Professor Clay\'s Experiment

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“Are you sure?”
“I’m positive.” Professor Clay said, pulling his pants up.
The woman who helped collect his semen shook her head. She felt bad for the oldest kid in the family, young Keith, who had such a promising future, and now it was going to be ripped away from him.
He was a homosexual, and it didn’t bother her in the least bit. He didn’t flaunt it like many men she knew in Vestal, he hid it rather well without meaning to, if only his voice wasn’t as flirty as it was, but not even he could help that.
She always thought he had his eye on a guy, and he did, as he confided in her, that it was Gus Grav, a local boy from the farming side of Vestal. She had seen him when he delivered mail to the lab. He had long blue hair, and the brightest green eyes she had ever seen. He was hotter than hell, but not as much as the male crushing on him.
She knew both Keith and Gus had their female student classmates after them, but she started to notice how Gus would turn them down. She wondered if it was because Keith showed a little interest.
“Let’s go.”
“Sir don’t you think this is a little over the top? He’s your son!”
“I don’t care. He’s the perfect one to do this to.”
“But he is your son!” She tried yet again to stop him, but his answer was the same.
Keith was strapped to a table, naked as the day he was born, and out cold. Her hands shook seeing the boy she known since childhood laying there, an IV in his hand, pumping fluids to make him able to become pregnant. She dropped the tray in her hand, thankfully not spilling the semen.
“DON’T YOU DARE FUCK THIS UP!” Clay bellowed.
His temper had been on the rise since attacking his own son and hooking him up, and she received the end.
“I can’t stand here and watch you do this! He’s such a nice boy and you are about to hurt him!” With tears in her eyes, and the last bit of dignity she could muster, the assistant marched out of the room, never to look back again.
The professor picked up the tray himself, and marched to his boy. With the help of another assistant, this time male, he held up the cup of semen upside down, and inserted the tip of a long needle into the cap, pulling it out. He flicked the syringe and pushed a little out, then looked to the other.
“Hormone level has reached its potency sir.”
He inserted the long needle into his sons’ belly, seeing the skin give way and allowing the needle through. Using a piece of equipment from the hospital, Clay planted the seed in the egg, and smirked.
“It’s done.”

Keith woke up, bile rising in his throat, and turned his head.
Keith turned his head, seeing his father, sister, and holy shit Gus Grav sitting there, worried. He was shocked to see him.
“You fell out of bed and hit your head last night.” Keith’s father explained.
He felt behind his head, and sure enough, the egg sized lump was enough to explain. He laid back down, and swallowed hard.
“I think I’m about to puke…”
He heard the sounds of someone grabbing something as he sat up, hand over his mouth. He didn’t realize it was Gus holding the pan in front of his face as he let out a stream of vomit. Coughing and choking, Keith felt Gus patting his back, helping him. When he finished, he laid back down, and Gus emptied the pan.
Mira moved closer to her brother, aware that he was ill.
“Oh Keith…”
“I’m fine. Just sick.”
“Maybe more.” His father said with an odd little smile, but neither child realized that look.
He stood up, and put his back to him, smirking. His plan was going according to plan. If he could keep it under control, Keith would deliver in nine months time.
Gus came back with a clean pan and sat on the bed, helping Keith sit up. The blond winced. His stomach hurt and he felt a sharp stabbing pain in his belly. It was like someone had pushed a needle from his skin to his stomach, and he groaned.
“It’s alright.” Gus said, holding Keith against him.
Tears welled in his eyes as vomit flew out of his mouth. Mira jumped out of the way while Gus simply put the pan back to the boys face. Clay walked out of the room, and to the bedroom off of the kitchen. He sat at his desk, and pulled his laptop out.

The experiment is a sucess so far. Keith has accepted the fertilized egg rather easily, something I was not expecting. Morning sickness has kicked in already, as if he’s been pregnant for more than a month.
What made me think of my own son was his sexual taste. Men. Of all that he could have chosen, it was men. Perhaps this is my revenge. I didn’t want a homo for a son. Cake tester. That’s all he is.

Clay shut his laptop without saving, angry that Mira had to come in at such an important moment. He put on a face that he hoped would make her think otherwise, and turned around, smiling.
“What is it Mira?”
“Will Keith be ok?” She was obviously concerned.
“Of course he will be. He most likely has a stomach flu, or its side effects from medicine I gave him last night from his fall.”
“He will be fine Mira.” Clay said, standing up.
“Yes, I promise.” He smiled as he took a hold of her shoulders.
Mira smiled, and turned to go check on her brother. Keith was shivering and shaking, sweating and vomiting. Her poor brother was ill, and if she had observed correctly, their father didn’t even care. He was too busy with a recent experiment that she knew nothing about.
Keith coughed and passed out in Gus’s arms, clammy and cold, yet hot. Gus once more emptied the pan, and returned to wrap Keith in his blanket, and then put on the fan, aiming it at him. Keith was sick looking, pale and under the weather. Gus was concerned.
He sat by him all night and day, keeping an eye on the blond all through the night.

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