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The pain was excruciating. But Nicole took a deep breath, and breathed out. She pressed a hand to her back, looking up through the window as she watched her oldest helping her father pack the back of the taxi. He got it loaded up, then rushed back inside. The worry in his eyes was apparent. Nicole hadn't been feeling the best in the last days of her pregnancy with their twin daughters. She gave him a smile the best she could. Willow came back in.
"Ok, it's loaded. Go!" She pointed out the door, telling her parents to go before her mother delivered her sisters on the floor.
Dusk helped his wife out, worried and scared. Her last pregnancy with Shadow had been rough, but this time it was worse. She wasn't well, sick, and they were worried that she would have massive blood loss. He sat her inside, got in himself and let the door closed.
"Vestal Hospital, Maternity!"
He put a arm around her, scared for her. Nicole seemed oddly calm. She wasn't hollering in pain like she did with Willow, she wasn't doing her Lamaze like she did with Shadow. Something just wasn't right. She had dark circles under her eyes, she was pale. He tried counting how long they were in the taxi, but as much as he knew, time was going by slowly. It seemed like forever before they finally arrived. Outside a nurse was waiting to take her in. He rushed to get Nicole to her, and before he knew it they were rolling down the hall to delivery as he got the bags out.
She was gone before he had the bags in, and he had to ask where they took her. The lady at the desk kindly gave him a map, showing him which directions to go and marking them.
"Thank you!"
He rushed along the halls, looking at his map as he got to the maternity ward. 
"Damn hospital always renovating!"
He was stressed, worried for his babies and wife. He eventually found it, and went in, talking to the nurse who showed him to her room. She wasn't in there, but they told him that she was in the bathroom. 

Waiting for her to deliver was hell. For what seemed to be a progressing labor, soon turned into talk of a emergency c-section on Nicole. She was also not responding as much as she should have, but due to the nature, Dusk wasn't allowed in the room when they performed it. He gave his calm wife a kiss and hug, told her he loved her, then sat in the waiting room to wait for the birth of his twin daughters.
It felt like a long wait to him, it seemed like everything would go just fine, but inside the operating room, they were scrambling to deliver the twins, as the mother had passed. It scared the doctor, trying to bring two alive twin girls into the world after their mother died just before she created the first slice that would become her scar. Soon she picked up a squalling dark green haired baby girl, soon followed by her white haired sister. 
Both screaming at the top of their lungs, both wanting their mother, who they couldn't have. The doctor took her time sealing the scar, knowing the body wouldn't heal it, but it was the least she could do. Gluing it shut, she put the sheet over her head, sighing, then turning to sign Nicole's death certificate.
"Better go tell him miss, this is going to be hard no matter what way you say it."
Nodding, she watched as they placed the babies in the little cribs, putting their name cards, blank, put them on the side, both peacefully sleeping. She slipped out after washing up, going out to the father, who stood up the minute he saw her.
"Are they ok!?"
"Sir, sit, please." She motioned to the seats.
It took him a minute, but Dusk sat down, his red eyes wide. 
"I-is she ok?"
It took the doctor a moment before she sat down, fiddling with her hands, then looked him full in the eyes, "I'm sorry."
He felt his heart drop, and tears sprang to his eyes, down his cheeks.
"She passed shortly before I made the first cut."

He stared at the twins through the window, able to see both his daughters. He had just given their names, watching them remove the blank cards, write on them, and return them. Lumi and Domino. Soon his daughter and son joined them, Shadow fast asleep on his sisters shoulders. Willow felt some tears come from her eyes, wiping them, wishing that her mother could have seen them.

Raising the twins as a single father was hard enough, but add a toddler and teenager to the mix, it was a bit more. Dusk was thankful for all of Willow's help, but the fact that Nicole was gone was still a open wound on their hearts. For weeks Shadow ran around crying for his mother, but to no avail. The twins demanded breast milk, and they got formula. And Willow missed her best friend. She and Dusk were sitting on the couch, one on each end with a baby in their arms, feeding her. 
Domino seemed a bit more hyper than her older sister, eagerly wanting to hold her own bottle, but with no strength, she settled for just holding it with her fathers help. She looked up at him, sucking away at the nipple, then around, letting his hand follow her head. Lumi on the other hand preferred to lay still, taking her own bottle with her hands on her cheeks. Dusk tucked the bottle in beside him, laying Domino up on his shoulder and patting her back until she burped. 
"Agh! She spit up on me!" Willow said, holding her giggling sister out. 
Dusk smiled softly, handing her a hand towel to wipe it up with, then he took them both, letting them slowly fall asleep in his shoulder. He sighed, watching as Willow went ahead, gathering her school items for the next day, then went upstairs for a shower. It would be hard, sure, but at least he had his girls, she gave him four children at least. And a bit of her with each one. 

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