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JJ Finally had what she wanted, her life fulfilled. Sorta. Marucho was still upset with Ren, but the rest managed to forgive him, though Shun as well not as easily, and Fabia as well but all it took was Shun kicking her off a cliff.
She sat on the bed, looking online at a gaming site in a language she knew when Ren came into the room.
"Hey Ren!" She said, smiling.
"Hey." He smiled back, sitting down next to her.
"You know, you never showed me what you looked like. I've seen Gundalians before you know."
"Yeah I know."
"Then show me yours!" She said, bouncing on the bed like a child.
"Eh..." Ren was still uncomfortable with his Gundalian look and size.
He wasn't entirely sure if he was ready to show her what he looked like yet. Sure she's seen Gundalians, but what if him only creeped her out and made her go running to the rest of the group.
"I don't know JJ."'
"Oh come on!"
He looked at her.
"I...I really don't know."
"Pwease?" She gave him that damned puppy look, and he hung his head.
"Fine...fine...just don't go screaming and running alright?" He said, allowing himself to change.
She gasped at the look of him, pretending to be scared which of course got him worked up.
"Oh Ren I'm sorry! I really didn't know how upset you get when confronted like that!"
"Well you do now..."
"Poor Ren."
He looked up at her, sighing as he put a hand over her shoulder.
"This wouldn't be good for those kinds of interaction."
He looked at her. She smiled at him, then fell back. He followed suit, laying next to her, talking softly. They both looked up at the ceiling at the same time. They looked at each other, then broke out in laughter, rolling onto their sides away from the other. He looked over at her, seeing her having to use a pillow to completely hide her face.
"Hey now." He smiled and gently tugged it away, "You have to admit, it was funny how we did that."
"I-I guess so!"
He gently cuddled up to her, holding her around her waist best he could. The claws didn't make it easy.
"Gah. Let me change back." He said.
Ren was about to when JJ put her hand on his shoulder.
"Don't do that. So what if you look different than me?"
"You humans don't normally see blue horned people around here do you?"
"But nothing." He changed back quickly and looked at her.

That night they laid side by side in a thunder storm ridden town, hearing the wind moan around their home. JJ curled up to Ren, still awake as she listened to the storm. She heard his breathing, listening to the sound of it as he cuddled her in his sleep. She looked over at him to see his peaceful sleeping face.
She turned onto her other side, seeing Ren full on. How she wanted to see him in that form again, she thought it was rather nice that he could go back and forth between looks. A brief thought of wondering if he could mix them made her giggle. Even more when the thoughts started turning perverted. The giggling alone woke up Ren, who stretched and rubbed an eye.
"Nothing." She cuddled more into his chest, smiling as he wrapped his arms around her, "Just...thinking."
"Well, your true form."
Ren stiffened in her arms, but he sighed.
"I like it. I don't want you to be ashamed of it around me."
Ren knew she wouldn't lie about that, but he couldn't help but be ashamed of it. It was his race after all that hurt them, hurt her. He felt that he had every good reason to be very ashamed of it.
"Please change again for me?"
"Do I have to?"
"No, but I would like you to."
"Why, it's not like it's special."
"I think it is..."
He looked at her. How could his Gundalian form be special? He really didn't think it was, but if it would make JJ happy, he supposed he could show her again. He allowed his energy to run low, forcing him into his old form. He felt tired, and rolled from her, not wanting to hurt her with the horns on his body.
Her arms wrapped around him, snuggling him.
"Think we can do anything while you're like this?"
Ren jumped up out of bed, half scared and half shocked that she would suggest sex at a time like this. He was very unsure of the effects it could possibly have on her.
"Please Ren! You have to face this!" She begged.
He knew he had to, but he really didn't want to. Sweatdropping, Ren hung his head, hoping to avoid it. But that wasn't going to work as she reached up to grab his shoulders, pulling him back down to the bed. He sighed, and gave in finally.
"See, it's not so bad is it?"
He had to admit, it wasn't, but he was unsure how claws, fangs and horns would fair against someone who had soft satiny skin, no horns, no claws, and no fangs. He was scared and unsure as she crawled onto his lap, facing him with her wide eyes. She nuzzled against him carefully, being sure to not hurt herself on his horns.
Ren's arms wrapped around her, holding her gently as she tried to find out if he had any more horns or surprises.
"There's nothing else." He said as she tried to feel his stomach and chest up, "Only blue skin."
JJ blinked a couple times, and couldn't help but wonder if when he was purple when hard. The thought made her giggle and he sweat dropped watching her.
"What did you think about..."
"W-well...I wondered if you turned purple when you had an erection." She giggled, her face red.
Ren's eyes bugged out of his head.
"Let me see!" She grabbed the waistband of his pajamas, tugging and looking in.
Ren jumped, shocked that she quickly jumped to it without giving him time to even process what she had said. She giggled at his reaction as he fell over, x's for eyes.
"That wasn't funny...." He said, slowly sitting up and glaring at her.
"Well!" She giggled as Ren hung his head, then glomped him.
He sighed and hugged her lightly, his arms wrapping gently around her shoulders. She nuzzled his shoulder, hoping he would allow her to have sex with him that night. She kept nuzzling...and nuzzling...and nuzzling...and-
"Ok! Ok!" Ren said finally, knowing he was going to lose anyways.
He allowed her to get up, strip down fast as she could, a few minutes tops, and jump back on on the bed, grabbing him about his waist to feverishly rip his bottoms off. Ren had to help her or she would probably hurt herself. She gave him a look, a evil little look before sitting on his hips. Ren wondered vaguely if this really was a good idea.
She managed to straddle him, giving him that evil little smile. Ren now knew it was probably indeed a bad idea to allow her to do this now. She grasped him, making him jolt slightly as he just laid there, wondering if he had the time to pull back. She moved fast enough and slid him in her, making them both moan and gasp out.
He gripped the bedding, finally remembering that he probably should have told her that with his Gundalian form, he was bigger, therefore, she be tighter. Apparently that same thought hit JJ. She was stilled from the feeling, trying to catch her breath. She gave him that glare from hell.
"Well I would have said something but I think it would have fueled your want of it."
JJ quickly and mentally agreed. She placed her hands He smiled at her as she smiled back, then begun to rock her hips. He had to rip the bedding to keep himself from clawing at her hips and legs, his fingers moving to embed themselves deep in the mattress. At first JJ became scared that he would hurt her, but once she saw how much his hands were buried in the bed.
"A-Are you ok?" She asked him, worried.
"Yeah, fine. Just keep going."
JJ nodded, moving to lay over him just enough to kiss him. Fangs bit into her lip and she pulled away, bleeding slightly. Ren became upset when he saw what his teeth did, and looked away.
"Oh it's fine!" JJ said, "We gotta get used to this!"
"WAIT WHAT?!" He looked at her with wide eyes, was he going to have to keep doing this?!
JJ gave that evil little smirk again, and he knew he lost that battle. She rocked her hips again, feeling his length throb a bit as he bit down on his tongue, clenching at the springs in the mattress.
"This doesn't hurt you...right?" She asked, still moving.
"Just...a bit!" He said, feeling the pressure in his member.
"Then you take over!" She fell back, holding onto her legs.
Ren yet again sweat dropped. He wasn't sure if he could without hurting her. He groaned as he moved to dig his hands out of the bedding, knowing they would now need a whole new mattress now. He got over her, hoping he wouldn't hurt her. He was worried that he would. Pushing back in, his hands quickly clenched at the bedding, adding two new holes to the mattress.
JJ sweat dropped and smiled, "We are probably going to need a new mattress..."
"You don't say?"
"Eh heh heh?"
Ren groaned and hung his head, sweatdropping. He wasn't sure what was worse, his stubbornness, or hers. He begun to thrust, grabbing the springs below to keep preventing himself. With the bed springs squeaking more than necessary, JJ kept laughing.
"OK IF WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS GET ON THE FLOOR." Ren said, pulling out and pointing at the floor.
JJ giggled as she got on the floor, knowing full well Ren will definitely have to replace the bed now. He got back over her after giving her a pillow to rest her head on. He got back between her legs, and thrusted back in.
JJ gave a cry out, arching her back under him now that she was used to his size. He was a bit shocked, but not enough to knock him out of his own pleasure. He ended up clawing the floor until his fingers were inside the floor.
"Keep going and we'll have to replace the floor!"
"I don't care if we have to replace the house as long as I don't have to replace you!"
She looked at him, knowing that he didn't threatened her, but he did make her realize just how much more strength he had in his Gundalian form. Now she knew why he was scared of his original form. She wrapped her arms around his neck, being careful of the horns he had.
"Fine, but I'm not laying the new floor down."
Ren signed. Stubborn as a mule. He did continue, thrusting gently as to not hurt her, or the floor. He bent over, kissing her gently enough to not bite her with his fangs. She kissed back, gripping his body as he continued, feeling him thrusting and wrapping her legs around his waist. She pulled him to her quickly, wanting more.
He groaned as he delved deeper, wanting to glare at her but not actually able to. He continued to thrust, holding onto her. He didn't want to pull his hands out, so he kept them, hanging onto the beams. He didn't hear them cracking as he pounded into her. Neither heard the cracking, not even JJ, who was fully enveloped into the feelings she was having while making love with her man.
The crack zoomed across the floor under them, creating a spot around them with the beams breaking apart. They nuzzled each other best they could, her body clenching around him as he thrusted in hard, making her have her release. JJ cried out, arching her back, turning him on even more as he continued.
When it was his turn, they heard the cracking, felt the movement, but couldn't actually move due to Ren's release. By the time they finished, they fell through the floor. Ren managed to turn back into a human form, and he looked at JJ.
"Never again."

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