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Light groaned from his unconscious state; blinking a haze over his already blurred vision; he felt a pang of panic about the scent of burnt rubber in his nose. Someone was talking to him but he can't understand what's being said.

A loud inhuman groan filled the noisy space with its own louder protest and with it came freedom for the trapped young man inside the car. Light's weight shifted sideways as he was dragged out of the smashed up vehicle and placed tenderly onto a gurney then wheeled over to an awaiting ambulance that quickly carted him off to the hospital for treatment.

0 0 0

Mello saw the strangest thing as he sat watching the mother and child's home from inside the car; Ellis Quimby went through the neighborhood at a mad-dash. Looking over his shoulder back to where the man came from he'd expected to see the unsub chasing him, but there was no one there not for minutes. So what was the deal? Removing his cell phone he waited for Light to answer his call, he'd been with Quimby after all, maybe he knows what's going on. He waited for several rings but there was no answer.

'Maybe he's in trouble and Quimby's escaping while the unsub is having his way with Light,' It wasn't an impossible scenario because Quimby is a known coward, though he had the right of it being marked for dead, and still forced to write about a killer's wrong doings.

He was left with what to do about it and decided to call Matt, he could watch Quimby via tracking his cell phone. The unsub could be chasing the journalist but he could also be using the man to divert attention from his real victims.

Quimby couldn't have gotten far on foot, the only advantage was ducking between buildings because he's not confined to a car as he is. Mello couldn't take the chance of losing a possible end to this case and so he called a cop first. The officer showed up twelve minutes after he had placed the call then he went off to find the spooked Quimby with a guided trace from Matt.

0 0 0

Matt got off his laptop after tracing Ellis Quimby's cellular. There sure was a lot of commotion going on, from the brief conversation they had Mello said he should find Light in case he's in trouble because he isn't picking up his phone. Also, that he's got to keep a line going with the neighborhood camera feed in case Houdini makes another appearing and disappearing act. He set up his laptop in the den and kept an eye on it while he started another round of gaming, so far all was calm on his end. Good. He can work the field, sure, but he preferred the grunt work of tapping keys and waiting. It wasn't exactly always simple work. And a mental workout was better than the run-around Mello seemed to thrive in.

And as the clouds opened up unexpectedly, he was thanking his luck that he was indoors. He informed his boss that Light was at the hospital, why, he couldn't say. But it explained why he wasn't answering his cell phone. He began wondering what happened with Near? He saw him go out for a walk earlier but wasn't sure if he'd come back in yet, and the younger detective's agents are both out. He knows for sure they aren't back yet.

Lighting a cigarette he puffed on it a few times then let it sizzle away between his lips with little attention to actually smoking it, but the smell was intoxicating against the violent battle roar of the disgruntled undead, gunshots, and cutscene conversation.

Near walked through the side entrance into the gardening porch, instead of back in through the way he'd exited the home, which was at the back of the house. He was soaked through, and had to stand in the dripping wet clothing, which he's squeezing out just to avoid leaving a large mess on his path to his bedroom. He rubbed his hands down his legs removing the lesser amount of water from his jeans to the concrete floor, most of it went into sneakers that he eventually stepped out of leaving them at the door for the maid to dry. It had been damned good luck on his part bringing his tablet inside of the canvas bag instead of in a simple case or carried bare in his hand as he'd planned, it would be ruined by the water seeping in.

The young detective wandered quietly through the hall. The rolling clouds have darkened the place but the lights were turned on by the downstairs butler, who then disappeared into the servants' quarters with the rest of the jaunty bustling murmurs and chuckles. He slipped upstairs to his bedroom and stripped out of the wet clothing leaving them in a soggy pile on the bathroom floor; he only took a quick shower intending to warm himself quickly under the stream of hot water than to sit in bed in a robe relying on his body heat to warm him through.

Swathed in a long white robe seven minutes later, he pressed the call button in passing and asked that a tray of peach flavored white tea be brought up to his room. It would be nice to have a bit of a pause after the workout of walking the garden then sprinting across the lawn when the rain started. He thought about Gevanni and a peaceful smile ghosted his lips.

A thump in the hallway called his attention and he sat up to avoid looking indecent to the maid. It was one thing to mess with his agents or even Mello, Matt, and L, but to these people with such manners it was best to show perfect decorum. But after a moment's wait no one walked in. Standing, he thought he'd assist them with the tea if the cart was stuck or if they were having some sort of trouble. No one was in the hall.

'It must have been Matt,' he surmised; walking back into the room, he dressed in a pair of jeans and a button-down deep Heather gray shirt.

It was in his travels to the coffee table that Near saw something skitter past the open door and down the hall out of sight. It sounded familiar like his pull-back to crank motorcycle racer. Heading over to the open doorway, he wandered down the hall to investigate seeing that it was, indeed, his racer. Either Matt or Gevanni was trying to be cute because he doubted it was one of the stuffy servants.

Back in his bedroom he dropped the toy onto the bed then lied down.

'The unsub is using the funeral home for his hunting list, but that doesn't mean a thing insofar as Quimby goes. The man responsible for his brother's death is dead, so who could be responsible for the killings and would want to ruin the journalist's life? It can only be one of two people… August Quigley or Ellis Quigley is closer to the murderer than it seems. D.I.D. The Man's guilt could have caught up to him and he feels a hatred towards others who still remain as a match set even falsely.'

Near blinked at the strange sound of a creak. He hadn't moved a muscle so it couldn't be the bed, though the sound came from directly beneath him. His ears perked at the next sound filling the quiet space; he gave the emotionless rain a glare due to its noise buffering the odd sounds even by a little bit. Closing his eyes he conjured up an image of a crate being slid across a wooden surface, that's what the noise sounded like.

'But why would there be…' his curiosity ended as a pained expression marred his usually impartial to expressions face; and due to a sudden pain his leg involuntarily lurched outward to escape the assault brought upon it. He grit his teeth holding the underside of his leg to keep his wits about him before he started to move from the bed.

Another grunt escaped him when another attack came up through the mattress catching him at the inner thigh. He dropped to the floor far too close to the bed and because of this caught the offending blade across the bottoms of his feet, it cut thin and clean but, thankfully, not deep. A shallow wound meant only to bother and hinder quick movement than to cease him walking altogether. Crawling away from the bed, his thighs screamed as blood flowed from the punctures pooling into his pants.

There's a revolver under the couch, the intruder doesn't know, so Near could get to it- if he hurried!

Reaching beneath the underside of the framework he removed the gun from the mounting there and quickly aimed it at the bed. He doesn't know for how long someone has been in his bedroom, but he could assure it that they would be dragged out as a corpse. Anyone that makes you bleed has nothing but harm on the brain, this wasn't a simple game of hiding out. So he wasn't going to waste time with small talk.

A hand snuck out from under the bed then another. Either was a large enough target. He fired! The bullet missed but the intention did not and the intruder retreated back beneath the bed. Near's gaze flicked to the bedroom door and he debated how long it would take for the man get from under the bed and able to chase after him? After what had been done to his legs it would be plenty of time to do damage before he could even stand up.

'He knows that Matt is in the house, he injured me this way purposefully to keep me isolated from him,'

Slowly he began scooting towards the door and with each slither he inched to freedom the man began to reveal himself from under the bed, but when Near stopped moving, so did the intruder. The detective's large eyes stared unable to blink at the sight presented to him. A very large man with a white skeletal face permanently grinned at him, while his true mouth remained closed, his pale lips around a large brown bone- not cigar as the description of Baron Samedi depicts. It was something human. There was no question of that. Maybe a rib or a finger, it was hard to say in the dim foul weather lighting. Near took another couple of inches towards the door and the man crawled another couple of inches from beneath the bed.

The alarmed detective can see a black skull behind the white skeleton face, tufts of hair are fried out in patches rather than a full head of hair, and the Baron's eyes are bugged out wide and laser focused on the boy's movements. The young detective raised the revolver at the man's still face but his aim wasn't as sure as it had been when it was just a knife wielding hand coming at him, the barrel swayed, shook, then lowered.

'I'm… afraid?' Near could only become confused at such a revelation.

He's dealt with pedophiles, murderers of all shapes and sizes, Shinigami with killer notebooks and supernatural powers he could only blink at, but this costumed clown was making him nervous.

Near's close to the door but Samedi is equally close to him. It's a stalemate. Near's dark grays dart to the laptop sitting open on the coffee table, he can reach it and send an S.O.S to Matt. He'll come up guns blazing and Near can make his escape then assist Matt in bringing this freaky creep in. Prepared for the worst he moved slowly back over towards the coffee table and to his surprise the man inched himself back under the bed. He's messing with him. But it was advantageous.

Latching onto the laptop once his foe was properly concealed he clicked away on the keys for Matt to come upstairs, armed, and ready to kill. That he's injured and can't move very fast but he can move. It was simple and understandable. But he wasn't able to press send because Baron stood straight up knocking the bed over on its side, then he strode across the room looking as though he's becoming larger by the step.

Near shoved the coffee table at him toppling the man onto the floor which gave him enough time to bolt out of the room. He knew he couldn't hide when his feet left turn-by turn directions as to where he's going to but at least he's up and moving. The sky brightened as the rain let up and the wind blew the clouds elsewhere, it did little to help hide Near who had to work his way down to the other side of the house to get to Matt.

Baron Samedi hurried down the hall soundlessly and with enough force to send the boy slamming onto the floor when he was shoved from against the back of his head. Near tumbled over twice before face planting into the long hall runner. When his fingers scrunched up to help himself off the floor he noticed he's still holding the gun. Rolling over he opened fire landing the remaining four shots in the cylinder into the enemy. Samedi's body trembled then he fell in two drops. One to his knees and the other to his face. He lay there unmoving.

"Matt!" he called out to the gamer. "Matt!" he swore and stood up. A few cuts but ultimately he's fine. Near got to his feet and grabbed the long stretch of banister using it as a crutch to help him to the stairs.

Before Near could even realize that he'd been hit his weight went over the banister and he fell heavily to the first floor. The Baron looked down at the unmoving body then started slowly down the stairs himself. He had all the time in the world, is what his stride displayed. Never mind servants, never mind other agents, he was a man who had no fear of being caught. He whistled softly the tune of 'Take me out to the ball game' as he rounded the stairs and scooped the boy up by the back of his shirt walking him into the library up the hall.

And as he got to the count of it's one… two… three strikes you're out he tossed Near inside tore open his shirt then climbed on top of him. Grinning twice, one his disguise and the second from his actual mouth, down at the dazed then frightened stare looking back at him. He raised the long knife up to the detective's view then slides it down his cheek leaving no cut until he reached the chest. Red trickled it's way down to the floor intending to outline the body in a more macabre style of a chalk outline, the unsub traces the other side then leaned in close to speak for the first time since revealing himself.

"Tell me something, will hyou?" He shoved the knife through the teen's torso. "Does it hurt more when you don't see hit coming or when hyou do?" He stabbed him again.

His unusual accent dulled in Near's ears as pain clouded them with a painful rush of adrenaline from the stab wounds.

"Hunh?" He stabbed him silently then with each time he says the word "Now". He repeated each method over then laughed a garbled chuckle. "Or when hit's fast compared to sloooowly,"

Near knew what the man wanted and he would not give it to him. He was afraid, but he would hold it in. The man was skilled, though not with the knife. Any moron could stab somebody; however the unsub is skilled because none of the punctures made have hit any of his vitals. The blade moved deliberately to cause pain but not kill. The man seemed still more interested in discovering his pain center than killing him right away. Was this something that the other victims, aside from the already dead Jason, had to go through? He could imagine their wanting death if that was the case.

'Dammit. Matt…' He can hear the mechanical but realistic sound of shots being fired and banter being shouted, all of which drowned out this private moment.

Near watched the man's hazel almost yellowish gaze flickers over his head before meeting his eyes again. Deciding he could get away, Near's reach aimed for the man's face at his eyes with intent that was going to scratch them bloody, blind him, or cause him a great deal of discomfort. No one is immune to such pain, though he did take four shots to the chest.

'He's wearing a vest,' he cursed his shaking aim for not going for the head, but he didn't want to miss! Near spat blood into the air turning his head to allow it to dribble to the floor so he would not choke on it.

This place is loaded with hidden guns. This very room has 5. It wasn't paranoia it was a precaution. If only he could get away. But everything was going dark…

0 0 0

Light grimaced when the doctor put the sling tightly on his arm. It wasn't enough he had to get the rug pulled out from under him by Quimby but to be taken in over a sprained elbow… His pride took a harder hit than his face from that damned Airbag, and considering he has a black eye on the left the embarrassment was saying something.

"You're lucky, it could have been worse if the car had slammed into that barrier any harder the metal could have gone right into your side. Was anyone in the car with you?"

Light nodded and replied "That journalist Ellis Quimby," and before the doctor could ask if the man was all right he quieted his question by adding. "He's fine, he managed to walk away from the accident I'm guessing without a scratch." The tricked agent can still see the look on the man's face as he fled the scene. Dangerous. He'd changed and not by much since their lunch meeting. He looked beyond the slightly pulled over curtain out into the main wing where a secretary is on the phone. 'I need to call the others before Quimby disappears with Samedi,' To the doctor he asked. "May I use your phone?" he pointed to the one in the directory station.

"You may," The doctor stood aside. "You should arrange for someone to pick you up; and take it easy with that elbow for a while. It may seem mild in severity of what a car accident can be but it's no laughing matter, Mr. Lethal. You tore a ligament but," he touched the injury tenderly. "You should be back to normal within four weeks, granted you don't make the problem worse."

Light did not appreciate the idea of a long winded recovery but at least he wouldn't be alone with it. He doesn't like racking up all this debt to L's wealth and kindness but it would seem the list of burden is longer than the list of help.

Remembering the phone he exits the room heading over to the nurses' station. The woman gave him the right of its use but only for a moment. He first called Mello but the line was busy. Trying Matt, he got the same. They must be talking to each other. He tried for Near and the call went through but he didn't pick up. Light wondered what was going on? It's not as if the blood between them is so hostile they don't take his calls, they're not immature in any way- well- not entirely. They do give him slight brush offs but it's nothing he can't take.

'What if… of course not,' Neither Quimby nor Samedi knows where they live. If anything they, the detectives, are after them right now.

"Can you have someone paged for me?" Asked the battered young man. Maybe L was still in the building.

PA: Ryuzaki Hideki please come to the front desk. Ryuzaki Hideki to the front office. Thank you.

L, who was enjoying an ice cream sandwich lined with Oreo cookie flavored crumbs, looked momentarily confused by the announcement as his London name is Elliot. There was only one person who would use that name in public and it was none of his usual agents.

'Light must have left Quimby and come here,' he assumed. Munching the last of the frozen treat, he stepped out of the soft chair he'd been crouching in traipsing to the front desk where he'd expected to find the young man waiting for him.

The great detective was sucking away chocolate breading that stuck to his fingers right before he reached the front desk in the main foyer. It was not Light Yagami who'd greeted him but an officer. This cannot be good, is what L knew. Cops meeting you at the front door of your home and in the waiting room of a hospital were never good. But then again, the cop could also not be in the building for him.

"Mr. Ryuzaki? I'm officer Lewis, I was following behind a Light Yagami when he got into a car accident,"

L liked that the officer got to the point of the matter and he asked the officiant man the only question that need be asked. "How is his condition?"

Lewis looked perplexed at the nonplussed reaction to something as serious as a car accident but shook it off to answer. "Fine. I checked on him; Mr. Lethal sprained an elbow but the doctor asked that I come and escort you to the patient area," he watched as L strode away. "Bu… don't you need directions?"

L gave Lewis a thoughtful glance but shook his head. "I know the way, what's the number?"

"Room 3."

"Thank you, you can go."

Lewis nodded then called out. "The other man, Ellis Quimby, he's not here. He walked away from it, should I go and look for him?" even he knew it was a dumb question, of course he should go looking for him. He's probably gone home and is enjoying a calming cup of tea by now.

The duck print curtain slid over with a clatter of the metal rings holding it up on a rectangular bar overhead of the small, non-serious, patients wing. The sweets eating detective dawned an even sweeter than his treats smile when seeing his disgruntled lover pouting bitterly at him.

"Looks serious," he assessed at a glance of the blue and cream paisley brace holding Light's arm up at a bend. "Did they offer you any candy?"

"I told them I'm already prescribed some and didn't accept any, it's just a sprain." Light got up from the bed and with complete seriousness he says. "Quimby's snapped. He quit his job, he got rehired at a lower pay along with blackmail, and as I'm driving him home he just grabbed the wheel and caused the car accident. There's no question that he's helping the unsub now, the idiot feels invincible when he doesn't even realize the danger that he's in."

"I'm afraid it's become more complicated than that," without another word L moved through the busy hallways towards the morgue with Light in tow.

"How has it become more complicated?" Light asked once they were alone walking the long hall to a very cold room.

"Because I'm taking all of you off this case," he pushed open the door walking towards the cool steel wall and knowing what's inside it was like a macabre human filing cabinet.

"Excuse me?"

L spared Light a glance that asked for his utmost participation without debate but it seemed the younger agent was up for the challenge of playing opposites so the somber detective replied. "It's safer this way,"

Not liking the vague reply Light pressed on. "Safer? L, we're not children… If something is going on we deserve to know,"

"That's not for you to decide, you're off the case and I'm stepping in," he slides a corpse from the deep wall revealing a blackened body before Light. "I'm leaving to tend to it when I'm through here. But first I have to teach you how to remove the skin from charred remains to get the fingerprints. It will be quick, so please learn it without fail in one shot. Grab a scalpel."

Light glared at L not liking the sudden secrecy between them but he does as asked, learning how to remove burned flesh to rehydrate and catalog.

0 0 0

Mello was going to break the journalist's legs if the man didn't stop moving, he must have searched the entire damned city for him and, finally, he's got him pinned at the park. The paranoid man must have stopped to catch his breath, it was an advantage though because Mello had been in the car and had yet to use his stamina in the chase. He wasn't going to get away this time.

"Quimby!" he rushed over to him just as he was rising from one of the outdoor chess tables. "What the hell are you do…?" Mello blinked at the person who's standing before him. Growing steadily frustrated with the situation, he groped the man's pockets finding the journalist's phone inside.

"Hey, that's mine now isn't it," The man snatched at the stolen phone. "It was a fair trade,"

"Where did you get this phone?" he points a leather clad digit at the device.

"That journalist from the news gave it to me for nothing," The man smiled rather pleased with himself about it. "Asked for my watch as a trade, his loss really, it's old- used to be my dad's. He said I only have to empty the contacts and it was mine," And he dared this poor excuse for a pickpocket to challenge his words.

"How long ago was that?" Mello checked his watch.

"I don't know, ten minutes?" He looked to the man he's playing chess with for some help.

"About ten," he confirmed.

'Shit! Where the fuck would he go?'

He ruled out the man's home because it was much too obvious. He might be at a pub, they're open at this time. Private and dark, usually. Stepping away from the oblivious chess players he took out his phone and called Matt.

"Matt, the shit gave me the slip- stooop laughing," he groaned. "He was at St. Giles Hills park ten minutes ago…" He didn't have to go on Matt was already checking the cameras in the area by the street. Remembering the license plate number read to him he then called the police for assistance before resuming the hunt in the area Matt pinned him.

Something about this seems off. It's too chaotic. Quimby must be the diversion for the unsub and who he's truly after. But that was the question of the hour, who was the unsub, if not Quimby, truly after?

'He sent messages to us letting us know he knew we were investigating,' he felt a wave of nausea roiling in his stomach.

The unsub hacked Gevanni's laptop not long ago. He could have stolen their location from the GPS installed. He just drove himself farther into the city than was necessary following the young girl and her mother and now he's an hour and twenty minutes away from the house where Baron Samedi could be headed or already located!

"What's up?" Matt was on the line faster than before knowing that only urgent calls came in quickly one after the other.

"Watch yourself, either the unsub or Quimby might be headed for the house," he turned the vehicle at the nearest bit of space he could use to make a u-turn and sped off for the manor. "I'm on my way there now,"

Matt agreed to keep an eye out and ended the call. Lowering the volume on the television he resigned himself to continue playing and turned off the system. Grabbing a gun he stuffed it into the back of his pants then exited the den. He got a start when L approached him from the other end of the hall.

"L, Mel's all worked up about the case; he thinks the unsub is on his way here." Standing before him he looked over the detective's broad shoulder where he'd just come from. "Do you smell that?"

"What?" L took a whiff.

"It's like cooking pennies," Matt continued sniffing. Seeing L shake his head he shrugged it off. "Near went out earlier, did he come back in?" he watched the detective scuffle past him towards the den and he followed.

"Yes, he's all over the library," Smiling, content, he asked. "So, about that game we've been putting off…"

Matt blinked, confused by the lax response to what he'd said, so he felt the information should be brought up again. "It can wait, Mello thinks the unsub is on his way here,"

Climbing onto the chair he made a slow show of inching down to sit in a crouch. "The Baron will be the one fearing for his life, there isn't one servant in this house who isn't skilled in hand-to-hand combat and we of course are nothing to sneeze at. So, should we worry?"

Hearing it put that way Matt saw no reason to worry and joined L on the couch for some light gaming. It shouldn't distract them too much if they just play a couple extreme games.

At the hospital.

Light returned to the morgue with the print out of the burn victim in his hands. "The prints are clean, not bad for a first time…" he looked around the room seeing no one inside but a stout man in a lab coat.

"The man who was just here asked me to give you this," he hands light a slip of paper. "He also told me to tell you that he's called a car service to take you someplace and to just go there." The hospital mortician could only shrug as to what any of it meant then he returned to his work asking. "Are those the lab results?" He took the paper from Light reading it out loud. "Ellis Quigley, what a shame to have to tell his family about this,"

Light's eyes widened. 'Ellis Quigley?' His pulse quickened as he spoke to the doctor. "How long has he been dead?"

"He was brought in about a week or so ago, why? Did you know him?"

'Quimby's dead, he's been dead all this time… so then we were with the unsub!' The little girl's words rang in his ears that the man looked like Frankenstein, and the image that Matt pulled from the city camera. So many disguises that even Quimby had became a mask.

Light hurried out of the hospital without another word.

0 0 0

"Hang on," Matt paused the game. "That's probably Mello, again," though he had no clue as to why he would call the house phone instead of his cell. "Yup?"

"Maaatt, be discreet, no names in your response to me," drawled a familiar voice. "Where's L right now?"

"In the den," he replied after a hard swallow.



"Can you get out of the house?"

Remembering the weird answer he got about Near, Matt shook his head over how foolish he could be. It was blood he'd smelled, but then how…? Taking a deep breath he removed his gun from the band of his jeans. "No. Near hasn't come in yet, I think he's still out in the garden,"

"I see. Discretion Matt, get Near and leave. I sent a car for you, it should be waiting at the gate,"

"Right. I'll do my best," hanging up the phone he steadied his nerves and did as he was told… by L.


Commentary: So now you know or you should, was anyone right? I hoped to be baffling until this chapter. I'm gonna be bummed if everyone knew. But thank you for reading, I hope when I do the sequel you all come back for it. But I think I'm gonna do a Near story for my next Death Note, he's just so tasty, and yes it feels creepy saying that because of his age- and the fact that he's a drawing- but you get it. Anyway, I'm getting my new laptop today, hope it works out because it was bought mad cheap. *sigh* but anything is better than this. Thanks again, enjoy your weekend.

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