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Dusk tried to find the three kids as they were playing a game. He looked under the table, behind the couch Willow was sitting on doing her homework, behind the TV that Shadow was watching, but he couldn't find his twins. He stood up, narrowing his eyes, trying to think where they could possibly be. 
"Look under their beds." Willow pointed out without looking up from her history textbook.
Dusk brought his head up the minute he heard two little toddlers giggling. He hung his head, sighing.
"I should have known."
He walked to the bedroom and peered under the bed at two laughing girls. 
"Domino, Lumi."He said in a playful warning tone.
The twins scrambled out, running off and giggling. He smiled, then looked over at his eldest who smiled back, then returned to her homework only to have it ripped out of her hands, "Domino! Vestal dammit!"
Willow launched herself up, joining her father in chasing the twins down. Once Shadow realized what was ging on, he got up and joined his twin sisters, making both Willow and Dusk growl.

"I'm never helping you catch those two again."
"Not my fault..."
Dusk glanced at his oldest, shaking his head. He shrugged, following her into the other room. Rolling his eyes as he done so, Dusk watched his four children. He sure missed Nicole, but he knew she'd be happy seeing the four as they were now. 
"Bath time."

"I thought you said bath time dad..."
"...I did."
"Not wash the bathroom..."
Dusk and Willow stood there, getting the twins dressed, soaking wet. Willow dried her hair, glaring at her soaking wet father. 
"Ok...one at a time from now on..." He said, sweatdropping.
"Ya think? Vestal DAMMIT! Domino!"
Willow chased after her naked sister, trying to at least get a diaper on her while Dusk zipped up Lumi's sleeper, who yawned and wanted to be picked up. Dusk picked her up, going out to watch Willow wrestle a diaper and sleeper on her sister before handing the now tired toddler to her father.
"I'm going to go study..." She said through gritted teeth. 
Smiling tiredly, Dusk set himself up to put three toddlers to bed. It took him well over an hour, and by then the oldest was in bed. Dusk himself sat down on his bed, a fist to his mouth when he yawned. Raising four was a tough job, but with Willow's help, he had it. Dusk crawled into bed, got all comfy and next thing he heard, "Daddy, I can't sleep."
He sighed, "Alright Shadow, got your blanket?"
"Get in."

"Didn't I put Domino's sippy cup in the fridge?"
"I don't' know but Lumi's is in there. Shadow's is in the front...oh I found it...dad you didn't wash it..."
"...Crap. Just give her a new one."
"...Dad...the other two are empty."
Dusk sweatdropped as he filled up three sippy cups and handed them out. 

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