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Dusk groaned as he pushed himself up, having heard some noises by his bed. He turned his head to see three kids staring at him.
"...Shadow, Lumi, Domino, what are you two doing?"
"We're hungry!" Shadow whined, standing next to his two-year-old twin sisters.
"Asa not home!" Lumi said, while Domino just glared at her dad.
"Course she's not. Asa is at school. Where Shadow should be...Shadow you're five..."
Shadow pointed at the clock, and Dusk looked, nearly screeching as he realized he slept in on Shadow's first day of Kindergarten. He shot up, and grabbed the kids, getting them ready for the day.

Taking the twins to the park, Dusk sighed as he sat down, wincing slightly as Domino threw herself down the slide.
"Rough kid..."
Domino, on the other hand, didn't think so at all, having fun running around the playground with her twin, Lumi. Before long, she found herself needing her father's help with things like swings and the monkey bars, including some climbing areas that she had a blast on. It helped Dusk that whatever one did, the other did. Before long, Dusk started to plan lunch, wondering what the girls would like. He had been absent-mindedly thinking when Domino gave a screech, and he looked up, realizing he hadn't been letting her go so she was trying to pull herself up the chains, glaring at her father.
"Sorry, Domino..."
A hand came up and touched Dusk on the shoulder, making him jump and whipping around.
"S-Sorry sir!"
"Mikoto what are you doing!"
"Honestly, I've been trying to call your name the past couple of minutes, but you've been lost in thought it appears."
Dusk groaned. It wasn't easy being a single father.

Having Mikoto around the house wasn't too bad. He had already left school and had somehow made his way to Vestal, allowing Dusk and his family, other than the three youngest, to know about another dimension called Earth. And of course, he and Asa wound up starting a relationship. As a result, Mikoto wound up staying with them, but with contacts to hide his non-Vestal eyes. Dusk had a feeling, but he didn't say anything as Asa came home, without her textbooks, or any suggestion that she was in college. She looked at her father, then looked away, leading Domino to go between them, toddling and holding onto Shadow as he tried to lead her around the house in a train game.
"Dad...can I talk to you?"

Domino didn't know what to do. She was upset and scared. One minute things were fine, the next her sister was leaving.
"Sissa!" She cried out, holding her arms up.
Asa sadly picked up her little sister, knowing she wouldn't get to see her siblings again for possibly years. But she had to leave.
"It's ok Domino, I'll see you guys again soon! I have to go now though, and when Mikoto gets his job finished, we'll come back!"
Domino sniffled as she was put down next to Lumi, who went up next. Dusk sighed, then looked at Mikoto, "Just how long could this take?"
"...I-I don't know sir. All I know is it's destabilizing now. We'll be ok if we go back now, but this could take me years. It already took them years to even get this thing going. The fact it lasted months is astonishing."
Nodding, Dusk sighed. He wasn't quite ready to let his daughter go, but she was eight-teen, an adult...and pregnant. He gave Asa one last hug, then watched as she and Mikoto ran off, a portal opening outside in the backyard, allowing the two to travel through. He watched it close with tears in his eyes. Looking up at the sky, Dusk felt like he lost Nicole all over again. The little girl that started it all, no longer in his sight, arms, or home. Let alone his world. He reached up, gently wiping his eyes as he turned to face the three children he had left.
"Icecream guys?"
Dusk pretended that it forced him back to a bunch of laughter, making him smile. He could do this.

Shadow now waited for a bus to pick him up, hopping up and down at the end of their driveway. Vestal was getting overcrowded, and Dusk was worried that they would do something drastic. After all, Zenoheld wasn't exactly known for being the best King they ever had, and probably wasn't bringing up that son of his right. He talked to Zenoheld a handful times himself, having the blood of a nobleman in him. He didn't dare tell his children, he didn't want them going through that. He was thinking yet again about meals as he held onto the hoods of Domino's and Lumi's jackets, knowing that Shadow would stay right next to him when the bus arrived. He heard the rumbling, and looked up, seeing one of the newer buses nearly floating off the ground. He sighed, the technology by Clay was a bit much. He rubbed the back of his neck as he watched it arrived, then helped Shadow on, waving to his son.
"Well girls, let's head back and get what we need to be done, done."
"Ok, daddy."
Domino on the other hand, just watched the ground, watching a spider crawl across before disappearing into the grass.

Annoyed, Dusk threw the lighter into the trash, he had just bought it! He put the cap back on the candle, a habit he kept from Nicole. Sighing, he put it back in the drawer and shook his head. He should have known. You get what you pay for. He made a mental note to ask for one at their grocery store as he picked up his twins, smiling as they giggled, trying to get away from their father with one tucked by his hip the other upon his shoulder. He had to close one eye when Lumi's hand came into contact with his temple, making him laugh as he looked down at his daughter Domino, who was wiggling until she was upside down.
He had to flip Lumi over and put her on her feet to catch his other daughter, shaking his head while the other one wildly laughed.
"Crazy child."
He let them run around and play in the living room while he picked up the mail and started to sort through it. He put down the bills and picked up the junk one to be shredded, walking to his office and letting them go. He leaned against the door frame, watching as Shadow soon joined them, having returned home from school. Smiling, Dusk watched the little family he had. He looked at the mantle, seeing the picture of him and Nicole, then Asa. He sure missed his girls, but he knew Nicole was watching, and that Asa was safe.
He turned his attention back to the kids, wondering what they were secretly plotting.

Domino laid in bed that night, sadly thinking about her older sister. She missed her dearly. Een at the age of 2 she understood that Asa wasn't around. She snuggled down in her blankets, slowly closing her eyes while staring over at her twin sister, who was snug as a bug in the rug. She didn't think too much about what could go on, just that she knew what she wanted, and what she missed. With her sister in her mind, and dreams, Domino drifted asleep while the sun rose over them, peaking through the curtain in their room to alert them to another day.

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