from the sideboard. He set it down in front of the pot, rubbing his face. He heard the last of the coffee dripping into the silver pot, then took it out, pouring himself a cup while yawning. He sat at the table with it, feeling the warmth of the dark brown liquid running from mouth to stomach, having forgot the sugar and creamer.
He sat there, thinking about Kiara and her modeling career, he just only wish he had been better to her. The thoughts depressed him. He quickly pushed them out of his mind before he went starkers and got up, stretching his long arms above his head. He finished his cup of coffee before going into the living room where he turned on the TV to watch the news. Living in France for a bit was tough at first, but after taking a course and a few extra ones, Dan was able to understand the French being spoken and could easily talk to Kiara in the language.
He made a face when something about the local library being burnt to the ground, turning off the TV and readying himself for a short nap. He went in, stripped down naked and set his alarm clock to go off around 8, "A two hour nap should do it," He murmured.
He laid down, hoping that some of the tiredness would be gone by the time he woke up. Only, he couldn't sleep. He was suddenly wide awake. He figured he was awake too long and his body was allowing him to stay up.
He sat up, making a face before sighing.
"Shower." He simply said and got up.
Dan moved his body to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. He turned the shower on, then grabbed a towel and placed it on the basin before getting in. The jet spray of hot water eased the tensed muscles in his back. His right arm hasn't been the same since the battle with Wiseman. He figured he torn some ligaments, then he had to hunt down Kiara.
He grabbed the head, knowing it could be moved about, and aimed it directly at the source of the slight throbbing pain. He sighed in contempt when it started to subside. Breathing out as he finished his shower, Dan still found that he wasn't sleepy. He put on his pajamas and grabbed a book that he bought in the store downtown. It was in complete French, but he didn't mind. He understood what he was reading. He put the horror novel down, looking about the bedroom.
He sighed as the phone rang. Picking it up, he heard a cool mechanic voice in French.
"Bonjour, c'est vos services de cartes de crédit locales qui appellent pour vous demander votre crédit."
"Mon crédit est très bien. Je n'ai même pas de carte de crédit. Retirer ce numéro de votre liste d'appels ou je serai signalez-vous à l'entreprise. Passez une bonne journée. Imbéciles."
Shaking his head, Dan hung up the phone, and having lost interest in his book he got up, walking to the window to the inky sky above and dark roads below. He scratched his elbow gently, thinking. He missed Kiara, and hoped she be home that night. He thought about calling her. Then he thought against it. He continued to look out at the dark street, knowing the sun wouldn't rise for another couple hours.
Shrugging, he went and got himself another cup of coffee, and made some homefries. He saw they had no eggs, but he shrugged, getting the bread down to have toast. Once that was done, he decided to go for a walk to pass the time. He didn't meet a soul while out. He walked down to the local cafe which opened early for the early birds, bought himself a coffee, then walked back slowly. People were out by now, and those who never seen Dan before were wondering what such a sharp eyed young man was doing in France. He didn't seem to look French, but Japanese.
He unlocked the door to the apartment and went in, sighing. He set his brown paper cup down and looked around, as if expecting her to walk out in the open. But when she didn't, he had to remind himself that she was in the states. Grumpy, he walked around, trying to find something to do. He couldn't find a damn thing. Sighing he sat back down on the couch. Making a face, Dan tried to think of something to do.
He looked about the apartment. Bored, and slowly getting horny, he decided to head down to the library to see if he coudn't find anything to read down there. Then he changed his mind.
He kicked up a temper and stormed around the apartment. He was unsure of what to do, and what he could do, and this horny feeling wasn't going away. He groaned as he looked out the window. Bored, that was all he was. Bored. And horny, and in need of a second shower.
Dan headed towards the bathroom. He turned the shower on for the second time that day. He stripped down. He was hard as he stepped in, barely noticing it. It wasn't until he got to washing his body did he finally realize it.
"Sheesh. Warn me next time?"
He shook his head. He finished up, but stayed under the hot spray. He was just thinking. He gave that up and looked down, seeing his member sticking out and hard. He just stared for a bit before taking it in his hand. Slowly, he ran it down to the base and back up. He took a deep breath, and leaned against the wall, continuing the motion. He shut his eyes, enjoying the feeling. He bit his lip.
Dan knew the water probably get cold before he finished, so he turned it off, shivering in the cold breeze that followed. He breathed deeply as he continued to stroke his shaft, closing his eyes and imagining that she had her hand on him, her mouth close to the head. He gave a little whimper to the idea.
He felt something cold on his back and stopped long enough to shut off the water, glaring at it as if to say 'how DARE you' and made his way out. He dried off and went to the bedroom to finish what he started. He laid on the bed, kicking up his legs to lay back entirely. He looked at the ceiling before taking ahold of his shaft again, continuing where he left off.
He stroked along, feeling the veins in his member throbbing as his fingers ran over them. He moaned out, his back arching. He squeezed his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. The pleasure was slightly overwhelming. He grunted as he thrusts up into his fist, sweat starting to appear in a sheen on his skin. He moaned out, thinking of her again, of her lips surrounding his shaft. He panted out, his back arching up, thrusting his hips, gathering more and more pleasure just building up in his cock.
Just the image of Kiara naked under him was enough to drive him to the edge. He whimpered, knowing that if she was there, she would have this already taken care of. Whimpers and moans filled the room little by little. He couldn't see his eyelids at all, just daydreaming of her while stroking himself.
Seeing her stroking, sucking, nipping, biting even, licking, swallowing, anything she did that drove him crazy. And if that drove him crazy, then sex itself drove him right insane. When her warm, wet tight cave slid over his shaft when she was on top, or when he slid into it being on top, he nearly always saw stars. He finally moaned without whimpering. His eyes snapped open, and he sat up lightly, teeth gritting as he stroked himself. He continued to pound his fist along his length.
He felt it right there, right at the tip. Just a little bit more would make him explode. He could feel it, numbing his member. Before he knew it, he was blowing, cumming on his hands, thighs and belly. He continued to put, being careful to squeeze the head of his member, milking himself. Dan panted softly, seeing the mess that was made.
He got up gingerly, wincing as he tucked himself away after using a cloth to clean his member of the white sticky fluid that came out of him. He started a load of laundry, and spent the rest of the day checking out the porn forums him and Kiara tended to use. Kiara walked in, visibally tired and looked up.
"Please tell me you're on our favorite porn forum, there was a post about Pegging I want you to look at."
"Great minds think alike." He smiled at her as she ran over to see if he really was on it.

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