Seducing the Queen

BY : KISSRockette
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The Neathians were hard at work, but none more then Fabia Sheen, Queen of Neathia. As the alien sat on the throne, she sighed. She desperately wanted to be back in the home she shared with her husband Ahadi and her children.
Being a queen just didn’t suit her. It wasn’t like her to sit all day on her ass. Since Serena became Ambassador, Fabia was stuck being the queen. She couldn’t wait until night time. She would see him at the stove, cooking for their children.
“Queen Fabia.”
“It’s nighttime.”
Fabia tore from the room.

Ahadi had to keep from tripping over the little girl.
“Whoa there!” He laughed as he set the skillet on the table.
Elesa ran around the kitchen, trying to help out.
“I’M HYPER!” She yelled out.
“I can tell…” Ahadi sweat dropped.
He had his long black hair tied up in a high ponytail, his aqua-blue eyes constantly checking to the door to see when his precious wife gets home. Fabia came through the door, happy to be away from the castle.
“When you die mommy!” The little girl said.
Fabia stood there with her mouth a gaped. Chuckling, the dark skinned one of the family closed her mouth, and said, “Better keep it shut, because if you don’t I will make sure it stays open.” He added a wink and sat down after the others did.
Fabia shook her head, and sat with her family.

The kids were in bed, and Fabia was in the shower. Ahadi figured it wouldn’t hurt to pull out an erotica that a friend of Ren’s got him for a secret Santa thing. He hadn’t ever opened it, and even when asked by Fabia, he told her that it was because he was busy with the kids.
He pulled the first of three. Fifty Shades of Grey. Laying on the bed in his pajama’s, Ahadi opened the book, and begun to read. He already hated it. He dropped it onto the floor just as Fabia walked in from the bathroom, naked.
“Didn’t like it?”
“Hell no. It sounds like that fucking Twilight book I read a while back.”
Fabia chuckled.
“What are you going to do with it?”
“I’ll sell it on the Earth internet. Perhaps some poor sap on there will like it. Marucho can help me get Neathian currency out of it for me.”
Fabia finished drying off, put the towel in the basket, and crawled into bed with him. He smiled and put an arm around her, reaching to turn the lights off.

Fabia awoke in the morning to see that Ahadi already had the kids gone off to school. She yawned as she sat up, ruffling her blue hair. Since she was already showered and cleaned, she grabbed a bra and panty set from the closet, and took it with her to the bathroom.
She got dressed in the leopard patterned bra, g-string, and garter belt and a pair of white stockings. She got into her garb and walked to the kitchen.
“Another day like this…”
“Actually…I called you out sick.” Ahadi smiled over his shoulder.
“You can do that?”
“Well. You just gotta stay inside.”
“Really? Thanks Ahadi…I could at least go outside…”
“Well no one would think to come here. I told them you didn’t want anyone to bother you.”
“When did you think of this?”
“Last night when you looked so tired you would have fallen on your ass.”
Fabia had to agree.
“Are the kids off to school?”
“I think you know the answer to that.”
She did.

They sat together on the couch. Fabia had changed into a school girls lazy version of a outfit. The shoulder to her white sweater showed her own. He changed the channel on the TV and she looked up at the clock to see that it was only ten in the morning.
“I can’t believe it’s still morning…”
“Doesn’t feel like it does it?”
“No…it doesn’t.”
She looked up at him. Her pale skin clashed against his dark skin, making her seemed impossibly whiter, and him impossibly darker.
“I’m bored…”
“Let’s go have fun then.” He kissed her on the temple and got up, pulling her to her feet.
Fabia allowed him to pull her to their room. She walked in a lazy like manner as he shut the door to the bed.
“Fabia.” Ahadi chuckled and stripped his shirt off.
She didn’t even notice as she let herself fall onto her stomach. He smiled and scratched the back of his head.
She looked up at him, and her eyes widened, a blush went across her face, and she sat herself up. He walked to her and got onto the bed. He pulled her close by her head, kissing her gently. She kissed him back, wanting him to hold her more. She felt him nuzzle her against her cheek, felt his arms start to slide around her body.
She felt him hug her tightly to his body, his dark complexion meshing with hers. His hair tickled her nose and she screwed up her face. She didn’t realize he was aiming to take her clothing off. She realized when her shirt was up over her breasts.
He smiled as he revealed the animal print bra. She still had the strong urge to cover herself up, but tried hard to keep it under wraps. He gently cupped a breast while yanking on her skirt. He managed to pull it off, leaving her in stockings, garter belt, bra and panties.
He took a good look at her. She blushed and looked down.
“You’re beautiful.” He murmured to her.
Fabia blushed and looked up at him.
“You would think so.”
“I do think so.”
She looked up at him. He nuzzled her and touched noses. She giggled and allowed him to completely wrap his arms around her body, and force her over. She looked up at him.
“Oh I know what you want.”
“I’m sure you do, but I’m doing all the work this time. We have plenty of time before the kids come home.”
Fabia smiled at him as he shed his bottoms, and got over her, partially naked. She put her hands on his sides, and dragged them down, rubbing her thumbs over his six pack abs. He smiled down at her.
“Let’s try something that we haven’t really done.”
“Let’s try sixty-nining again.”
“But that hurt me! You fell on me last time!”
“I’ll hold you this time.”
He explained it to her.
“So…I’m going to be upside down?”
“You can use your arms to stabilize yourself. I know you have strong arms Fabia. You threw that boy.”
Fabia easily remembered throwing Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami. She also had thrown Cecili, but never told anyone due to the tall woman coming back and giving her a pounding for it.
“Well what about my legs?!”
“Wrap them around my neck.”
“You really thought this through…”
Fabia sighed, and got up to get rid of her underwear.
“Hang on.”
She looked at him.
“Keep the bra and garter and stockings on.”
He smiled at her and she undid the garter, pulled her g-string off, and redid it. She went to move to sit on his lap but he stood up to take off his own underwear. He stood in front of her, tall dark and sexy. He pulled her to his body, kissing her gently. She suddenly was picked up from the ground, and he sat on the bed quickly.
She looked at him.
“Ready?” He asked.
She nodded, and he easily flipped her. She quickly put her hands next to his body on each side, balancing herself while wrapping her legs around his neck. His own arms supported her, but she still done so out of precaution. He smiled as his hands tightened on her skin.
He lowered his head, poked out his tongue, and begun to torture her. She watched his member harden, and felt his tongue on her lips. He circled the tip of his tongue around her entrance, and went over it entirely. She groaned. He was teasing her.
He removed his mouth.
“Would you get busy?”
She opened her mouth and took him in. He filled her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She growled and bit down slightly, and moved her head. He chuckled as she begun to bob her head. She closed her eyes, feeling him against her tongue. He lowered his head once again, and licked along her lips.
She moaned, sending vibrations through his dick. He didn’t seem to notice as he sought out her clit. When he found it, he flicked it. She opened her eyes and cried out. Her back arched and he felt it. Her body stiffened upside in his arms. He smirked as he sucked on it, making her cry out more. She wrenched her head away from his member.
He kept going, licking faster and faster. Fabia groaned. She tried hard to focus on his dick but couldn’t. She kept trying. When she finally just couldn’t do it no more, she focused on the pleasure pulsing through her core.
She found that she focused too much when she came for him. Her body stiffened up and she cried out. Ahadi gently got her back upright, and held her in his arms. She was panting hard, and he laid her down.
“You ok?”
“Y-yeah.” She smiled.
He got over her.
He suddenly pushed into her, making her cry out. She knew she should have expected that, but she didn’t. His member filled her, and she curled her limbs around him, waiting for the thrusting to begin. He looked at her, cupped her face and kissed her lips.
Fabia kissed Ahadi back, and melted into his body. He gently moved his hips. Her body reacted instantly. She ached her back and cried out. He smirked as he dragged his lips and tongue over her neck. Her nails dragged down his back, leaving marks. His tongue and teeth clamped on a nipple of hers, and she looked down.
He licked and sucked, nipping and biting. Fabia moaned out. She bucked her hips up to meet his thrusts, feeling his hips beginning to move faster. He rolled into her, moving just right.
“Ahadi…” She moaned out.
He kissed her tenderly despite his fast thrusting. She arched her back, unable to know if she was going to stand it anymore. He always had been good in bed; there was no doubt about that. Her body would simply react to him. She always needed him, always wanted him. She kissed him when his lips found hers, and sucked in his tongue.
He found himself thinking of her giving him head, and groaned out. She sucked and licked around his tongue, only making the image in his head worse. He moaned as he pushed back into her, feeling her walls tighten. He held her close. Their hands on each other’s shoulders. Their lips pressed against each other. She gave a single shiver, and came for the second time.
He wanted her to hit three. Ahadi continued to thrust into her, bringing her legs up by her head, holding them at the thighs. It deepened his thrusting. He groaned and kissed her, holding her legs. Fabia wanted to wrap them around him, but he wasn’t allowing it.
He smirked down at her. Her face was pink, sweaty, and definitely hot. Her green eyes opened. She moaned and arched her back. Her nails scratched the last bit of his shoulders that she could hold onto, making him moan. He kissed her, needing his release now.
She looked into his eyes. He suddenly squeezed them shut. His back arched and he pushed in one final time, releasing in her. She felt his body jerking from the powerful orgasm, and held onto him. Their arms and legs intertwined with each other the minute he let go of her thighs.
She held onto him, and kissed his chin and cheek.
“Have fun?” He asked.
Fabia nodded and nuzzled his cheek. The bed was rumpled worse than ever as he pulled out of her and laid next to her. He balanced his head on his hand, and put a arm around her belly.
“Have fun?”
She nodded and rolled towards him. They shared a small kiss, and then he pulled the blankets over them, and helped her out of the rest of her underwear. He held her gently in his arms as she fell asleep. He himself couldn’t sleep. He knew he would have to get up in a few hours to welcome home the kids.

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