Happy Birthday Asa

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Asa yawned as she put the coffee on for the morning. Shaking her head clear of last nights dream, she sat at the table with two empty mugs, the coffee creamer, and sugar. She yawned again as Nero walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but black.

“Morning babe.”

“How can you not be tired Nero? I’m bone dead here!”

“I’m used to it!”

“Nero you have been getting up at four for years.”

Nero smiled, and got a bite to eat while she sat there, yawning. When the coffee was done, he poured them both a cup.

“Drink up or the kids will wonder why mommy’s face is in her mug.”

“Oh shut up Nero.”

The spy smiled and scratched his head.

“Are the kids going to your sisters?”

“No, Khloe said she take them. Kiara and Dan are going to Gundalia...did I say that right?”


“Well their going up there to visit Vitani.”


Asa slowly drank her coffee, and kissed Nero when he left for work. She finished her coffee and started her daily chores.

With everything done at nine that morning, Asa poured herself a cup of coffee and sat on the front porch swing to see Dan and Kiara going up the walk.

“Having trouble?”

“No dumbass here forgot the key code!”

Dan glared at his wife, and Asa chuckled and took a sip of her coffee.

“Three six nine five eight ten.” Asa rolled off while Dan looked at her wide eyed and Kiara went in for something.

“Hey mom, do you have those tights still?”


“Wrong ones…”

“OH! The ones I used for Halloween?”

“Yeah I wanna modify my skirt.”

“You would. In the drawer.”

Kiara came out moments later with a pair of black and yellow tights in her hand.

“Thanks mom!”

“Go see your aunt; I’m sure she’s overjoyed to see you.”

“Me, not dumbass.”


Asa chuckled as they went down the walk, and headed off. The kids she knew were probably with Khloe. She had taken Alex and Jiro to her earlier in the day, around when Shun got up.

It was lunch, and she was getting some homemade lasagna to eat when Nero had called her.


“Nero...that tone…”

Nero laughed on the other end. He wasn’t in Japan no more, she could tell.

“Where are you?”




“Dear god Nero!”

She heard him laughing.

“Do me a favor.”


“Run down to the shop where Dan works.”


“Calm down! There’s a package there for you.”


“Just go get it!” With that Nero hung up, and Asa was left standing with the phone in her hand, looking at it.

It was raining when she went to town, grumbling about how fast the weather changed. She put the umbrella down when she went into the shop. Like her father, Danielle also worked there, and smiled at her grandmother.

“Hi Grammy.”


“Filling in for dad.”


“Oh Grammy…Watcha need?”

“Your grandfather said he had something for me to pick up.”

“Yep!” She handed Asa a small box.

She took it and left after being told it was already paid for.

Asa was soaking wet by the time she got home, and slammed the door shut against the weather.

“How did we go from having a nice warm morning to a shitty afternoon…”

She got a knife from the drawer, and slit the top open, then cut the tape holding the sides closed. Inside the box laid a bustier and vibrator. She blinked, and took out the items. Both were red. She laid the bustier on the table, and looked at the vibrator when a note fell from the toy.

Wear this tonight. I’m bringing home some fast food from America tonight.

It was nearly supper time, and Asa had showered and changed into the bustier. The bottom part was styled like a garter, and she threw on a pair of black stockings she had, holding them in place with the garters. She closed it with the hook and eye catch on the back, wincing slightly as she forced her arm back too far. The stretchy red lace on the bottom and around the cups had a flower pattern, something she liked.

She looked at the little red bow with a rhinestone accent, and took the straps off the bustier. She could hold it up just fine. She felt her waist, knowing that the boning was metal. Finally she threw on her black thong, and looked in the mirror as she slid on black sandals.

She picked up the vibrator. It looked like a tube of lipstick, and she pulled the cap off, seeing that it continued its discreet nature by looking like it. She put the watch batteries into it and placed it just so on the bed just as the door opened.



She could hear him laughing as she walked out slowly, trying not to trip on a pair of heels she hadn’t worn for a good year. She stumbled and fell into his arms. Nero wrapped them around her, and picked her up.

“I got supper but let’s have fun first.”

“Whatcha get?”

“Not telling.”


He smirked as he took her back to the room.

“I hope you like your present.”

“I wasn’t expecting this today.”

“That’s helpful!”

“Sorry.” She giggled as he sat her on the bed.

Nero smirked as he watched her fall back, her legs going up slightly and he caught her ankles. She gasped when he took her heels and threw them aside. She watched him reach down, opening the clasps on the garter, and taking her stockings off.

“Why do you do that?”

“I have no idea.”


He smiled as he hugged her legs to his chest. The day had gone well so far he thought. He then spread her legs and got between them, settling him over her. They kissed and hugged, no longer having that wild urge to have sex while swinging from the lamps. Not with kids around they couldn’t.

He kissed her gently, cupping a breast through the soft cup of her bustier. He was gentle, but she knew he would hurry and become rough. He seemed to move a bit, and kissed her a bit harder. She felt as if the bustier was getting hot, nearly wanting to melt out of it. She wanted it off, needed it off. She hadn’t remembered feeling this way for a long time.

She hoped he wasn’t being like this only for her birthday. His kisses went further, over her jaw and down to her breast. He gently reached behind her and undid all the hooks and eye catches, releasing her from the bustier.

She had just put her hands on his shoulders when he stood up, unbuttoning his jeans. She watched with hunger as he slowly took his shirt off.

“Hurry up or I’m ripping your clothes off!”

“Yeah right.”

“Nero I did it before.”

“I know…”

She then sat up, and he hurried before she could rip his clothes to shreds. She already ripped his good shirt one day a few years back from him. He wondered if she had mended it, or if she simply threw it away. He took his jeans off, and slid his leg onto the bed, then hoisted himself up onto it. He felt something hard under his hand, and saw the lipstick vibrator he had bought her.

“Have you tried this out yet?” He asked.

“No, I wanted to wait for you.”

He made a surprised face. Asa normally tried them out just to see if they worked for her, but this time she didn’t. It may have been because it was a lipstick looking thing. He picked it up, noticed she put the batteries in, and turned it on.

The amount of noise didn’t shock them, or concern them. It was damn near quiet. He helped her out of the thong and pushed her legs apart. She laid on her back, taking in a deep breath and waited him to put the vibrator on her clit. She heard the tiny engine going, and braced herself.

When she didn’t feel the vibrations, she opened her eyes just as he put the tip on her nipple. She gasped at the sensation, even thought the vibrator wasn’t the strongest she owned. She watched as he circled her nipple with the tip of the red lipstick

She watched as he dragged it slowly to the other breast while leaning down, taking the one he just teased into his mouth, sucking lightly on it as she moaned out softly. She put a hand in his hair, and watched him suck on her nipple then turn to watch him drag the vibrator around her breast. She breathed with her mouth open as he slid the toy down her stomach, keeping it on low. He sat up after kissing her full on the lips, and gently spread her slick folds apart, and found her clit in nearly a second. It was like he was more than trained to find that special spot on her. He gently lowered the vibrator to it.

She gave a gasp as the gentle tremors hit her special spot, making her eyes widened. She wanted to grip his arm and make him stop, knowing if she didn’t, she be completely gone, but she just couldn’t stop him. He gently pressed a little, and turned the vibrator to its medium level. Nero watched as Asa’s mouth opened to cry out.

She slightly moved her hips, and spread her legs wider apart, wanting to feel it more. She looked up at the ceiling, her hands supporting her thighs. She licked her lips and closed her eyes. She focused on her core and the vibrations.

Nero gently moved the toy around, hoping to bring her to a slow orgasm. She was moving slightly, trying to get more pleasure. She gripped the sheets, and arched her back. The sheets became rumpled from her fists, and he pulled the toy away. She looked up at him with a groan.

“Don’t worry, “Nero chuckled, “I’ll put it back later.”

“You better!”

He chuckled. Nero then got up, and yanked her up off the bed. Asa watched as he grabbed the chair from her vanity, and placed it a leg amount away from the bed. She watched as he got situated, looking like he was doing backwards pushups with his hands on the bed and his feet on the chair.

“Well come on.”

She shook her head, and straddled him. She put her hands on his shoulders, and looked at him.


She nodded and impaled herself upon him. She licked her lips and looked at him. Slowly, Nero started to push up on his arms as if doing backward pushups. He was thrusting without moving his hips. It was completely in his arms. His work in the FBI kept him fit and strong enough for his arms to completely bear the weight of his body.

He pushed up on his hands against, sliding into her and back down, letting his elbows lax. Asa gasped as she felt his length fill her, then empty out of her. She gritted her teeth when he moved his legs enough to cause his hips to tilt, and drive into her g-spot. He continued, slowly moving his body, not wanting to rush himself.

She threw her head back, and begun to bend her knees to help him. She was slow at first, and then gently picked up speed to match his. She took her hands off his shoulders to keep her from applying pressure on him or causing him to fall over. She started to rock her hips while bouncing on her legs. She felt the need to do something with her hands.

She bent forward; causing him to slip out as she grabbed her new vibrator, then pushed him back into her. As they moved together, she turned it on high, and slid it around her rock hard nipples, making herself gasp and moan. Their bodies together rocked and pushed, creating friction.

She looked down to watch him disappear in her, holding the vibrator off to the side. She was too busy watching to notice the toy slipping from her fingers. Nero’s hand shot out and caught it, and they tumbled. Asa laughed as she lay on her side, and Nero went to her.

“You ok?”

“Yes.” She was laughing as he got over her.

Nero had a smile on his lips as he pulled her to him, sat her up, and gently slid back in. She put her hands on his shoulders, wrapping her arms around him and kissed him. He was gently this time, slowly moving her up and down his shaft. She moved her lips to his neck, kissing slowly, feeling her climax growing.

She nuzzled him gently, and offered a little moan, arching her back against him and looking into his eyes. He knew then she was in the area of no return. She opened her legs and moved on her feet, bouncing on the balls of her toes. She gasped out, moaning shortly after from her release, feeling him become slick with her juices. Nero leaned back, resting on his hands. She could tell he was close himself. He was slowly rocking on his ass, trying to drive himself up into her hard. She leaned back, pushing down and squeezing his shaft. His response amused her. He jolted, his hair swinging past his face. He bucked his hips up, riding into her.

As her muscles squeezed him, Nero dipped his chin to his chest, and then threw his head back, crying out. His hips bucked up once, and she felt something warm fill her. She went forward, wrapped her arms around his neck.

They shared a soft kiss, and nuzzled together, nestling close to the other’s skin.

“Have fun?”


Nero smiled, kissed her, and cradled her.

“Happy Birthday Asa.”


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