Wham Bam Thank You Ma\'am

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She was a looker; he couldn’t deny himself that as he watched her chase the blue haired girl down the hall. Ace Grit sweat dropped when both girls fell over, and he face palmed shortly after. His best friend, Baron Leltoy, looked over at him.
“What is it?”
“Huh? Nothing Baron.” Ace said, and blinked as Julie Makimoto yanked up Runo Misaki.
He didn’t love her, but damn, he wanted to bang her until he couldn’t even get it up. He didn’t know where this feeling came from, just knew that it was there.
“Let’s get something to eat!”
“You’re always hungry!”
“I know!” Baron took off to the kitchen for a snack.
Ace shook his head, and slowly followed, running into Mira on the way.
“Sorry Ace!”
“Where are you going in such a hurry?!”
“I’m trying to find Dan!”
Anger surged through him at the mention of his name. He was crushing on Mira, looking at Julie. How did he get his ass in that predicament?
“Ace!” Julie yelled out as she was on the other side of the bridge connecting the rooms across the zoo.
He looked over his shoulder at her, and smiled. Mira glowered at that smile. She wanted it to be meant for her, not Julie.
“Come help me with supper!” Julie cried out to him.
Mira glanced at him. He turned his back, and walked across the bridge. He had a slight sway to his hips. His butt completely moved from side to side. He walked like a model would on the runway. Body straight, toe-heel toe-heel. Maybe he was gay, which would be grea-
What was she thinking? Ace wouldn’t do anything with Julie, as far as he was concerned she was probably an idiot anyways. Mira waved the thoughts aside, and continued to look for Dan.
Julie led him to the kitchen, all the while having to look up to look him in the eyes.
I wonder if all Vestals are tall for their ages…
Ace had to be nearly six feet tall, if he wasn’t…then he would be rather soon growing at that rate. At least a head taller then she was.
They turned into the spacious kitchen where Julie headed directly for the fridge. When he reached her, she started to just pour veggies into his arms. Just when Ace couldn’t take no more, Julie sat the last bit on the top of the pile.
Ace turned, and let the veggies fall out of his arms and onto the large counter, and eyed one rolling away from him. He bent at the waist, and grabbed it with one long arm and a cucumber. Julie had happened to look right when the back of his shirt came up, revealing his tanned back.
She looked up to see his grey eyes trained lightly on the escaped tomato and hauled it back, his lashes over his cheeks. She looked away when one eye trailed back, hoping he hadn’t seen her.
Acting like he hadn’t, Ace grabbed the nearest sharp butcher knife and started to cut up the veggies. He had seen her, and also saw down her belly shirt when she bent over just the slightest bit, revealing the cleavage under the bright colored shirt.
Oh he wanted her more than five minutes ago. Just to bang the hell out of her would be fine. Just to stick his cock deep into her.
Ace slapped himself stupid mentally, telling himself there was no way in hell he could do that to her. He chopped up the peppers, and put them in a bowl for Julie.
He had to really concentrate to keep his eyes on the potato in front of him, but he couldn’t. He turned around, putting the knife down gently, and walked right up to her, directly behind her.
He waited until the knife she was using was lying down, and she put her arms above her head to stretch for his own safety, and grabbed her around her waist.
His hands splayed across her bare flat belly, fingers digging in slightly. She looked down to see his fingers splayed. She could think of only one thing going through his mind when his head dipped down between her arm and head, going for her neck.
Something hot, wet, and soft touched her tanned skin, like velvet against satin. His hands moving to her pink shorts, unbuckling her white belt and letting it droop to the sides. His hands next went to her fly, pulling the zipper down.
She knew what he wanted, and at this rate, he was going to get it. Ace’s hand dipped under the band of her panties, and slid down further to cup her womanhood. She let a gasp out as he slid a finger inside, moving his hand in a jerking like movement.
“Dammit.” He muttered, and grabbed a hold of her shorts, ripping them down to her thighs.
She was bared enough for the world to know for that Julie was definitely a female. He didn’t bother to bare her breasts as he bent over enough to penetration deeply. She heard the sound of a belt being undone, and a zipper getting pulled down.
Hands were back on her hips and something prodded her. If she didn’t want this, then why wasn’t she stopping it? She held onto the table for dear life, and saw the knife. She reached over, and for a minute, Ace thought she would use it against him, but she pushed it farther from herself, way out of arms reach.
She gripped the table, and looked behind her but he wouldn’t let her. He pushed the tip in, and bent over her slightly, holding onto her hips.
“Go ahead.” She said.
He pulled her hips to him, impaling her. She cried out at the sudden motion of his body. He had slightly thrusted forward when he pulled her back, and was now thrusting slowly. He seemed to have been a good size, but Julie knew he would get bigger as he grew.
He seemed to fit against her like the matching puzzle piece. He let one hand move up to fondle a breast under her shirt while he kept the other on her hip, thrusting.
She easily found a way to move and keep the beat with him. She would push her hips back slightly whenever he would thrust forward. His hands were gentle, which was not what she thought he could be.
Ace started to go faster, thrusting his hips much more fierce. She then realized that this sex session would be their only one ever, he wouldn’t return to her, it was only a Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am.
He bent and bit the top of her ear, his grey orbs half lidded. He closed them and nipped lightly. It was as if he wanted to be loving, but wouldn’t be loving. He was moving faster and faster by the minute.
His mouth found her neck, and she reached behind her for his hips, holding them while he moved, but she would have to move her hands when he grabbed her leg, and held it up at the thigh, thrusting. He was watching himself have sex with her, watching as he disappeared and reappeared.
His eyes grew wide, and his pleasure waves grew larger. At the moment, he didn’t care if Julie came or not, all he cared was fucking her, and coming. He squeezed his eyes shut as the first wave of pleasure rolled by him.
He used his other hand to grab the waist farthest from him, holding her in place, her shorts dangling off the foot in the air. He grabbed them, and yanked them off, dropping them by his own foot.
His hips fast and rough, slamming into her with everything he had. He was about ready to blow. When he did, he held onto her waist and leg, pressing tight against her. He came hard, shaking. He gave a few jerks, his mouth emitting little nearly inaudible gasps.
Julie was so close, but he didn’t deliver her to what she needed herself. He pulled out, zipped up, buckled up, and walked back to his counter.
She couldn’t rub herself, she would drag attention and by the looks of it, Ace didn’t want that.
“Well…”She whispered to herself as she pulled herself back together, “Wham bam thank you ma’am.”

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