Not the Past He Knows

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He knew that time would tell how things would go by the time they arrived. He knew how his friends would react, and his mentor. Himura Kenshin looked around at the ocean as he and his friends sailed away from Kyoto. Someone stepped up to the spot behind him, arms crossed with a swish of his heavy cloak.
"Well idiot apprentice, what do you have planned THIS time?"
"This one does not have plans. This one will let what happens, happen." Kenshin smiled up at his mentor, Hiko, who shook his head, but smiled back. 
Someone else soon took his spot, and a warmth filled Kenshin.
"You know, you can stop saying this one this, this one that. I know it's how you talk, but changing how you talk doesn't change who you are."
He smiled, knowing that she knew why, but she shrugged, and looked out over the water with him.
"Well, this one guesses she can watch the ocean with you."
Kenshin sweat dropped, "Oro..."

"I tell you, something isn't fricking right!" A young man with medium length brown hair and in a haori stormed about.
"Oi, Souji, calm down."
"I can't Heisuke!"
Heisuke watched with a worried expression as Okita paced back and forth, mumbling to himself. They were worried that his illness was eating as his mind. But...if it had...why wasn't Kokoro, his wife, affected? She watched from the corner of her door with their son in her arms, sweat dropping. He watched as a woman with long black hair walked up and sat down in front of the nursing mother, and started handing her a cup of tea, and medicine. 
"I'm sure things are fine Souji." The commander, Kondou Isami, said, smiling, but worried.
"It's not!"

Sagara Yoko opened her eyes quickly, wakened from a dead sleep. Something wasn't right...She sat up and tossed the blanket off, still in her day clothing. She grabbed her spear, hearing a man's voice, and a woman's. 
"Maybe we should tell Kondou-san..."
"We will, I just want to make sure there are no survivors...and if there is, well maybe we can take them back. Akira-san won't mind, she wanted something to do anyways."
"True...I'm gonna look over here."
Yoko spun her spear around, making sure the point was forwards. She swallowed as a hand rested on her shoulder. She looked up to see Kenshin.
"It's fine."
"It's not fine! There are-"
"People who do not want to harm this one and his friends."
The door swung open.

Harada Sanosuke nearly dropped his spear at the same time as the woman. He hadn't expected to find a spear woman and a red haired man, who had said the weirdest thing Sano ever heard.
"..Oro?" Sano repeated, surprised.
"...I know you." Yoko pointed at him, but she was surprised, wasn't this man dead?
"Do you?" Sano gently brought his spear up.
"Aren't you...Harada Sanosuke?"
Sano, shocked, watched the mans face, seeing some sort of recognition in it.
"Yes...and you are?"
" S-Sagara Yoko, and this is Himura Kenshin."
"You may know me...but I do not know you."
This struck Kenshin as shock. How did this Wolf of the Mibu not know him? After all, he had taken many of the lives of the Shinsengumi, and many other armies. As a matter of fact, he recalled that Harada himself had been shot dead. 
Sano turned his head in the direction of a woman's voice, but also a man's voice.
"What the..."
Sanosuke sighed, and turned, but Yoko walked past him, her own spear in hand.
"Got it." She said, and went over to this other Sanosuke.
Saki jumped through the roof nearly as the other woman stormed in. She held her hand over her heart as the two got into a fight. She was also quite surprised by another person.
Sanosuke turned around, and jumped.
"Er...this is Seijuro Hiko..."
Kenshin looked around.
"Wait, if you are who you say you are...where are the rest of the Shinsengumi?"

Kenshin just didn't know what to make of this. Here, standing before him, was the Shinsengumi, a army that disbanded and many were killed, but...he couldn't place three of the ten captains. He noticed, however, three were missing.
"Uh, Sir, Kondou-san, correct?"
"Hmm? Oh, yes." 
"Where is at least Miki-san, and Takeda-san?"
"And the other?"
Kondou seemed to have known, "Also dead, we think."
"Then this one wonders, who are they?" Kenshin pointed to the three captains, and upon doing so, realized with shock that one was a woman.
Chuckling, Kondou gently pointed, "Tamako-san, Osamu, my son, and Kia-san."
Kenshin sweat dropped. This wasn't the Shinsengumi he knew, they were much more...aggressive than this. This Shinsengumi was kinder. He mulled a bit, trying to figure out which one was which, but right off he found Saitou Hajime. It was hard to miss that left handed samurai, and it was hard to believe there was two females in this army, a midwife, and captain. It was something to see. He also recalled that Okita had died of the incurable illness, Harada shot, Hijikata shot, Kondou beheaded, Sannan beheaded, and Heisuke killed by someone in the Shinsengumi themselves. 
Yet, all were here. Saitou shocked him the most. This one wasn't tall, nor was he out to get him. He was, however, left handed. 
"Now wait wait wait...I three may not be from this time, which is highly confusing, but how do we know we can trust you?" The man with purple eyes, Hijikata, asked, pointing at Kenshin in particular.
"You can trust this one and his friends. None of us are here to cause harm. We are coming back from a battle ourselves-"
"Hang on there buddy. Maybe they can tell you, any of you, know a Shishio Makato?"
Murmurs spread, but no one claimed to know.
"....Who is he?" Sannan asked, curious.
"Another ex Hitokiri." Kenshin said, closing his eyes, "Like this one."
He opened his eyes to find everyone on edge. Yoko quickly stood in front of him, hands up.
"Woah! He's not a killer no more! He didn't even kill the murderer he fought! That guy burst into flames himself! He's trying to atone for his sins, trust me he's not a murderer! You can even check his blade!"
"YOKO YOU IDIOT!" Zanza yelled out, reaching forward and grabbing his sister by her ponytail.
To the shock of everyone except Zanza, he went flying, his sister hauling him from behind her and throwing him. 
"I-is that normal!?" Heisuke yelped out, pointing at the much taller man. 
"So bird man flies huh?" Okita asked, leaning over slightly.
Glaring at the man, Zanza jumped up, ready to fight when Kenshin and Hiko both hauled the idiot back.
"Don't' do it!" Hiko told him, reaching down and slapping him.

Kenshin chose to sit out on the stairs, looking up at the sky with his sword tucked up against his chest. He heard the noise, felt the man, then looked at him as he sat next to him.
"It appears that we don't know much of you, but you know so much about us." He started, then looked at him, "Why is that?"
"This one does not know. Perhaps we'll get a answer someday, but this one thanks you for your hospitality."
Chuckling, Kondou nodded, "Since you know of us, can you tell me something?"
"Oro? Ah...about Souji."
" said he died?"
"He did."
Kondou looked down, worry in his eyes.
"It's already started, hasn't it?" Kenshin asked.
"Yes...he was just told to rest the other day. His wife is also dying."
Kenshin looked up, "Tell me about these devils you were talking about."
The change in his tone made Kondou look directly at him, seeing in his eyes a whole different man.
"Alright, in return, tell me everything you know about the Shinsengumi, and what roll you played. Also...Yoko-san, is she? Said to check your blade?"
Smiling, Kenshin pulled the sword out, making Kondou's eyes widened in shock, "Saitou-san already asked. It's a Sakabato."
"Reverse edge blade. Interesting. Does it have anything to do with your vow to never kill again?"

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